Holy Cow! 150 Black Angus Lining Up For Feed = The Perfect Cross For Christmas

Farmers certainly are a breed of their own. They work hard to provide our families with the things we need, from meat, to dairy products, produce, and more. They know how to work the land.

When you know the land that well, sometimes you find creative uses for it.

In fact, Gene Hanson from North Dakota is already known for plowing messages and greetings into his field and taking pictures with a drone. He makes it look easy. Like this one he did to show his appreciation for veterans:

Photo credit: Gene Hanson

Getting Creative

Adding animals to the mix creates more of a challenge – one he was up to accepting.

Cows can be unpredictable. Getting control just one animal to stand exactly where you want them to can be a chore on its own, but when you have to get an entire herd to stand there, it can get a little interesting.

A whole herd of cows posing or doing what you want them to do is never an easy feat, but Gene managed!

He and a neighbor with a ranch set out food for the cows in the design they wanted them to be in for the picture they had imagined. The feed was positioned so that when the cows went to eat it, they would form a cross that could be captured in an aerial photograph. Here’s the result:

Photo credit: Gene Hanson

Merry Christ-Moos!

Gene captures it all with his drone and the cow cross picture has left people amused, impressed, and more in the holiday spirit than before!

This is a time when the phrase ‘holy cow’ actually has some meaning! Sure, it didn’t happen spontaneously, but it is a great example of holiday creativity that everyone can enjoy, provided by the farmers (and ranchers) of our country and the cows who lined up to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

Photo credit: Gene Hanson

Want to see more Christmas creativity? Check out the shepherds who create art with their flock and Christmas lights.




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