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BOOMER20 New Holland
Boomer 20 Problems
Model Year: 2012

Upon receiving the new Boomer 20 I noticed three problems: 1) A loud, screaming, high-pitched sound from the hydraulic system under the seat that is independent of engine speed, forward or reverse motion. Also, whether or not it is related, the top of the differential cover after about an hour of use gets so hot you can't touch it. There must be some type of hydraulic restriction. 2) Engagement of the PTO with the belly mower is a violent event even at idle speed (1400 rpm). It sounds like it is going to rip out the mower belts and pulleys. 3) When the steering is turned against the stops the engine speed drops several hundred rpm and the engine begins to lug. It would seem that the the bypass relief valves are not functioning properly. So far the dealer has been non-responsive in terms of even acknowledging there are problems. New Holland keeps saying that the dealer has to acknowledge if there are any problems. Very unhappy with the Boomer 20. Don't buy it!

Pros: There are no pros!
Cons: A poor subcomapact tractor design which NH has branded the LS tractor from S. Korea.

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Anonymous Poster

BOOMER20 New Holland
Boomer 20 - Great Fit for My Use
Model Year: 2012

Bought house on property in south central Washington last year that was formerly an alfalfa field. After installing a hideously expensive irrigation system, I also bought myself 3 acres of tilling and other earthwork to start, and 3 hours a week of mowing as an annuity. ;-) I am also, as a friend of mine who owns a Kubota dealership over in Seattle put it, one of those guys "who thinks he needs a tractor". I started my search for a tractor at the local John Deere dealership, who was very responsive and helpful...maybe too helpful. When giving me a tour of the dealership, we went back into the service area and I couldn't help notice how flimsy a lot of the attachments and components were. Having worked at a large state park in Indiana during college, I spent many hours mowing and such on larger Ford tractors, and knew that the residential stuff being shown to me at the Deere dealership wasn't going to hold up. Meanwhile, I was also talking to my new neighbor; is the parts manager at the local New Holland dealership, and decided to look at what they have. Should note here that I sell industrial grade design and product data management systems, and was a team that won a significant order from CNH to supply CAD and related software. Filled out an online form and owner of the local NH dealership, also a neighbor, called me right away. We talked, negotiated a little, and soon the deal was done. Bought a Boomer 20 w/front loader and turf tires, a 60" Land Pride finishing mower, and a Land Pride 42" tiller. The owner let me borrow a tiller from inventory at no charge until mine arrived from Kansas. I got right to work, and for a while, the only trouble I had was with the borrowed tiller. When I did have a few shake out issues with the Boomer 20 (transmission gasket the most problematic) the dealer was right on top of it. He came and got it the very next day, returning it that evening with the problem fixed, plus all the 50 hour break in maintenance tasks done; and it was detailed. Now, that's service. Shout out to the guys @ Sunnyside New Holland. Since then, it has worked great, with only a few minor problems I've been able to remedy myself. Aside from the mowing, I do a fair amount of tilling for my neighbors, rotary cutting, spraying, brush clearing and landscaping. I wouldn't mind having a 25, but I think I'm maxed out on the weight, needing to avoid damage to the irrigation system. Almost all of my neighbors have similar sized 3 acre lots, but I'm the only one who has irrigated the entire property. They use either zero turn or large riding mowers to keep their grass very short, dumping their clippings every 20 mins or so on the non-irrigated acre. My strategy is to have longer grass (blue grass), and have outfitted my finishing mower with a mulch kit. The yard looks great, even at the price of reduced maneuverability. All in all, I'm very happy with the Boomer 20, but also know any gaps between high expectations and satisfactory performance need to be met by a responsive dealer. In my case, they are.

Pros: Good value and form factor. Easy to operate and maintain. Excellent dealer support.
Cons: Some components are under-engineered for the types of attachments I use. Sway bars should be more heavy duty. Plastic hood seems a little cheap.

