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    Hydraulic Lift for Chicken Tractor

    I realize this takes a little manual labor but it is the simplest design for what you have. weld a peg on axle a pull pin in white holes or make a quick latch . then your pry bar to raise the rear would only take about 5 seconds . your peg location could change to make it easy to lift .
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    Tractor News Versatile / Kubota

    I read this article yesterday where kubota is teaming up with versatile to enter the large tractor market . Very interesting Kubota Aligns With Versatile To Upsize Its Tractor Models – AgFax
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    I have owned this tractor 04 tl100A for about 3 years now and when I bought it the clutch has not really felt right but I've babied it along. 2 years ago I had it seize to the flywheel and it broke loose fairly easy. back in November It seized again and took me a week of trying to get it freed...
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    adding more tires

    This is what you would have to do.
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    3 months and a little progress

    on recovery from Hurricane Michael. My community is slowing trying to get back to life but it will be years before everything is fixed and will never be what it was. All my barns were destroyed. I picked up a 32x60 at our local truss plant because thats all he had on the yard and didnt want...
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    Loader Installed a loader

    I bought this tractor in 16 , The po bought it new in 04 . It is mainly used to bale hay until today it will see alot more use now. I bought a bush hog /quickie loader from my dealer. It came in yesterday and I installed it last night. I will say I am very impressed with installation kit...
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    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    I have been building a new barn after the hurricane all of this has been done with a Bauer drill and 1/2" impact. I'm impressed with how well they are holding up.
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    stuck clutch

    I had every barn torn down in hurricane so I have not been able to park the tractors under cover for over a month . My NH tl100 does not have a loader yet (it will be in next week) so it has seen limited use during clean up. I used it a couple weeks ago to drag some large logs and trees and it...
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    Organic consumers

    Organic Consumers Are Happy With Their Choice | Drovers Article in Drovers Journal May 23, 2018) Despite the presence of pesticides in equal amounts, organic consumers won稚 switch. A recent study found pesticide levels in organically grown foods is equal to that of conventionally grown foods...
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    2240 Hydraulics Questions

    This is how mine is plumbed. Return line
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    2240 Hydraulics Questions

    here is a pic of the line i am talking about. I mispoke on the dipstick , mine has the dipstick located where i described.
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    Discount Hydraulic Hose

    Just want to saw This vendor goes above and beyond on what they sell and the customer service . I ordered a couple new lines for my hay rake and before they made them a gentleman called to verify exactly what I wanted . order shipped fast and everything is perfect .