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1526 Massey Ferguson
Happy Compact Tractor Owner
Model Year: 2012

This is my second Hydrostat Massey Ferguson Tractor. I had a 1215 for 14 years without any problems. This tractor had great power and I have only but one complaint. The ROPS was way too tall for my liking and it would not go in a normal garage door at all. It is foldable but does not lay down all of the way and I busted my nose when I walked behind the tractor (not looking). It angles in such a way that when going under tree limbs it will suck them down on top of your head. I have taken the top off and in the process of making a new top that can fold better. I love everything else about the tractor and I have been a Massey fan for 30 years or better. It is very stable and strong for a CUT.

Pros: 3 speed hydro, throttle/hydro combination pedal. side by side hydro pedals, plenty of power.
Cons: Too tall and angled ROPS.

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5.00 star(s)

1526 Massey Ferguson
Exactly what I was looking for
Model Year: 0

During a very heavy snowfall of a winter last year, I made the decision to purchase immediately and not wait another year. So glad that I did. The 1526 with front end loader and rear blade has proven to be the hero of our neighborhood. I have the ag bar tires (on purpose) for extra traction. The tires are a little rough on the lawn ( I also have a 60" mid-mount mower deck), but I bought this machine for snow removal. It not only happens to do a fantastic job on the snow, but it mows like a golf course mower! Beautiful!... again the tire are rough on the lawn but I am in a rural setting and that doesn't matter too much for us. Be warned that the owner's manual is an Asian to English translation type of thing and not always easy to understand or accurate. Even the pictures tend to point to the wrong bolt/fill cap etc. and sometimes the drawings do not even look like the same detail on the tractor/engine itself. If you are mechanically inclined you will be able to get through it - if you rely completely on what the book says/shows - you may want to take it in to your dealer - even for some of the maint. items like fluid changes. Owner's manual accuracy seems to be the biggest downfall of the machine.

Pros: affordable power
Cons: manual/information

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5.00 star(s)

1526 Massey Ferguson
Excellent Machine For Me!
Model Year: 2019

I had the Massey Ferguson GC1720 and now have the Massey Ferguson 1526. The size difference is what I was looking for - comfort and work capacity. My main use for it so far is cutting grass. I also used it for moving clay and rock. The only bad found to date is the rollover protective structure. It is too high and it leans forward, causing it to pull tree branches down towards the driver when in wooded area . Then when in the down position, it sticks out to the back too far for my use.

Pros: Size, weight, dealer, and price
Cons: Rollover protective structure

5.00 star(s)
can do

1526 Massey Ferguson
Great Compact Tractor
Model Year: 2018

I bought this for a secondary tractor to help my 1959 MF50. I needed a 4-wheel drive tractor and a front loader to load property into my dump truck, also for snow removal and to maintain a private road. It has met all my needs! I think it is going be a great tractor and compliment to my MF50 which I still use.

Pros: Easy to operate and very comfortable to use for hours
Cons: None

5.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

1526 Massey Ferguson
My First Tractor
Model Year: 2019

I have no experience with another tractor for comparison, but this little machine is exactly what I was hoping it would be. It is easy to use. The separate pedals for forward/reverse are exactly how I would like to operate instead of heel/toe control pedals. The removable bucket was the reason I went with the Massey Ferguson instead of the John Deere. Kubota was just out of the park on price, and lighter than the Massey Ferguson. I've used it to move, spread, and level about 12 loads of clay/gravel for my road on the property and the duty cycle operation with the pedals is so easy. I think I hit the bulls eye on the first attempt. Excellent mid-size tractor !!!

Pros: Everything, so far
Cons: Nothing, so far

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