1. W

    Kubota Kx71-3ss mini excavator without A/C

    I am looking at a very nice 2019 Kubota Kx71-3ss with a cab. I was surprised to find that it was built without air conditioning. On a tractor, I wouldn't even consider that, but maybe on an excavator it is more manageable. I probably wouldn't be spending an entire day in the cab, like with a...
  2. C

    New 2 me 2018 KX71-3 excavator

    I have had it a week working through doing the next service, greasing, filling fluids etc. I have 2 questions. 1- I have a warning light that looks like a simple clock. A circle w/ hands set at 9 oclock and the typical warning triangle stabbing the clock at about 5 oclock. I have spent hours and...
  3. V

    Mitsubishi 1.5 ton excavator hydraulic issue

    I have a gray market Mini-ex ME-15 which I believe to be a Mitsubishi 1.5 ton machine. Perkins diesel. I recently replaced one of the hoses to the right pilot controls and now having issues with both sides pilot controls. Machine tracks back and forth no issues. Left Side pilot controls is...
  4. Suburban Plowboy

    Will a Rented Excavator Take Care of my Oak Stumps?

    I paid a crew to cut something like 15 oak trees and one cherry, ranging from maybe 10" thick at chest height to over two feet. I now have a bunch of stumps. I had the idea that the crew had some kind of Kaiju-type machine that would rip the stumps out of the ground, but it turned out I was the...
  5. Sigarms

    Saved by the excavator!

    The video is old, but I've never seen it before, though good chance neither has anyone else...
  6. choffman41

    Remote dipstick/filler tube for B&S 13.5 in mini excavator

    Anyone who has one of these things knows what a hassle it is to get to the dipstick, not to mention refilling it after an oil change. Does B&S or anyone else make an extended tube to fit this engine?
  7. V

    NT45 excavator from China - tracks don't stay on

    Anybody found solution? The tracks really stretch. They are are adjusted to max tension. Maybe get steel tracks?
  8. S

    Mulcher for Small Excavator Bobcat 331

    New community member here. I have a 331 looking for some advice or experience using a forestry mulcher on it. I spoke with Fecon for their 28" and they said it would not work. Torrent says their 28" will work. Does anyone have any experience with one of these brands or with a mulcher (not a...
  9. Dieselplus1973

    Mini excavator H link. Need to find H link by measurements

    OEM link is obsolete. Changed stick pin size to 45mm. Have a bucket system with 45mm pins. Need to find a H link with a 45mm bucket pin and a 35mm cylinder pin. H link 6 1/4" wide x 11" to 13" pin to pin.
  10. LittleBill21

    2 Ton Mini Excavator (Chinese)

    I know there is a lot of talk about the 1 ton's, but I am interested in the 2 ton's specifically this one https://www.ebay.com/itm/354985732038 anyone own one, know if it has a hydro filter, and what attachments can be ordered?
  11. X

    Kubota mini excavator KX41-2V left track issues

    The left track of my excavator (Kubota KX41-2V) does not have enough power to make a turn. I replaced the left final drive but that didn't solve the problem. So I connected an extra set of hoses directly from the control valve left travel section to the drive motor, but no difference. The...
  12. K

    Bh77 vs mini excavator / excavator size

    Hey all, I decided last fall I could really use a backhoe/mini ex for a bunch of projects around my property. Renting is complicated due to the frequent but short time I would need to dig, figured I would sell when i'm done or decide i cant live without it. These projects include: *Dig up poles...
  13. dfkrug

    small Chinese Excavator repairs

    I have now had my Rhinoceros (Xiniu) XN08 for nearly 6y, imported from China in 2018. My main TBN thread so far has been about importing it, and modifying it to do what I want, and not get damaged...
  14. F

    Excavator flail.

    It works impressively well. Will have to see about the longevity of it since it was only 2k. I’m going to mod it so it has a door that can open on the front to mulch tall trees and vines easier. The tree I’m holding is what we call an ironwood and is a pretty tough wood.
  15. MaxG

    Improve input controls on excavator?!

    I bought an excavator to do some land management (stumps, lantana, clean-ups). It's a self-imported electric 2.5t excavator from China. I am happy with it in principle. However, the controls are shocking. I can nicely operate the boom and stick on my back-hoe, but these controls are jerky, not...
  16. S

    Bobcat 325 excavator service manual

    Does anyone have a service manual # 6902745 for the Bobcat 325 excavator that they are willing to part with?
  17. T

    New E60 Excavator

    After four surgeries in the past three years, I can’t lift or run a shovel anymore. Decided to get a little help!
  18. Bob Rooks

    Yanmar mini excavator

    Where do I find a forum here for Yanmar excavators?
  19. S

    Need to adjust the thumb pressure on my Bobcat mini excavator

    Just installed a thumb on my Bobcat 325. Need to lower the pressure. Where is the adjustment located? Thanks
  20. F

    What to look for when buying a used excavator?

    I'm looking at buying a used excavator. It'll likely be an older, high hour excavator since I don't have a large budget. What should I look for? Are there any particular repairs I should stay away from? Any other telltale signs of an excavator that hasn't been taking care of?
  21. Z

    Sany SY35U Excavator

    Hi all, My Bobcat 331 started overheating last Fall, so I started looking at rebuilding it. I signed up here and posted about its issues in another topic, so I won't rehash those details here. However, I knew a rebuild would be a stretch (both in terms of time and money), so I spent a lot of...
  22. J

    Add valve section to mini excavator Kubota KH 66

    Hello, I'm trying to add a sectional valve to my old Kubota excavator to run a hydraulic thumb off of it. It being so old, all the valve controls are mechanical, and I would like to have an electronic control on one of the sticks for the thumb. I imagine a solenoid actuated valve would make a...
  23. EyelashViper

    KX057 Excavator: Track wear question

    I just bought a KX057-5 and it's my first excavator (for property maintenance). I've been doing a lot of research trying to educate myself on operation and common maintenance. Anyway, I've only got 5 hours on the machine and I noticed that the tracks are showing metal on the "lugs" that I...
  24. P

    Project IHI 35J excavator bring back to life

    Hello everyone, im new to the site and this is my first post. I picked up a older IHI 35J excavator. I’m slowly bringing it back to life. Was told the fuel pump wasn’t working. Back story: it was in a pasture for many years. Asked owner would it be for sale. He replied no I’m going to fix it. I...