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5.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

BOOMER20 New Holland
NH Boomer 20 Review
Model Year: 2012

I purchased my Boomer 20 about a year and a half ago. Absolutely love it! I have almost 75 hours on it to date and use it on a regular basis. This is one strong little tractor. Not in the same league as a 30+ HP model but it isn't far behind. But it can fit in places where those models can't. I have a FEL, 60" boxblade, and a 52" tiller. Next year I have plans for a finish mower and an auger. I looked at a lot of the other manufacturers and kicked a lot of tires before I made my decision. I got a fantastic deal from my local NH dealer on price, 0% financing, 5 year Boomer Guard, and have had great support from them ever since my purchase.

Pros: Very strong and reliable. Great on fuel. The blue and white just looks awesome when washed up!
Cons: Nothing really. Could be a little wider in the rear for more slope stability.

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5.00 star(s)

BOOMER20 New Holland
Boomer 20
Model Year: 2013

A great little tractor. I replaced a 1983 JD 650. It is more powerful and much more stable due to width. I have had some friends recently purchase other brands of compact tractors, and generally, I am much more satisfied with overall power and hydraulics. I highly recommend this tractor.

Pros: Hydraulics, performance, power, FEL, stability.
Cons: Changing oil (you have to take one side of the cover off, stupid!) cooling fan for HST is exposed (they are only $7 to replace).

4.00 star(s)

BOOMER20 New Holland
Boomer 20 Very Strong and Tuff
Model Year: 2012

I first received my new Boomer 20 about two months ago. Put some seat time in plowing snow and moving piles of dirt with the front end loader. Tractor has plenty of power for being the smallest of the Boomers. This machine is very easy to operate and seems to be built very strong. The operator platform is not cluttered with buttons and levers that do nothing without added options. The high back seat is very comfortable and the foldable ROPS is very handy. Fuel economy seems to be very good and the Mitsubishi engine starts up easily in 10 below temps. My only complaint is the tractor developed a very distinctive noise coming from under the seat. Its been at the dealership now for two weeks waiting on a solution to the issue. The noise seems to be related to hydraulics and has always had a squeal to it but now its so loud the wife is afraid to use the machine. I am confident that my dealer will solve the issue and they have been great.

Pros: Strong, simple.
Cons: Noisy hydraulic system.

2.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

BOOMER20 New Holland
Same Part Broke 5 Times Within 1 1/2 Year
Model Year: 2012

Probably the worst New Holland product I've ever purchased. We paid over $17,000 for our Boomer 20. There is a rubber o-ring on the draft control. We never adjust the draft, it stays the same every time I drive this machine. The o-ring has shredded 5 times and the hydraulic oil pours out of it until you remove the control and shaft and replace the part---5 times in 1 1/2 years. The reasoning of the dealership is, "hey, no one else has this complaint"! This next week they are picking the thing up and if it happens again, I will be dropping it off at New Holland HQ's. As an aside, what rocket scientist made the decision to put one handle on one fender and not both? I guess you are only suppose to drive on an incline on one side only. And oh yes, the heat that comes up from under the seat is ungodly, along with it pouring out where the levers are for high/low and 4WD. Just lousy design. Lately, it has been popping out of the PTO setting, largely because it's a cheap dial that vibrates loose---yet another bad design. And for some reason, on occasion, when you start it up, regardless of the throttle position, it goes full bore! I'm pulling my hair out with this thing. Oh yes, they did replace the seat under warranty without me asking but I'll take it.

Pros: I'm hard pressed to name any.
Cons: Bad design, no attention to quality control.

5.00 star(s)

BOOMER20 New Holland
Pleased with purchase
Model Year: 2014

Got my new Boomer20 in July. First tractor that I have owned. Looked at all competitors and decided on New Holland due to larger size versus other subcompact tractors (Kioti, Kubota) as well as the dealer. Fitzpatrick and Lambert in Dushore were great to deal with and have a strong reputation in this area. I decided to get the tractor, loader and backhoe. I just had my 50 hour maintenance and have experienced no issues other than a chafing backhoe hose that was replaced under warranty. I have used this tractor fairly hard dragging logs and general homeowner duties. I am amazed at what this little tractor can do.

Pros: Maneuverability, build quality, fuel economy
Cons: Paint flaked on backhoe floor panel

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