john deere

  1. J

    John Deere 950 hose replacements

    I have a 1987 John Deere 950 with front end loader that I am looking to replace all the hydraulic hoses due to age. I have searched online quite a bit and I have not had luck finding the answers I need. Were these hoses standard lengths, and fittings that I can just order from somewhere or will...
  2. B

    My 2003 John Deere 990 Compact tractor won't start

    My John Deere 990 Compact tractor has a problem. It won't start. I was using it, stopped to do something and tried to start it again and nothing. The tractor made a small click but nothing else. I have a new battery in it. Cleaned the terminals, put in a new starter and ignition switch...
  3. L

    John Deere 3046R - From R1 to R14T tires?

    I recently purchased a 3046R that came with R1 Ag tires. Been using it in the yard doing some landscaping, and obviously tearing up the grass quite bad. I also plan to do a ton of work in the woods, and I'm worried about the R1 tires sidewall not standup up to the sharp cutoff brush stub...
  4. C

    John deere 6220 se ring gear

    Hello I'm new here I'm currently working on replacing the seals and bearings on the front axle of a John Deere 6220 SE and I can't find the torque specifications for the ring gear bolts. I've looked through several online resources but haven't been able to find the exact specs. If anyone has...
  5. Oakfield1862

    John Deere Frontier FL1163S Offset Flail Mower is actually a Maschio Giraffa M 160E

    Do you happen to know if this is correct? Are these Maschios made in China? I'm considering the Frontier FL1163S, which comes to about $5500 with the equine discount or a Nova Tractor BCRM175 fro $3300. My notes:
  6. S

    John Deere 5320 No or very little power to the starter?

    My 5320 solenoid won't engage or spin the starter, I started to start it the solenoid engaged I let off it and thought I smelled a small burning smell then went to engage the starter only a very weak clicking then nothing, the positive post on the starter tests almost 14 volts, when I turn the...
  7. grsthegreat

    I did not hear that John Deere is starting to move production out of USA. FOR some model tractors
  8. ufcxl

    John Deere 5085 AC recharge

    Howdy, was planning to juice up my AC with a can of 134a but seems JD's low side port is not a standard size. It's bigger than the quick connect on the hose. Did I just not press hard enough or is there a JD specific size for recharging the AC system.
  9. G

    John Deere 5205 4 WD Value

    I'm looking to purchase a 2003 JD 5205 4WD with 522 front loader with 4 in 1 bucket. One owner, (friend of mine..I know the tractor), 1500 hours, like new condition. No Cab or canopy. Only ROPS Any guesses as to what it is worth? I haven't had any luck finding any comparables on any of the...
  10. P

    John Deere STX 30 lawn tractor

    I have the above mower and the trans/axle crapped on me; looking for a replacement of this 30yr old piece, but don't where to look. STX 30 and STX 38 utilize the same Peerless unit. Before you tell me to junk it, the rest of the mower is still in excellent shape and I'm 82 years old so not going...
  11. JD 820 Ishie

    Loader for 820 John Deere 1968

    Will a ford front loader attach to the 820?
  12. N

    Need help identifying John Deere wheel hub

    I need help identifying a John Deere wheel hub. I am running out of ideas, and despite my pride, I think it's time to take my wife's advice and just ask someone. A wheel hub on a custom trailer, which has large sentimental value having been built by my late father, broke due to a freak...
  13. R

    Replacing John Deere 790 duel clutch

    I do all my own mechanical work but have never done a clutch replacement. So any advice would be greatly appreciated. Are the after market clutch plates comparable to the OEM? Where is the best place to purchase a clutch kit? I know JD dealers are good but they want an arm and a leg for parts...
  14. Aden2112

    Tractor or skid steer? Just bought 150 acres.

    I need help figuring out what to buy! Please tell me what YOU would do! And how YOU would approach this project. We just bought a 150 acre farm (all crop land). All of it is rolling hills - nothing terribly steep, but not flat either. In the next year or so, I need to: 1. Cut and grade an...
  15. dmrp6510

    John Deere 5115 M pricing

    Was wondering what percentage everybody was getting off on John Deere 5000 M series tractors.
  16. T

    John Deere 435 Surface Wrap Roller

    I am struggling to find a new or gently used surface wrap (net wrap) top roller. Mine has a small gash in it and was looking to replace it. I have called many aftermarket places with no success and John Deere wants over $5200 for the roller assembly. My baler is only worth $4000.... the JD Part...
  17. K

