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    Implement bearings...check them

    On bearings: I had one noisy bearing on my 8 year old used snow blower. Tore the blower apart and replaced all bearings for a grand total of about $60.00 or so. Was surprised that some were so bad but had decided in advance that the parts total was minimal compared to labor input. Also did a few...
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    Truck bed extender legality

    I DIY'd a cargo extender to haul my fuel with my SUV for my CUT. (hate spilled fuel smell in the SUV) Made it to exactly fit 4ea 5 gal containers. Painted visibility stripes on it and attachment points for binders. Lucky in that my 'tags' are high enough to be visible above the loaded extender...
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    Hydraulic pump failure MT300D

    Another option would be to drive a similar CC pump off of the crankshaft and mounting it up front under the radiator. I have a Mitsu and did just that and it is powering my FEL full time leaving the engine pump to power the other functions. Now over 12 yrs and no issues. I did this mod as the...
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    A kid gets terminated at work...

    My son developed those desirable work ethics when working during Xmas rushes. Of some 12 'rush workers' he was the only one offered a full time job. But then I had the same experience working Xmas sales job at Sears as a teen. I actually learned how to serve 2-3 clients at the same time while...
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    What is your favorite Quote or Saying?

    As long as there are no hurricanes!
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    Income Taxes: Turbo Tax - H&R Block - File Your Own?

    When I owned a business I one year got audited by every level of Govt, Federal, Provincial and had the city on my back as well. Oh, and customs/excise as well. I had to provide the auditor a private room to do his work. My opening comment was that he'd not find anything but he claimed he always...
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    Income Taxes: Turbo Tax - H&R Block - File Your Own?

    They claimed that it was illegal to do so here in Quebec so I write them as many postdated checks as they permit. OK, interest is minimal these days but I get to keep it, as little as it may be.
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    Craftsman/Kobalt/Tekton/Pittsburg Sockets/Wrenches -- General Thoughts/Question

    I never buy any tool that claims 'professional grade' as that is but marketing hype and just the ones that'll bend or break under even normal conditions. OK, I do have a few but I keep those as loaners. Flea market and yard sales are my best finds but then I'm a tool junky. Love it when a...
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    Fuel Cap with Gauge

    Yep! KISS stick as I have made for my transmission oil. When I did that 500 (or was it 100- hr change) I cut me a stick and filed a notch for full.
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    injection molded plastic hard to read

    On some of those raised letters I use a white paint stick that I lightly drag over the letters. Works OK.
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    50 Hour Greasing

    For sure the axle pivot is critical, very! That one works hard.* All zerks should get grease every 8 hours For non zerk locations I like to use a plain old squirt oil can for an occasional 'oiling'. *On my CUT I added some plumbing to move the zerk to a more accessible location. Saves me from...
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    Add a PTO pump

    I'd say a lot would depend on the type of usage. A log splitter would not cycle much so that might be OK but driving a snow blower or bush hog would heat up the oil quite fast. Basically it is all about heat dissipation. Hey, perhaps a cooler on the return might do the trick!
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    Backhoe piston broke

    LOL, I once owned a towable back hoe. I was once extracting a 'loosened' 45 gal sized rock and my hoe arm separated cleanly at the shoulder. By separated I mean it broke clean off ! Close examination showed very poor weld penetration. Actually it was an easy fix but getting it back to my shop...
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    Hydraulic hose quality

    If U know how to read them, all hosed have date codes on them. Like tires. Most will also declare a 5 year life. Always best to go to a high volume hose maker for the freshest batches. That , often minor extra cost, might interpret into many more years of usage. I don't discount on line outlets...
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    Brand new tractor...appraisal?

    When they advertise at 0% loans, just try to get a discount for cash. They won't do it as most times a kickback is somewhere in that 0% loan and the sales person gets no remuneration other than his base salary but gets a % of the 'kickback'. Back when I was selling fork lifts I needed to get...