Alo Announces New Quicke Compact Loaders

The world-leading front loader brand, Quicke, is now expanding its market share even further. This is down to an entirely new product range within the compact loader segment. This means that the Quicke advantages our customers have come to expect such as leading design and performance are now available for a much wider variety of professions, from equestrian farming and garden centres to golf course and public park management.

“It feels good to be able to supplement our existing range of premium loaders and utility loaders with this product group. It gives us access to a larger and more multi-faceted market,” says Urban Hadarsson, Sales Director at Ålö.

The new compact range, the Quicke Compact series, includes four loader models for tractors from 15 to 50 bhp. And just like Quicke loaders in other product groups, the design advantages and smart functionality are significant strengths, even for our Compact loaders.

“A good example of this is the unique position of the crosstube, optimising the driver’s line of sight. A further typical Quicke advantage is the simple servicing, thanks to details such as the opening plastic covers over all lubrication nipples,” says Kenneth Granberg, Product Manager and Area Manager at Ålö.

Quicke Compact loaders will be available on the market from autumn 2011. In terms of production, space has been prepared in Ålö’s existing production facilities.

“Just as with all our range, the Quicke Compact will be produced using modern technology and with very stringent quality checks. This applies for the entire process, from the selection of materials to the final powder coating. It is important to us that the customer feels secure, knowing that we have checks throughout the whole production process,” finishes Urban Hadarsson.

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