    John Deere 5093e PTO problem

    New to the forum and I have googled, brought in a certified mechanic who replaced the PTO selenoid and also the tractor now has fresh hydraulic oil and filter. Screen was extremely clean. So I come here to ask you all. But my issue is when I'm disc mowing, the mower will get up to speed and work...
  18. S

    John Deere 5320 starter won't engage

    My 5320 solenoid won't engage or spin the starter, I started to start it the solenoid engaged I let off it and thought I smelled a small burning smell then went to engage the starter only a very weak clicking then nothing, the positive post on the starter tests almost 14 volts, when I turn the...
  19. D

    John Deere 5205 Top Link Repair

    Recently picked up a JD 5205. Noticed the top link didn't seem to work as it should and found one end turning, but not going in or out. I am using another one for now, but would like to repair the original part if possible. Have looked quite a bit and do not find any good info on taking these...
  20. V

    John Deere 345 lawn tractor w/Kawasaki FD611V 20hp engine....starting issue

    Greetings......I have a John Deere 345 lawn tractor w/Kawasaki FD611V 20hp engine.... Engine just clicks when trying to start (will finally start)....ongoing problem for over a year....finally decided to replace the starter solenoid today. I got everything all put back together only to...
  21. L

    John Deere 390 Flail mower

    I'm looking at one on an auction site and am thinking about bidding on it but don't know anything about this model and really very little about flail mowers, does anyone have any experience with a John Deere 390 flail? it's centered not offset. Thanks.
  22. BX23S-1

    John Deere 420 - Garden Tractor Question

    I have a 1989 JD420 (Onan P220G-20hp), a long time ago, i was told they switched from a points type ignition to a solid state ignition somewhere between the late 80`s and early 90`s. My problem is, i have no idea when the point vs solid state thing happened, but i want to replace the ignition...
  23. smiley

    John deere gator identify help

    My old gator I believe 90s. Model need to clutch but I can find no identification numbers. Tags are all gone. Can you help me identify this? So I can get a clutch.
  24. D

    john deere 246 corn planter

    I attempted to plant sunflowers. I am afraid I planted them too deep. My 246 operator's manual said not to use the tractor hydraulics to control depth. I ran the depth control screw all the way out. I am looking for suggestions to keep the seed depth at around 1/2 inch. I don't think I can...
  25. T

    John Deere 345 mower moves forward but not in reverse

    Recently bought a JD345 newer model mower that had not been used in ten years, like GX345 and transmission works fine in forward but does not move in reverse. Looked at maintenance manual and indicated stuck ball valve in transmission. Is there any way I can move the valve without...
  26. S

    help requested with a John Deere 2040 closed center

    I have a 405xxx serial number JD 2040. she was running fine. well she had a leaking Injector pump which we rebuilt/sealed. I also dropped the loader down a bit to help reach the starter which I replaced at the time. Tractor running great now no more loss of power from leaking IP. Start it up...
  27. Diver94

    John Deere 5103 wont start

    Used my 5103 to bush hog two nights ago. Worked fine. Parked the tractor, key out as always, now today it won't start. Gauges work along with lights and turn signals when key is turned. I do not hear the fuel pump, nor will it turn over. Checked the neutral safety by jumpering, no change. Help.
  28. E

    1967 John Deere 1020 will not run after 15 minutes of operation

    Starts up and runs beautifully for about 15 to 30 minutes, then it begins to stumble and effectively stalls. Give it a few minutes to cool down (is not running hot) and it will start up and run. Since it is already at operating temperature, it takes less time for it stumble and stall again...
  29. K

    John Deere 5320 with power reversal wants to roll when in “Park”

    My JD 5320 is gradually get worse when you put it into Park. Not an issue if you’re on mostly flat ground, but if on a slope and you put it in park most times it will start to roll. When it starts to roll a clicking sound can be heard. If I have to park on a slope I always use the front end...
  30. S

    JOHN Deere GX345

    I have a GX345 John Deere with a Kawaski FD611 engine water cooled 20 HP. I have no serial number on this mower. According to John Deere the correct PTO Clutch for this unit is pn Am133209 or Am131779 The Am 133209 will not go around the crankshaft and the Am 131779 is way to big and the key...
  31. T

