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    Backhoe Thumb for BL4690B backhoe

    I have made a commitment for a used BL4690B backhoe. Any suggestions as to what thumb to get for it and where. Only need a mechanical one. Vernon
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    HughesNet G4

    Is anyone getting service from the new Hughes satelite EchoStar 17 launched July 5, 2012? My wireless provider was bought out by Skybeam in Texas and is getting worse by the day. I would like to know if the Hughes service is any better than previously reported. Vernon
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    Shipping a handgun from WA to TX

    I am buying a nice S & W Model 37 from a friend of my son's. I will have it shipped from Washington state to Texas. I haven't done this in 2 decades. Any hints or gotcha's I should watch out for? Vernon
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    Porter-Cable 250mtk oscillating saw

    Any body have one of these. I need to get such a saw and the p-c quick blade change intrigues me. Are these any good. I would get the AC version instead of battery. DeWalt 18v are the only battery tools I buy. I am soured on Makita. Vernon
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    Ratchet Rake

    Has anyone used one of these? I did a search but did not get a hit. Vernon
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    Cylinder only moves part way

    The cylinder on my ATI GK4866 grapple only moves part way. The first time I tried to operate it after no use for about 6 mos it moved part way. I noticed that one pivot pin was missing (another story). It took about a month to get the pin. Put the pin in but still had the same problem with the...
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    Working around handicaps

    I have chosen to use two canes to get around, much faster, rather than a walker an expect to have to for a while. This is the result of breaking my hip and two bad knees. The result is that it is almost impossible to hand carry things. After many searches I found a 5.11 PUSH (Practical Utility...
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    ATI GK 4866 grapple part

    I have lost an outside pivot pin and would have to go through a dealer and pay more than 25$ for a replacement. The pin is 1" dia by 2-3/4 long. It has a zerk fitting mounted axially on one end and 1/4" hole across for a lock bolt at the other end. Does anyone know if this is a standard pin...
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    Sloped Bank Mower

    Today in Houston CL is a flail type sloped bank mower. Looks like it is self contained hydraulics as it has a PTO shaft connection to the tractor. May be a deal for someone Vernon
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    Snow in central Texas

    Ever since we have become concerned about global warming there have been more incidences of snow than I can remember from years past. And I have a lot of years past. I am watching the radar and am seeing snow just over the county line north of me. Just a couple of miles away, hope we get some of...
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    Woods BH6000 backhoe on a L3130

    I have the opportunity to pick up a new BH6000 at a good price. I know that it is intended for smaller tractors but it is a good size for my intended uses. Has anyone used this combination and/or does anyone have any advice on how to setup the installation. I don't have the answer yet but I...
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    Super Big Load

    Right now there is a very very large load moving from Houston through Bryan/College Station for a new power plant near Waco TX. The load is 1.7 million lbs, 39ft wide and 300 feet long. It moves 10 miles per DAY. A local TV station KBTX has the story on their web site with comments from their...
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    Flow reduction from elbows

    Is the flow reduction from elbows generally a concern for other than hydraulic motors? I am thinking about reworking the layout for the lines of my auxiliary circuits and would add elbows for compactness. Vernon
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    Orionid Meteor shower

    The Orionid Meteor shower is Wednesday morning. Look southeast before dawn. Info here: NASA -The 2009 Orionid Meteor Shower The forecast for us is clouds and rain so I will sleep in. Vernon
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    Unique boom pole design

    I was viewing another forum and spotted this Two recent projects: Boom pole and steel table - The Home Shop Machinist & Machinist's Workshop BBS Thought some TBNers might be interested. Looks very well done. Vernon