The Electronic EasyDrive Joystick by Alo

EasyDrive Joystick

Umeå, Sweden (January, 3 2011) -“Yet again, we are setting a whole new standard — tractor owners can now choose electronic control instead of mechanical cable controls, at a reasonable price,” says Urban Hadarsson, Sales & Marketing Director at Ålö.

The new EasyDrive offers advantages both in terms of ergonomics and ease of driving for tractor owners who want to modernise their front loader operation. EasyDrive has the same functions as the mechanical variant with the same excellent driving qualities.

“The electronic thumb-controlled joystick gives a different, softer feel and provides a vastly improved way of operating the front loader. Ergonomics have been key to this development, with driving movements now only requiring small thumb movements, instead of moving your whole arm. Of particular note is the fact that EasyDrive is integrated with the driver’s seat, saving space, and meaning that the operator and joystick “fit together”, to maximise driving comfort,” says Kenneth Granberg, Product Manager and Area Manager at Ålö.

EasyDrive completes Ålö’s unique LCS valve program, the first and only valve system developed specifically for front loaders.

“Of course we are delighted that as market leaders we now can take this step and introduce a quality, affordable electronic joystick alternative,” finishes Urban Hadarsson.

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