    John Deere 755 magnetic pto lever

    My pto lever won’t work
  32. jd3038e2013

    Fuel shutoff solenoid wont hold

    JD 3038e fuel shutoff solenoid pulls but immediately pops back out. The hold is not working. I replaced the solenoid, checked all safety switches, ignition switch, pto switch, voltage to the solenoid, all fuses and replaced all relays. The thermistor is built into the instrument panel so it can...
  33. Oldchevyguy

    1968 John Deere JD400 has throttle issue

    The throttle has been getting stuck at idle. Not sure exactly how the governor functions in relation to the linkage but for a while I couldn’t throttle up from the handle but if you moved the linkage at the injection pump it would be fine for a few days and then it would get stuck again. The...
  34. C

    John Deere 485 Backhoe Attachment Minnesota

    2010 JD 485 Backhoe for sale. Used very little. Bucket thumb. Custom storage dolly. Bracket for JD 3000 Series(attached) and JD 4000 Series(loose). Excellent condition except missing bucket teeth. Pick up only. $5,200 Cash
  35. S

    John Deere 4720 Hydraulic Suction Screen Removal

    Hi, Does anyone have guidance for removing this screen. I have removed the two bolts from the L Bracket as manual instructs but cannot figure out how to remove the bracket from the housing that houses the screen? Any guidance would be greatly appreciate. Thank you, Saxe
  36. J

    John Deere 755 loader question

    Hey all. Looking to buy a JD 755/855. I think either would suffice for my needs. However, I cannot locate one where they dont want you to rob a bank for it. However, I did find a JD 40 loader. Would a 40 loader fit a 755? What is the difference between the 40, 52 or 70 loaders?
  37. R

    John Deere 4100 Engine swap, now no voltage what so ever, stumped!

    Hello readers, I am at a dead end. With warm weather finally at the house. I decided to swap engines from the 4100 gear driven ( rear end went out ) and the 4100 HST ( Middle piston went after a loaner used ether on it.) Simple enough swap. Both engines would crank and run. A few days ago I...
  38. D

    John Deere GS2 2600 w/ Starfire 3000 & ATU300

    Up for sale is John Deere Autosteer System: Greenstar 2600 display with Autotrac and Swath Control Pro activations, Starfire 3000 receiver with SF1, and ATU 300 Pm me if you have any questions.
  39. S

    John Deere 5320 Questions

    New to me 2004 5320 and I have 2 questions I'm hoping someone can answer. The Manual talks about an early and late model 5320. Does someone know what years constitute an Early model or what Serial Numbers? Question 2: My brake lights aren't working, I don't see a separate fuse for the brake...
  40. historyan1975

    John Deere 1020 switch-box problems

    Hi, I have an old JD 1020. Which now days I sudenly had quite big brake and I pushed in the second speed (Hi), starting that moment - the gaerbox os blocking frequently, is hard to change the speeds, one of the speeds mainly the second one - is not working well. Its seems to me if the switch...
  41. B

    john deere 3520 wont start.

    I tried to start the tractor yesterday, when you turn the key usually the dash lights come on, then turning further starts the engine. Now when I turn the key everything is dark, I charged the battery overnight so its good. When the key is on if I turn the headlight switch the dash lights...
  42. D

    John Deere 3005 won't Start

    Hey all, new around here. I have done everything I know how to do so far and have now turned to the interwebs for help. I have a JD 3005 compact utility tractor that won't start and I don't want to blindly throw parts at it. I was running it just fine and turned it off to talk to someone and now...
  43. C

    John deere 345 pto help

    i have a john deere 345 that has been sitting for about 7 years after my father in law passed away. I brought it down to my house and got it running perfect but I can not get the pto to engage and have no power to the pto. This thing is driving me crazy lol . Bought a new pto switch nothing and...
  44. J

    John Deere F525 won’t start

    Hello, while changing the battery on my F525, I accidentally dropped the handle of my socket wrench while it was attached to the ground and of course it fell on my hot terminal and started sparking (this was on my new battery). It took me a few seconds to grab a piece wood and knock it off...
  45. 3

    John Deere won't start

    Started up my JD 5055e drove it up to my shop to remove the 3ph to install the backhoe. Shut it off, removed the 3ph equipment and went to restart it. Nothing! I know about the cold start sensor at the front of the engine and that's been unplugged for years now. Thought the battery might be low...
  46. R

    John Deere showing codes

    2015 john deere 5085m keeps throwing code ECU 3673.07. It worked fine last fall, it’s been sitting pretty much all winter. Thanks in advance
  47. S

