New Valtra T Series reduces service costs by over 20 percent

Service intervals of the new T Series have been increased to 600 hours compared with 500 hours on earlier models. When compared with competitors, service costs of the new machine are extremely low.

“Savings of 20 percent in service costs can add up to several thousand euros after just 5000 hours,” says Service Technician Jussi Lappi.

The new T Series can offer extend­ed service intervals for several reasons. The use of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) without exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) reduces the heat load on the engine and helps keep the engine oil clean. The transmission and hydraulic oils are also kept separate, allowing longer service intervals also for these fluids. Naturally, the extended service intervals apply not only to oils but also to all filters and other service parts.

“The scheduled maintenance is also easier and quicker to on the new T Series. For example, adjusting the valves, a most labour-intensive job, is now considerably easier and is done at 600 and 2,400 hours, and then every 2,400 hours. Previously, it had to be done at 500 and 1,500 hours, and then every 1,000 hours,” Lappi explains.

The extended service intervals and simplified maintenance not only add up to big savings in terms of money, they also save time and allow work to continue uninterrupted during peak seasons. Theoretically, if the new T Series was used 24 hours a day for seven days in a row, the service interval would be four days longer compared to the old T Series. Accordingly, if the new T Series is used 12 hours a day during the peak season, the service interval would be 8 days longer.

“Extending the service interval by over a week can be decisive during the peak season. When the weather is good and the harvest is at its best, no one wants to interrupt the work in order to service the tractor. With a 600-hour service interval, the tractor requires less frequent servicing and, more importantly, servicing does not have to be delayed because the tractor is needed out in the fields,” Lappi adds.

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  • Would love to see Valtra tractors available in the USA again ! We love ours. Typical emissions BS from what we were told ! Agco are you listening ?

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