Kubota M6S-111 Tractor Information

Kubota M6S-111Kubota Tractor Corporation recently introduced the latest member of the M-Series, the Kubota M6S-111 diesel tractor.

Kubota says that this new machine is an ideal solution for cattle producers seeking a single tractor suited for the full range of cattle and hay operations, loader work, mowing and more.

“The Kubota M6S-111 tractor is designed for the small to mid-sized producer who values those important ‘big tractor’ luxuries and features, like the Kubota Swing Shift that delivers multiple speeds controlled by a single lever,” said Kent Brown, Kubota senior product manager, ag tractors. “This new tractor fits perfectly into Kubota’s M-Series line of tractors; it is flexible enough for any job in the hayfield or pasture.”

The new model features Kubota diesel engines matched with transmissions equipped with Kubota’s Swing Shift feature, providing shifting from the operator station. Also, the M6S is offered in the four-wheel drive M6S-111SHDC and M6S-111SDSC and the two-wheel drive M6S-111SHC. The M6S-111 replaces the M108S in the series.


The new model features a Kubota-built V-3800-Tier IV diesel engine rated at 114 HP (Engine HP @ Rated Engine RPM, According to 97/68EC) and 95 PTO HP (PTO Power @ Rated Engine RPM, Manufacturer’s Estimate). Kubota says that constant RPM management memory minimizes repetitive actions, which helps make front loader work more efficient. The V-3800-Tier IV engine features a common rail fuel system, intercooler and exhaust gas recirculation, as well as a diesel particulate filter (DPF) and a selective catalytic reduction for minimized emissions.


The Kubota M6S-111 transmission is designed with haying applications and cattle farm chores in mind. The Swing Shift transmission offers 16 forward and 16 reverse gears as standard on the SHDC and SHC models. The Swing Shift actuates the electric over hydraulic range shift to provide eight speed options through a single lever control. This gives flexibility for load increases, hay tool operation and travel across different field conditions.

Eight additional speeds are activated with the auxiliary range lever, which is positioned to the left of the tractor seat. A creep option adds eight slower speeds to the 16F x 16R, for a total 24F x 24R as a dealer-installed option.

The Swing Shift Plus, standard on the F32 x R32 transmission in the SDSC model, makes 16 speeds available through a single lever control. An optional creeper ads 16 additional speeds for the SDSC model, bringing the total gear selection to 48F x 48R.

Operator Station

The Kubota M6S-111 is ergonomically designed to make the operator more comfortable. The front loader joystick control is designed to operate smoothly, and the steering wheel tilts up to a 41-degree angle, allowing easier operator entry and exit.


The Kubota M6S-111 comes with two rear remote valves as standard equipment: one self-cancelling detent valve and one float detent valve, with an optional third remote valve. An internal cylinder 3-point lift system is standard, and an external cylinder option rated up to a 2600-lbs. 3-point lift capacity.

Kubota M6S-111 Availability

The new machines are available now from Kubota dealers.


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