Zetor Forterra 135 Reports Low Fuel Consumption

The Zetor Forterra 135

The Zetor Forterra 135 model with the new 16 valve engine is not only recognized by industry experts but also by professional farmers who use it daily. Actual data received from American farmer, M. Harper- Ky, praises the low fuel consumption.

Using the Forterra 135 tractor to pull a six-row no-till corn planter with a 125 gal. liquid fertilizer tank and no till coulters, fuel consumption was .42 gal/acre. Also working the 135 using a 12 ft. vertical tillage machine, it subsequently consumed 1.38 gal/acre. This is an incredibly low figure in light of the fact that these tillage machines have a high resistance and require a minimum speed of at least 8 mph in order to achieve a quality result. Both of these fuel measurements are significantly lower than what Mr. Harper experienced with previously owned tractors.

When evaulated with other four-cylinder engined tractors, the Zetor Forterra 135 ranks among the lowest and most effective consumer of fuel, without restricting performance. The results emerged from a highly demanding test conducted by the German Agricultural Association (DLG), where the 135 received one of the highest ratings. The 135 yielded fuel savings which proved to be 5.7% more economical than the average of all previously tested tractors. Lifting power, hydraulic performance and overall maneuverability of the tractor also tested quite high. Thanks to new Zetor technology not only is fuel consumption improved but horsepower increased by almost 30% and torque by more than 47%!

Receiving such positive test results and ratings from actual users indicates why Zetor tractors are The Smart Choice! To find out more detailed information about the Zetor Forterra 135 model please visit us at ZetorNa.com!

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