    JOHN DEERE 4300 small leak

    John Deere 4300- I have this fluid leak in my left front tire area and was wondering what and where the fluid is coming from and how I can repair it. I am just guessing it is a seal gone bad in the front axle. Any thoughts will be appreciated. Posting a few photos to highlight the problem,
  48. S

    John Deere 430 Loader Hydraulic Hoses

    I have a hose on my loader that just started leaking, so I figure it's time to change out all the hoses. Are the cheaper (Ebay, China) hoses working for people? If not, what's a good resource for procuring pre-assembled hoses?
  49. P

    John Deere D140 won’t move

    I was mowing with my D140 and on my way up the hill I got the deck stuck. I smelled burnt rubber and all the sudden it wouldn’t move. I assumed the belt slipped so I replaced it, however it still won’t move. It will move a little if I push it while my wife pushes the pedal, but then it stops...
  50. Y

    John Deere 2006 4520 with 1000 hours

    The tractor will only go 14 mph in high rang and when I try to use the cruise control I get a 5 error code on dash
  51. M

    Used John Deere 4005 vs New Tractor

    I have an opportunity to buy a used 2012 John Deere 4005 4x4 tractor with a 300CX loader with 320 hours on it for $20K. It is the same or similar to a 990. It has 42 hp engine and 35 hp at the PTO. It is a 9x3 manual transmission (synchronized between first, second, and 3rd forward gears, NOT...
  52. C


    Battery will not charge. No blown fuses K - 5 relay replaced along with voltage regulator. Alternator or generator has 32 volts AC output. Yellow battery light comes on. I have a new voltage regulator in it. Checked the white wire output was 14 volts! Great right? Ran the tractor for about 5...
  53. Brown Dog

    John Deere MX10 cutter FS

    Anybody looking for a MX10 in the SouthEast ? It’s listed over in the marketplace. North Georgia Cutter is SOLD
  54. john15nlt

    Need help identifying model of this JD 2 row planter

    Can anyone help with model of this planter
  55. Brown Dog

    John Deere MX10 cutter brush cutter bush hog North Georgia SOLD

    I bought this 3pt hitch lift type MX10 cutter brand new. Used very little. Low hours. Approximately 2200lbs going off memory ? Works great. Always kept inside out of sun & weather. I went up to batwing & zero mower. $8900 pick up in North Georgia No trades Call Mike six78 98six...
  56. B

    John Deere 245 Loader options

    Good evening everyone, new guy here. I recently bought a JD 2350 with a 245 loader. It has a quick-attach bucket, but not like the hook and pin QA I am used to. Mine has two square vertical spring loaded pins that lock the bucket in place. Attachments for this style seem pretty hard to find, and...
  57. GoodWorksTractors


    A 2016 John Deere 1025R with Powerflow Material Collection System! $15,000 less than new! At 247 hours, this 1025R is powered by the 23.8hp Yanmar 3TNV80 diesel, 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine with a 2-range hydrostatic transmission. Equipped with the 120R loader and JDQA bucket, and the 60″...
  58. RedBKM

    John Deere 850 - Converting from dual remote to no remotes

    I recently purchased an 850 with factory dual remotes. I'm a large person and the levers hit my leg. Additionally, both valve bodies are leaking. I want to delete the remotes completely. I only run a mower and have other machines with loader. I've found the replacement "cap" that has no ports...
  59. S

    Ballast question; John Deere 5055E;

    I am trying to determine the proper rear ballast for my 5055E. I have a 520M loader that has a max lift of over 3k lbs. I want to lift at least a ton and trying to determine rear ballast. The manual for the loader shows two options for a cab tractor and one option for OOS. I have an OOS. The...
  60. E

    John Deere 410, 419, 420, 430 and 460 Loader Cylinder Repair

    Here is a PDF for how I did it. I hope it helps you.
  61. D

    Need John deere 4610 help

    I was stationed overseas for 4 years, meanwhile a handy man hired to maintain my property back in the states, blew the engine in my JD 4610. When I returned home I found it compelling disassembled and I'm trying to put it all back together. There are a few points I'm stuck on, as I can't...
  62. W

    2002 4410 john deere Tractor

    Started well run like crazy than died tried restarting with a little gas in the air breather started well than tried a little diesel in the air breather and bum an explosion what damage could it have caused .
  63. W

    4410 john Deere tractor

    Stated it and it run like crazy for 3 min than died
  64. S

    John Deere or Kubota?

