Zetor Certifies 90 HP Engines for TIER 4 FINAL Worldwide

tractorZetor committed significant resources to meet TIER 4 standards while not only maintaining, but actually enhancing advantages of our engines against the competition.

Zetor R&D were able to meet the most strict emission standards using Zetor traditional proven mechanical inline injection system, with its many practical advantages for Zetor owners and dealers. Zetor TIER 4 system is the simplest system on the market, as far as number of components and sensors.

Essentially, other than fine-tuning fuel combustion to improve fuel economy, engines in TIER 4 are the same as in TIER 3, the only difference is added aftertreatment.


New engine highlights

A: Fuel consumption has been further improved from TIER 3 engines by 10-19 % (depending on model), making Zetor TIER 4 engines some of the most fuel efficient on the market, in line with best common rail engines. This improvement is not related to TIER 4 technology, it is a result of fine-tuning of engine
combustion. These fuel savins, over the life of the engine, by far offset the additonal cost of TIER 4 technology.

B: Noise level comparable with common rail engines. Common rail engines run softer at low idle, but there is no difference in high speed and/or high load, which is where tractor engines run all the time.

C: Zetor engines, even in TIER 4, maintain by far the lowest parts prices from any comparable engine.

Zetor list price Typical List Price on Common Rail Engines
High pressure fuel supply pump does not exist 3,500.00
Low pressure fuel supply pump 255.00 450.00
Turbocharger 1,580.00 2,500.00
Fuel filter (filter set) 28.28 190.00
Injector (injector nozzle) 118.00 800.00

 Real-life servicing and overhauls Zetor TIER 4 engines, just like before, are by design much easier to service than any other engine in today’s tractors:

  1. Zetor engines use normal standard oils and coolant, no special expensive fluids.
  2. Zetor designs and manufactures complete engines, except for aftertreatment devices.
    All servicing including aftertreatment and injection equipment are done through Zetor dealers and Zetor. Zetor services all of injection equipment in-house, even after warranty. Zetor injection system design makes servicing very easy and inexpensive and this does not change in TIER 4.
  3. Zetor provides 5 year warranty on all engine parts including injection equipment and turbocharger.
  4. Zetor injection system will tolerate, without any damage, bad fuel with water and mechanical contamination, frequent in farm operations.In common rail engines, bad fuel frequently causes very expensive malfunctions (which onboard electronics will not prevent), such as high pressure pump failures and injector failures.
  5. In case of loss of coolant, or in case engine has been “dusted” (lack of air cleaner maintanace), Zetor engines can be easily repaired “in frame” using overhaul kit (kit list price $1695). Most competitive engines cannot be repaired and have to be replaced. Even the engines that can be rebuilt, in most cases have to be shipped to engine manufacturer dealer.
  6. Similarly, in case of oil pressure loss (for example, smashed oil filter or using improper oil), Zetor engine can be reaired by grinding the damaged crankshaft journal and installing new bearing kit. Total cost of parts approx. $300. Many competitive engines cannot be repaired and have to be replaced. Even if the engine that can be rebuilt, in most cases this has to be done by engine manufacturer network.
  7. Total engine life of current Zetor engines is practically unlimited. Many engines exist in Europe with more than 20,000 hours (this engine family is in production since 1991 so there a lot of field data available). Even so, our engine still can be completely overhauled using the $1695 overhaul kit. Engine overhaul can be done without any special tools by a Zetor dealer or even by the customer. Most competitive engines cannot be economically overhauled.
  8. TIER 4 technology is essentially maintenance-free. The only thing that the user has to keep in mind is that DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) will get plugged if engine is run for a very long time without any load. [This is the case of all TIER 4 engines in the world.] For example, after idling engine for a few hours, an indicatoir light will signal that user should put engine under load (for example, by driving the tractor) for about 20 minutes, so DPF can regenerate. So the best practice is not to let engine idle for long. However, if the user neglects this advice and DPF will get completely plugged, we will be offering an exchange of DPF screen (we will be regenerating them in-house).In other words, like in the past 70 years, Zetor will be a one stop place to resolve any situation than happens to our engines.
  9. Some dignostics (rarely) require computer (software cost approx. $2000). Zetor will continue to offer borrowing our dealers a notebook with software loaded when necessary at no charge – we simply send it out and then have it returned.


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