Top Ten Most-Fun Tractor Tasks!

This month we asked members what their favorite thing to do on their tractor was. Most members agreed nearly anything done on a tractor will put a smile on their face, including taking a casual drive around to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors or the mere gratification of accomplishing a new task or project that would have otherwise taken hours of back-breaking work.

When asked to pin-point their #1 favorite tasks, preferences varied, but often fell into one of two conditions: either the task with an enjoyable, rhythmic work flow or the task presenting the greatest challenging. Below are the top-ten most popular tasks.

#10 Going for a Drive

The scenery is what gets you. Whether driving across your property or simply going to the mailbox, TBNers are always looking for excuses to hop on their tractors: Click here.

#9 Giving Back

We’ve all heard it, “help others, help yourself.” Giving is thouroughly gratifying and owning a tractor opens the door to incredible acts of kindness not possible otherwise.

#8 Buying New Tools

Whether it’s the hunt for the perfect tractor or the excitement of buying new implements, 521 buying discussions prove it’s always fun to add a new tool to your “belt” (so to speak).

#7 Road Maintenance

Once you get into the groove, smoothing out gravel, otherwise known as grading, can be an oddly relaxing. These 78 grading topics will help give your driveway a trim finish.

#6 Tackling Tough Terrain

There’s nothing like a challenge to deliver adrenaline-pumping fun. Every property will have it’s own challenging moments, like mowing uphill or navigating jagged terrain: Click here.

#5 Digging Holes:

A simple but satisfying task, digging holes with a backhoe and filling them with an FEL has long been a member favorite. Check out 610 backhoe topics to get into some deep dirt yourself!

#4 Mowing/Cutting Tall Brush:

While brush hogging is the most popular of mowing tasks, many enjoy using all types of mowers including flail mowers, rear finish, and mid-mount mowers. Watch video.

#3 Snow Removal:

Thrashing through pounds of snow with a snow blower is an irreplicable feeling, right alongside the joy of shoveling snow with a front end loader (click for video) or snow plow.

#2 Clearing Brush:

Piston said it best: “Absolutely, positively, without-a-doubt, the most fun thing I do on my tractor is clean up brush and move logs with my grapple.” These 330 grapple topics explain why!

#1 Anything on a Front End Loader!

Front end loaders have long been TBN member favorites and are often the first implement added to a tractor because they are so fundamental to tractor tasks. Loaders have unlimited uses, that’s why many say any task involving an FEL is their favorite and most-fun task to do on a tractor. Find out just some of the many uses for a front end loader: click here!

Anything on a loader is fun. What do you do with your loader?

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