    Hi, just joined and first post. I have a 25 acre property, some steep slopes and mostly forested. I'm wanting to buy a new smallish tractor with 4 in 1 bucket to do the following: Moving rocks and soil Pulling cut down trees out for firewood and lifting them into stacks Grading/maintaining...
  65. T

    1952 John Deere 70

    Good running John Deere 70 Tractor with wide front end. No hour meter, so hours are unknown I have video of it running, if interested
  66. L

    john deere 2000 series compact tractors hydraulic pressure

    Ive been reading here and on the internet that some owners turn up their hydraulic pressure on their 2520s been thinking about doing that any of you owners had done this? I check mine and its 2475psi thinking about going to 2700 will I break something or blow seals out with 200 more psi thanks
  67. Brown Dog

    John Deere 5k series New R4 tires & wheels

    Does anybody know how much a complete set of 19.5-24 & 12.5/80-18 New R4 tires & wheels would cost from JD ?
  68. T

    John Deere Frontier RB2284 Blade

    I'm looking for comments and thoughts for the John Deere Frontier RB2284 Rear Blade. I have a 72" Land Pride and I'm thinking of going to a wider and heavier blade. This is much heavier than my current blade and I don't have rear hydraulics. Is this too heavy to adjust without hydraulics? My...
  69. J

    John Deere Gyramor 207 Cutter made in Canada

    Anyone have any idea when this was built and what it is worth? I know in most case with serial numbers 001 would be the first one built? The story is it was bought new with this 1953 John Deere 40.
  70. D

    John Deere 1445 hydraulic float issue

    My 1445 has 1725 hrs and the deck will not stay float . It has a danfoss hydraulic control valve . I am not sure if or how to adjust the detent to keep the deck in float
  71. S

    John Deere 850 aka yanmar 2500 saga continues need help

    Back story on tractor is I did a rebuild on it new pistons, rings, rod bearings and head gasket. Flushed radiator new thermostat adjusted valves. I got it back together and it will start but it just seems like it has no power and I’m pretty sure it’s getting to hot also it won’t idle has to be...
  72. C

    2 questions

    Two questions: I have a commercial-grade JD Zero Turn mower that I use to mow my rural property. It was purchased in 2012 and has 870hrs on the clock. It is serviced regularly and is in excellent shape. The dealer says that it is time to replace it because JD is discounting the 2023 models, and...
  73. D

    John Deere 650 tractor 1986

    I have a 1986 John Deere 650 tractor. it is currently stuck in 4x4, the shifting handle just free wheels like its not hooked to anything. the roll pin in the handle is good. Can I pull the shaft that the handle is mounted on? I am assuming that the shaft it broken or what ever it was driving...
  74. F

    3 cyl John Deere 820 starter help needed.

    The tractor has been sitting all winter, and now it won't turn over. The solenoid gives a loud clunk, but that is all I get. No hint of a starter problem before this. The battery is good at 12.7V at the starter. Tried shorting across the posts on the starter, and got nothing, so I'm thinking the...
  75. M

    3 point isn't working on 790 John Deere tractor....

    Need some help in figuring out why my front loader will work, however not at strongly and will lower without contant monitoring, while 3 point will not go up or down....changed filter, not leaking hydralic fluid....any suggestions? Thank you, JMS
  76. S

    John Deere 1966 4020

    Hello All, I have recently bought a 1966 John Deere 4020, got a screaming deal on it. I am hoping to find a loader for it. I have seen that John Deere Loaders 48/148/158 do fit and work. I was able to find a few 'fairly local' but the asking price is higher than I paid for the tractor. I am...
  77. S

    John Deere 850 Aka yanmar 2500 rebuild

    I started a rebuild on my little 850(yanmar 2500). Back story is it got hot the other day and seemed to have blew the head gasket , so I dove into the motor and found what looked like a bad head gasket, small groove in middle cylinder wall and the connecting rod bearing in pieces all on the...
  78. S

    John Deere 850 rebuild

    I started a rebuild on my little 850. Back story is it got hot the other day and seemed to have blew the head gasket , so I dove into the motor and found what looked like a bad head gasket, small groove in middle cylinder wall and the connecting rod bearing in pieces all on the middle cylinder...
  79. D


