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  2. B

    Expected Depreciation in Used Tractors?

    Seeing the post this morning about the decline of the new tractor market made me think. What is the expected deprecation of used tractors? How much per year or per hour can you expect your equipment to lose in sale value on the used market? I'm sure it matters if you are picking up a JD or...
  3. tallman8251

    2440 Hydraulic Woes

    Annnd I am back... Ok got some strange things afoot with the 2440...When the PTO is disengaged, center lever down, I am having hydraulic issues. The Power steering will only work intermittently with High RPM's, and the rock shaft will do the same it may or may not go up with the higher RPMS...
  4. F

    100hp Tractor for 240 acres. M6? 5711? 5115M?

    Hoping for some advice and opinions on selecting a tractor. Have about 240 acres that has been pretty woefully neglected over several years. Want to get it whipped up into better shape over the next three years. Regrade and maintain approximately 5 miles of dirt/gravel roads on the property...
  5. D

    John Deere 855 Front Wheel Bolts Loosening

    Anyone have any suggestions as to what may be causing the lug nuts in the front wheels of my John Deere 855 to loosen up? I did the 500 hour service about 4 years ago, about 1 year before the problem started. When I changed the transaxle oil I was not aware of the breather plug on top of each...
  6. C

    5101E Power Reverser

    John Deere 5101E - Power Reverser indicator came on and immediately stoped pulling like it is in neutral. Any advice what to look for?
  7. B

    Interchangeable (Part Compatibility) with Ford / John Deere / Kubota

    Does anyone know if any Ford 1710 tractor engine parts are interchangeable with a John Deere or even a Kubota, and if so what models of John Deere or Kubota tractor are compatible with a Ford 1710 . I know the tractor was made in Japan and I believe the John Deere was also. I was curious if that...
  8. B

    Interchangeable (Parts Compatibility) with Ford / John Deere / Kubota

    Does anyone know if any Ford 1710 tractor engine parts are interchangeable with a John Deere or even a Kubota, and if so what models of John Deere or Kubota tractor are compatible with a Ford 1710 . I know the tractor was made in Japan and I believe the John Deere was also. I was curious if that...
  9. EverythingAttachments

    EA COUPON thru July 4th!! #Merica

    We almost never have any discounts/coupons/sales, but heeeere we go! Travis
  10. R

    HELP needed- JD 770 not starting

    My 1996 JD 770 tractor is not starting. i get no lights or anything. checke battery-it's good. i checked the fuses and after pulling them all-it did start. then, a few days later the same exact thing happened. i quickly tried the check the fuses again and this time it didn't help. any...
  11. B

    JD 6430 Premium SCV and ICV errors

    Hi all, I have a John Deere 6430 premium tractor with loader and electronic joystick w/paddle and electronic SCV controls. I am having lots of trouble with the loader and SCV’s. I get errors on the screen for SCV I, SCV II, ICV I, ICV II, ICV III. It is always a Sic 34 error with the...
  12. A

    JD 750 Doesn't Move on High Speed

    Hello. I have a JD750 20HP compact tractor that just got back from getting the engine overhauled. Engine runs great and blow by is gone. Loader and 3point work fine. I was using it this morning to move some dirt to cover some holes in my drive. Went back and forth from dirt pile to driveway a...
  13. P

    John Deere BM20960 Spout Control Kit - Free!

    Brand new never installed spout control kit for x-series lawn tractor snowblower attachments. Allows repositioning of the spout angle from the operator's seat. Deletes manual knob for locking the spout angle in place. The attached photo shows the parts included in the kit. Should work for...
  14. J

    John Deere Operator's Manual Hole Spacing 4-Ring Binder

    Hello, I have 1970s JD 7300 Industrial Tractor with all the original manuals. The Repair manual is held together with two weird flathead screws and I'm looking to get a binder to put it in. However, the hole spacing is not uniform (the middle space is bigger than the top and bottom spaces...
  15. saxon11

    TYM T474 vs John Deere 4044M

    I'm buying a new tractor and it's between the TYM T474 ($35k new) and John Deere 4044 ($52k new). They are similar in specs, but about $17k price difference. Obviously JD has better brand, more dealers, and sounds like when I talk to folks, a better tractor. I'm trying to warrant spending...
  16. W

    Summit Hydraulic Kit on a 1025R with Top-Link Install

    Top Link with Rear remote install. Full post of installation of the Summit kit. Should work for most any tractor that has a power beyond port, such as for a backhoe.
  17. 2345joes

    Re Wiring main switch John Deere 820 (1973)

