Steyr to present the Steyr Kompakt Ecotech at Agraria 2014

St. Valentin, 24.11.2014

Following the extremely successful launch of the Steyr Kompakt Ecotech tractors, with three models so far over the past few years, Steyr will be presenting the second generation of these all-rounder tractors at Agraria 2014, in Wels/Austria.

Steyr Kompakt Ecotech
Steyr Kompakt Ecotech

At the heart of the enhancements are a new transmission design and the additional configuration options associated with it. Furthermore, the range is being expanded to include two additional models; the Kompakt series is being expanded both downwards (with the 4075 models) and upwards (with the 4115 models, which generate 115 HP).

The 3.4-litre common rail engines offer a constant power output across a broad speed range of more than 400 revolutions per minute (rpm). The Stage IIIB (Tier 4a) emission standard is attained by incorporating cooled exhaust gas recirculation (CEGR) and a particulate filter.

Newly developed transmission design

The new Steyr Kompakt Ecotech series boasts a new transmission together with a fully re-engineered drive line. The transmissionā€”like its predecessorsā€”comes equipped with four gears in three ranges. The Profi version offers two additional powershift stages, which means the transmission has 24 forward gears and 24 reverse.

An extra creeper unit can also be added as an option. This increases the available gears to 20×20 or 40×40 in the Profi version.

In the lowest creeper gear, the Steyr Kompakt Ecotech moves at just 130 metres per hour at nominal engine speed. Should buyers choose a transmission without powershift (in Basic and Comfort versions), a mechanical splitter box is available upon request; this gears down the twelve forward gears and twelve reverse gears. The Profi version is equipped with an electro-hydraulically operated Powershuttle.

Its response characteristics can be adjusted in three stages by using a switch on the B post. The Steyr Kompakt Ecotech is now also equipped with a parking lock, which is engaged via the range selection lever and is secured by a locking sleeve.

New: Optional front hitch

Besides the chassis-mounted mechanical front hitch with front PTO, the Steyr Kompakt Ecotech can now also be ordered with an electronic front hitch (EFH) with implement relief. Here, a pressure sensor detects changes in the calibrated contact pressure of the implement, e.g. in the event of uneven terrain. The EFH then raises or lowers the front implement automatically in order to keep the measured contact pressure constant.

In addition, the electronic front hitch can also be raised and lowered via an external button located on the front hitch. The Steyr EFH can be supplied in both chassis-mounted and axle-mounted versions for improved usability on slopes.

The front hitches of the new Steyr Kompakt Ecotech now have a maximum lift capacity of 1670 kilograms. The front PTO reaches its rated speed of 1000 rpm at the optimal engine speed of 1920 rpm. The new Steyr Kompakt Ecotech also plays host to a wide range of improvements to detail. The pitch circle diameter for the rear wheel rims of the new Kompakt Ecotech series has now been sized to suit the 275-millimetre diameter found on the large Steyr series.

The new wheel dimensions are now also available with new fixed and adjustable rims. The adjustable rims are also available in an adjustable ring design.

A ground-speed PTO can also be ordered if desired. The PTO is activated electro-hydraulically in Comfort and Profi versions, or via a lever with hydraulic assist in the Basic version.

Thanks to the new design, the overall height of the Steyr Kompakt Ecotech has decreased by approximately four centimetres when compared to its predecessor. The wheelbase has been shortened by 2.3 centimetres, so that the new Steyr Kompakt Ecotech now features a turning radius of just 4.23 metres. The standard HD front axle and HD rear axle allow for a maximum permissible overall weight of 6000 kilograms. The second generation Steyr Kompakt Ecotech models will be available from fourth quarter 2014 and can be ordered now at all Steyr dealers.

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