    Bought a 301A over a year ago that had been setting along time turns out all I needed to get it started was a new fuel transfer pump and rebuild the starter ….... everything seemed to work well except the rear lift arms wouldn't hold a middle position no biggie ran for a bit but I noticed was...
  80. jkk04

    John Deere 410 backhoe steering cylinder seals replacement

    Quite simple to replace the seals.
  81. WVH1977

    LS MT357 Cab vs John Deere 4052M Heavy Duty

    Probably not the most apples to apples comparison but I have been looking at new tractors for a couple of years now and getting closer to pulling that trigger. I have looked at and drove most fo the current brands out there. LS was far from my list of tractors when this started. However, there...
  82. S

    John Deere 850 slight miss sound

    I just recently bought a John Deere 850 for a super cheap price compared to what the market is in my area. Everything seems to work as it should and it seems pretty clean. The only issue I’m having with it is it seems to have a slight miss to it around 2,000rpm not sure what it could be I’m...
  83. G

    John Deere 5520 Instrument Cluster Not Working

    I purchased a 5520, the instrument cluster is not working. I sent it to be tested and it works fine. I've had a mechanic work on it extensively with no success. The cluster has rpm, fuel gauge and temperature gauge. I'm considering just adding aftermarket fuel and temperature gauges. I'd love...
  84. C

    Oil & Fuel  Hydraulic Fluid Shows "Low" After Removing Backhoe, Should I Add Oil?

    After a few months of owning a 5055E tractor, I finally got to remove my 405 backhoe to attach a box blade. I've been swapping the front attachments and during that, I tend to lose oil like most of the owners. It's been bothering me but since it's a new tractor, I didn't worry too much. After...
  85. Farmermatt00

    What is it worth

    I currently have a John Deere 5020. The radiator is busted and can’t find one anywhere. It runs and drives. None of the gauges work besides the hour meter. It has 4800 hours. Hydraulics and pto work. Was wondering about a price I should sell it for. It has brand new front tires and 2 of the...
  86. B

    Front End Loader Conversion to Skid Steer

    Just purchased a JD 2040 It has a front end loader on it and I would like to convert it to skid steer compatible: There are two pins on each side to remove the bucket. At first i was intending on grinding and welding a receiving plate on the tractor and the other part on the tractor, but...
  87. B

    All I ever wanted is green?

    The TYM T25 (RK25) is a good tractor that I bought in 2021. Was afraid to buy an older tractor because I really didn't want to deal with older problems, but I have been looking at others such as the Kioti, Branson 25-26 HP tractors. They weigh more, have more lift, without the EPA baggage. I was...
  88. Bibbop

    LX172 Transmission issues.

    Hi all, I have this really nice LX172 been serving me quite well for the last year or so. Shifting became quite hard as of late and ended up with the shifter breaking at the link point. Welded it back together and still having issues with the shifter being very stiff. Any ideas would be highly...
  89. alpha&omega

    Rear Finish Mower  Rear Discharge Mower Gearbox

    Ok gents…here goes. I have a 2022 Woods 84” Rear Discharge Mower TKP84.40 (TurfKeeper Pro), and despite my trying the gearbox keeps getting water in it. I know it’s water because the gearbox oil is milky. It was recently replaced, as was the o-ring for the vented dipstick. I first noticed the...
  90. Paul Croxson

    Jd clutch solenoid issue

    Hi all, does anyone have the correct resistance number for the clutch solenoid RE177539. having issues, but want to make sure before I buy a new one. thanks in advance paul
  91. N

    Buying Advice  I need some advice about John Deer's maintenance

    Hello, knowledgeable and internet-friendly folks! I hope you're having a great day so far. I've come across this particular machine and while going through John Deere reviews, I've heard that they can be quite challenging to repair and come with high costs, intentionally imposed by the company...
  92. okanoganjim

    Pull type Hybrid snowblowers ?

