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5.00 star(s)

TC40D New Holland
Wouldn't Live Without It
Model Year: 2002

My New Holland TC40D has done everything I have asked of it. Nice machine and easy on fuel. I don't use it for field work just as a yard tractor. Plenty of guts to lift and push anything I have.

Pros: The super-steer is great for work around the yard.
Cons: None yet.

5.00 star(s)

TC40D New Holland
Model Year: 2001

Tractor has an aftermarket Curtis cab with heat, supersteer, NH702C light dozer blade, NH756 backhoe with homemade sub-frame (fits brackets for dozer blade), 17LA loader with 72" bucket and joystick. Tractor is very reliable, starting easily. Has lifted and done anything I have asked of it. Will see how it does with snow soon. Wish it had 3 range transmission, but it works fine with just 2. Supersteer takes some getting used to as the front of the tractor when turning at a slow speed or stopped moves in the opposite direction to the wheels due to the pivoting axle.

Pros: Reliable, well made.
Cons: 2 range transmission, parking stand for loader weak.

5.00 star(s)

TC40D New Holland
Model Year: 2000

It's the only tractor I have ever owned, but I must say I am very satisfied. Have been reading TractorByNet since 2001. This site has been so helpful! The information in New Holland Owning/Operating has really made this tractor a better tractor.

Pros: No real problems.
Cons: Battery off gassing (fix was a optima).

5.00 star(s)
Mike Wiles

TC40D New Holland
Great Tractor!
Model Year: 2001

This is a great little tractor and has done everything I want it to and more. The design is very user friendly, the controls are handy and servicing is easy with the flip up hood. The only complaints I have are the lights shine right into the loader bucket (they fixed that on later models), and the power take-off engages really abruptly when you turn it on which can be a little rough on shear bolts. Otherwise, I love it!

Pros: Comfort, well designed controls, flip up hood, power and reliability
Cons: Abruptly engaging power take-off, headlights shine into loader bucket

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