New Holland Introduces Latest Boomer Tractors

New Holland BoomersNew Holland, PA. (February 10, 2015) – New Holland’s deluxe Boomer 46D and Boomer 54D (46 – 54 gross engine horsepower) compact tractors offer the convenience of a continuously variable transmission, the comfort of the deluxe SuperSuite™ cab, and the increased torque of new, clean-running Tier 4B emissions-compliant engines.

“New Holland’s deluxe compact tractors have set the standard for the ultimate in comfort and convenience with the SuperSuite™ cab and the EasyDrive™ transmission. Now, new clean-running Tier 4 engines add to that package,” says Todd DeBock, Pro Work Tools Segment Marketing Manager. “These tractors usher in a new level of performance, comfort and control.”

Clean-running Tier 4 engines: more torque for increased performance
Boomer 46D and 54D tractors are powered by new FPT three-cylinder engines that feature a common-rail, direct-fuel injection system for maximum fuel efficiency.

To meet tough Tier 4B emissions standards, the New Holland emissions treatment system uses a combination of internal exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) to control nitrogen oxides (NOx) and a particulate matter (PM) catalyst. The PM Catalyst system has two unique sections— a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) that turns nitrous oxide (NO) into nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and a soot collection and combustion chamber that eliminates the remaining soot. Unlike other tractors that require extra fluids, or that use a diesel particulate filter (DPF) that must be “regenerated,” the New Holland system is completely automatic, with no need to stop working while the tractor regenerates.

The new engines also produce more torque for increased performance. The 46-horsepower engine in the Boomer 46D produces118 ft-lbs of torque, while the 54-horsepower Boomer 54D engine features 133 ft-lbs of torque so there are no worries when working in tough conditions under load, like mowing in tall grass with a rotary cutter or digging into a packed pile of material with a front-end loader.

SuperSuite™ cab: most spacious, comfortable cab on the market
The factory-installed SuperSuite™ cab is the most spacious and comfortable compact tractor cab on the market. Two large doors open to wide entry thresholds for easy entry and exit. Operators will appreciate the comfort of heat and air conditioning, the Accommodator™ seat and the steering wheel that tilts and telescopes. There is generous hip room, legroom and head room, yet the low-profile design fits under 8-foot doors and openings. The operator’s view is excellent, and the standard high-visibility roof panel allows the operator to see through the roof to watch the loader through all ranges of operation for increased productivity.

These deluxe Boomer tractors can also be ordered in the “less cab” ROPS versions featuring a roomy, open, comfortable operator platform with easy-to-see, easy-to-reach controls.

Industry-leading EasyDrive™ CVT transmission: drives like a car
The Boomer EasyDrive™ Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) is the best in the business because it’s easy to adapt to any operating condition. With a speed range of up to 18.6 mph, it drives just like a car using a single “go” pedal. Shuttling from forward to reverse is easy using the convenient lever to the left of the steering wheel. An automotive-style cruise control allows the operator to hold, fine-tune, or resume working speeds. A programmable response setting allows operators to adjust the acceleration and deceleration characteristics of the tractor to suit their driving style or application.


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