Yanmar Announces LX Series Launch for 2011

Cub Cadet Yanmar's LX Series debuts at local dealers February 2011

CLEVELAND, OHIO – Cub Cadet Yanmar is setting a new benchmark in premium compact utility tractors with the launch of the new Lx Series.  Offering unmatched power and performance, these new units complement the current line by offering an exclusive combination of premium, innovative features for customers that require a versatile product that is responsive, powerful and enjoyable to operate. Three gear-driven models will be available in 2011 (the Lx410, Lx450 and Lx490 TURBO); giving users the opportunity to choose just how much power they require – 41, 45 or 48.5 HP.

The Lx Series is fit for a wide range of applications and has been designed to offer increased loader and 3-point lift capabilities.  It will be the tractor of choice for a diverse customer base including those with large properties, farms and ranches, institutional and municipal grounds care professionals, material handlers and construction crews to name just a few. Best of all, Cub Cadet Yanmar’s Lx Series provides performance that lasts including a five-year, 2,500 hour limited warranty on the engine and drivetrain.

“The Lx Series is designed to embody Cub Cadet Yanmar’s promise of premium quality compact tractors that deliver a better overall experience,” said Todd Adair, Cub Cadet Yanmar National Marketing and Sales Manager. “The Lx Series combines brute strength with premium comfort to offer customers exactly what they want – a stronger, tougher line of tractors that is not only capable of delivering against a wide range of applications, but one that makes the ride enjoyable.  We’ve designed these new models to lift more, shift easier and provide all-day comfort that will not only exceed expectations, but set new ones.”

No other compact tractor line can boast the impressive combination of premium features that make the new Cub Cadet Yanmar Lx Series a standout in the category.  As one comprehensive package, the Lx Series redefines performance, ease-of-use and all-day comfort, not only delivering beyond the expected, but creating a new benchmark in premium compact tractors.

The four-cylinder, direct injection Yanmar engine provides users with the horsepower and durability they need to conquer any task. And, thanks to legendary Yanmar engineering, it also marries high efficiency with quiet and smooth operation unlike anything currently on the market. Those who want to push the limits can look toward the optional turbo model, which offers up to 48.5 HP and improved fuel efficiency and emission ratings.

The Lx Series also offer these premium performance features:

* Reverser-on-the-Go Feature: Advanced technology lets you experience seamless, on-the-fly shifting between forward and reverse gears without the use of a clutch or the need to stop.
* Performance Link TechnologyTM: Every part of the drivetrain from engine, transmission, to pump and injectors has been designed and built by Yanmar to precisely work together in perfect harmony, resulting in smooth control, more usable horsepower and less wear and tear.
* Powerful Lift Capacities: Utilize the powerful three-point lift system to lift up to 2,760 lbs, while taking advantage of improved power and sight lines with the curved boom loader capable of handling up to 2,493 lbs.
* High Performance Engine: All Lx units come equipped with a proven and efficient direct injection, four-cylinder Yanmar diesel engine available in 41, 45 and 48.5 turbo HP. Its powerful engine can easily tackle any project without struggle.
* Convenient Operator Features: A uniquely-designed operator station includes great features like tilt-wheel, hydraulic power steering, full suspension seat, twin tool boxes, auxiliary lights and electro-hydraulic PTO engagement.  Maintenance is also made easy with a one-piece hood with self-lifting damper, telescoping arm lifts, a stabilizer with tool-less adjustment and more.

The new gear-driven Lx Series models will be available for purchase at your local independent Cub Cadet Yanmar dealer beginning in February 2011, with hydrostatic models available in July 2011.

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