Mahindra USA Expands Successful “Rise” Ad Campaign

Mahindra-rise-new-logo2Building on the success of the Come Rise With Us advertising campaign introduced last year, Mahindra USA debuts its next spot in the series. The new ad features Mahindra employees who are at the heart of the fastest growing tractor brand in North America, and builds on the overall Rise theme celebrating landowners and the rural lifestyle. The spot appears nationally on TV and in publications beginning in March.

The new Home Grown spot features Mahindra’s dedicated employees, who live and work in the communities alongside their customers, sharing their pride in assembling the toughest tractors on earth. Mahindra, the world’s number one selling tractor brand based on volume, is committed to investing in the communities we serve and sustaining a work environment that empowers involved, solution-oriented employees who engage with their customers and communities.

“In what we like to call our Home Grown spots, we focus on our people in North America and investments in the communities we serve as we strive to positively impact the lives we touch. This showcases the people who help deliver the industry’s highest customer satisfaction and brand loyalty ratings,” said Cleo Franklin, Vice President, Marketing and Strategic Planning, Mahindra USA. “These ads share our belief in the Power of Three: comprised of the Mahindra Brand – who we are – built from our ‘Rise’ philosophy, our Partners, those we serve and our Employees who drive our customer first strategies. Mahindra has shown rapid growth in the North American market; our passionate employees and partners are vitally important to this success.”

The new television commercial can be seen on national cable and local networks in the U.S. and Canada. The print campaign appears in major trade publications and the radio spots are on talk and sports radio stations across North America. View the new Come Rise With Us: Home Grown TV spot at

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  • I tried to buy a Mahindra. I even filled out the “contact me” portion on their website. I got an immediate email reply from our area rep or district manager person – can’t remember exactly who it was – saying someone would be contacting me asap. Never heard from anyone from that contact. So I sent out around 10-12 direct emails to individual dealers throughout Texas and only heard back from three of them. Only one fellow called me.

    I then visited the Mahindra dealer in McKinney, TX. I walked their lot for about 30 minutes, jumping on tractors, hoping someone would come out and talk to me. Nothing. So I went inside the dealership and said “hey, can someone show me a 35 HP (or thereabout) tractor and talk to me a little?” They said they’d be with me asap. Another half hour or so went by and no one came out, so I figured Mahindra must be selling so many tractors that they didn’t need my business. Within a few days I had purchased a TYM 35 HP with FEL and a backhoe and a 20′ trailer. It ended up being ok because I actually liked the TYM better anyway, and it was much less expensive. Plus they wanted my business. So far I’ve been very happy with the TYM. It’s done everything I’ve asked it to do.

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