New Holland Unveils the Guardian™ Injection Toolbar

2015_Guardian_InjectionNew Holland, PA. – New Holland has introduced the Guardian™ Injection Toolbar to the Guardian self-propelled sprayer line. Designed to be mounted on Guardian front-boom sprayers, the Injection Toolbar fuels corn growth by applying liquid N just before maximum uptake to ensure ready availability during the critical growth period.

“The Injection Toolbar applies liquid fertilizer between the cornrows and into the soil root zones, precisely where the crop needs it most,” says Sheldon Gerspacher, Crop Production Equipment Segment Leader.  “There’s no burning of the crop, as can happen with ground-applied fertilizer, and fertilizer is applied with optimal efficiency to manage input costs.”

No crop burning
Unlike broadcasting liquid or dry fertilizer, or applying NH3, soil incorporation of liquid N with a coulter into the soil prevents burning of the crop by eliminating leaf contact, and potential vapor damage of leaves and roots from NH3. Ground-applied liquid fertilizer is at risk of loss due to volatilization. Without sufficient rainfall, 30% may be lost within two weeks of the application. Nutrients may also be tied up in surface residue. The use of the Injection Toolbar to apply fertilizer directly to the root zone eliminates these problems. Additionally, high lift clearance helps the coulters clear crops and obstacles at the headlands, minimizing the potential for damaging corn stalks.

Minimize fertilizer loss and manage input costs
With the Injection Toolbar, producers can better manage their input costs. They can adjust or increase application rates when growing conditions are favorable. In poor growing conditions, they can forego the cost of applying and wasting expensive fertilizer.

Available to mount on all Guardian™ front-boom sprayer models
The Guardian Injection Toolbar is available to mount on all Guardian Series front-boom sprayers equipped with the Quick-Attach system, which is available as a factory option or as a dealer-installed accessory. The Quick-Attach system allows the operator to quickly switch between the Guardian Injection Toolbar and the sprayer boom.

New Holland’s Guardian front-boom sprayer models include the highest-capacity sprayer in the business, the SP.400F. In addition to a revolutionary front-boom design, this model features industry-leading horsepower, combined with the available 1,600 US/gallon tank and 120-foot boom options to cover more acres faster than ever.


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