13 Great Tractor Add-Ons

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Tire Chains


If you’re planning on doing something even remotely similar to what this owner is doing, you’re probably going to want to have some tire chains. Most tractor owners who have R1 or R4 tires don’t use chains, even in the snow, but if you have R3 turf tires, it’s going to make a huge difference in terms of traction and safety.

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  • I would be a buyer if anyone can connect me with a shop that has made these. Bonus points if they have made any for a Massey GC series tractor.

  • Best investment made on my little Kuboto B7500 front end bucket.

  • Great ideals and pictures, but we need to know where to purchase the equipment.

    thanks trex

  • Here’s one I haven’t seen mentioned:

    Mount an automotive back up camera to your bucket top lip or frame above bucket with a 7″ screen mounted on cowl behind steering wheel! Works great and allows you to see where your bucket actually is and has built in distance gradients. Whole step cost me $50.00.

  • Scott65 in West Texas, how did you add the BH on your Kubota? I own a B2620 HST and thinking of adding a BH.

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