    Hey everyone, First off the battery box and dash need some dusting. I'm trying my hand at electrical. The original switch was jumped to a toggle instead of ignition by the previous owner. I have a wiring diagram and a new A&I main ignition switch. The back of the replacement has numbering that...
  18. C

    John Deere 755 with Tiller, Grooming mower and Broadcaster

    Complete package, $10,000 obo. 1997 John Deere 755 (4WD) has 810 hours on the diesel engine. JD 261 Grooming Mower (60" mowing width), LandPride 10-50 Tiller (60" width as well), Herd Sure-Feed Broadcaster All PTO shafts, trailer hitch bar and a bar that fits between the two lower 3-point...
  19. T

    John Deere small tractors - best engine oil?

    Without buying oil at 2x the price at a dealer, what do most of you use for your small JD diesel tractors? I have a 2305 and an x745 mower. Yanmar 24HP engines (as I recall). We live in Missouri, summer mowing can be in the 90's, and the tractors get little use after November, so I don't worry...
  20. J

    John Deere 5200 419 Loader - SCV Joystick Piston Repair

    I recently broke one of the crappy original plastic pistons in my loader joystick and figured I could buy the parts and fix it myself. It didn't seem too complicated but there is one thing that seems to not add up. The replacement piston part (R230282) is structurally different than the...
  21. S

    Leaky rear diff jd 790

    Leaking from rear diff jd 790 see pic arrow points to hole been leaking for nearly a year when i load in trailer i notice most. Dump trailer steep incline. The stick reads half full its came down from the top of full over about 8 months since last fluid change. I assume its overflow leakage but...
  22. M

    Reverser parts John Deere 410B Reverser

    I am looking for where to buy aftermarket parts to rebuild the reverser in my John Deere 410B. There is a company in Louisiana that rebuilds them for $4300, ouch!! Naturally they dont offer a kit nor will they say where they get there parts from. I have read on some forums that these...
  23. L

    John Deere E110 on Fire

    Our John Deere E110 mower caught fire last Saturday. Still don’t know the reason why. It started in the front near the exhaust. But it didn’t have any electrical issues or gas leaks. It was the first time we mowed my daughters backyard. It wasn’t that big a yard 60x45 feet. The grass wasn’t that...
  24. P

    JD 2210 HST cranks but won’t start.

    I got this Tractor as a barn find only 85 hours. It hasn’t been turned on in years. When I go to turn it on all it does is crank. I emptied all the fuel out of it and replaced it with new. Still does the same thing. All the fluids are full. I pulled off the injector lines and they had fuel but...
  25. G

    30kw Katolight Generator (JD 4024TF) is surging without load on cold start

    Hello all you fellow rural and JD geniuses! I have an interesting problem, but I do not know where to start exactly. This just started happening yesterday - We have a Katolight generator that surges terribly on a cold-start, for up to a good minute or so until it warms up or load is applied. It...
  26. R

    Pto not working right

    I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong with my pto it’s a John Deere 4105 and pto will engage and disengage as is supposed to but doesn’t have enough power to turn a brush hog and if I hook it up to a auger it spins it but as soon as I put pressure down it will stop moving
  27. U

    2021 Kubota MX6000 HSTC $51,000

    Looking to sell my Kubota. I would like to down size. Kubota MX6000 Cab Tractor 2021 4x4 60 HP Turbocharged Kubota Engine 51.7 PTO Horsepower 3 Range Hydrostatic Transmission Kubota LA1065 Quick Connect Front Loader with Skid Steer Coupler Heavy Duty Bucket with Bolt on Cutting Edge Dual Front...
  28. A

    John Deere 1600 overheating

    Hi All first post! I have a JD 1600 (non turbo) wide area mower and after about 30 minutes of use it overheats and looses all the coolant. Fan seems to run fine, any tips on what to look for? I’m going to try a rad flush and blowing the rad through with compressed air but it looks clean. I...
  29. misterzee

    How much slope ?

    I have a JD Compact 990 MFWD with a box blade and loader. I wanted to use it on a steep dirt "driveway". A fwd pickup can navigate, but not sure about the tractor. My tires are not in the best shape. So a question to you more experienced operators... will the tractor go up this appx 30% slope OK ?
  30. SugarG33

    John Deere 850 PTO question

    Hi I bought a older JD 850 2 wheel drive and I have a question regarding the PTO. Is it normal while tilling or bush hogging to hear a click noise when you engage the clutch while using the attachment? is it some sort of slip clutch built into the tractor. it is a fast click not a grind or a...