    I’m preparing for the winter months and looking at snowblowers. Anyone have experience with the Land Pride SBP16 series or John Deere Frontier SB1174P?
  93. pvi

    2011 John Deere 1600 series 2

    hey guys, im new here. hopefully I came to the right place to find some help. I just bought. used 2011 1600 series 2 with 2600 hours. hours didn't really bother me as the machine didn't look beat up and id only be using it 5-6 hours a week, 6 months out of the year. I used it Monday for the...
  94. M

    John Deere 2210 - driveshaft extension

    Following my earlier note regarding play (a lot!) in the rear splined section of the driveshaft, I've bitten the bullet and gone ahead and extended the shaft by 18mm. The rear yoke is now fully engaged on the input shaft of the transaxle - in fact, the shaft extends into the yoke itself by about...
  95. DaHo

    John Deere 5085 E Pre-Def 1650 hours

    This 2014 is a pre-DEF 5085E Cab Tractor IN MINT CONDITION. It has the John Deere PowerTech 4045, 4.5 L, four-cylinder turbocharged diesel. 1650 hours and runs perfect. Cold AC. 12F/12R PowrReverser transmission. Four Wheel Drive.
  96. K

    john deere 301a

    working on installing rear remotes on a john deere 301 a, hoping to use a generic aftermarket set up to save on cost. main issue is knowing where to plumb into the tractors hydraulics to go to the valve body. any info on how to find which ports to use would be greatly appreciated thanks
  97. K

    john deere 301 a

    i have a john deere 301 a tractor that when trying to engage the rear pto depressing the clutch does not disengage the pto drive and it doesn't allow you to flip the pto lever to the on position. pushing the lever forward only causes it to grind gears, the clutch works fine for the transmission...
  98. H

    John Deere Rotary Cutter - MX6

    The output shaft on my MX6 rotary cutter broke and is stuck in the stump jumper attachment. When I look at the manual/part diagram, it appears that I should be able to drive the broken shaft with a sledge back out towards the broken side. I have not been able to do so. The cutter is about 9...

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  100. B

    Expected Depreciation in Used Tractors?

    Seeing the post this morning about the decline of the new tractor market made me think. What is the expected deprecation of used tractors? How much per year or per hour can you expect your equipment to lose in sale value on the used market? I'm sure it matters if you are picking up a JD or...
  101. tallman8251

    2440 Hydraulic Woes

    Annnd I am back... Ok got some strange things afoot with the 2440...When the PTO is disengaged, center lever down, I am having hydraulic issues. The Power steering will only work intermittently with High RPM's, and the rock shaft will do the same it may or may not go up with the higher RPMS...
  102. F

    100hp Tractor for 240 acres. M6? 5711? 5115M?

    Hoping for some advice and opinions on selecting a tractor. Have about 240 acres that has been pretty woefully neglected over several years. Want to get it whipped up into better shape over the next three years. Regrade and maintain approximately 5 miles of dirt/gravel roads on the property...
  103. D

    John Deere 855 Front Wheel Bolts Loosening

    Anyone have any suggestions as to what may be causing the lug nuts in the front wheels of my John Deere 855 to loosen up? I did the 500 hour service about 4 years ago, about 1 year before the problem started. When I changed the transaxle oil I was not aware of the breather plug on top of each...
  104. C

    5101E Power Reverser

    John Deere 5101E - Power Reverser indicator came on and immediately stoped pulling like it is in neutral. Any advice what to look for?
  105. B

    Interchangeable (Part Compatibility) with Ford / John Deere / Kubota

    Does anyone know if any Ford 1710 tractor engine parts are interchangeable with a John Deere or even a Kubota, and if so what models of John Deere or Kubota tractor are compatible with a Ford 1710 . I know the tractor was made in Japan and I believe the John Deere was also. I was curious if that...
  106. B

    Interchangeable (Parts Compatibility) with Ford / John Deere / Kubota

    Does anyone know if any Ford 1710 tractor engine parts are interchangeable with a John Deere or even a Kubota, and if so what models of John Deere or Kubota tractor are compatible with a Ford 1710 . I know the tractor was made in Japan and I believe the John Deere was also. I was curious if that...
  107. EverythingAttachments

    EA COUPON thru July 4th!! #Merica

    We almost never have any discounts/coupons/sales, but heeeere we go! www.(Temporarily blocked due to reports of company closure) Travis
  108. R

    HELP needed- JD 770 not starting

    My 1996 JD 770 tractor is not starting. i get no lights or anything. checke battery-it's good. i checked the fuses and after pulling them all-it did start. then, a few days later the same exact thing happened. i quickly tried the check the fuses again and this time it didn't help. any...
  109. B

    JD 6430 Premium SCV and ICV errors

    Hi all, I have a John Deere 6430 premium tractor with loader and electronic joystick w/paddle and electronic SCV controls. I am having lots of trouble with the loader and SCV’s. I get errors on the screen for SCV I, SCV II, ICV I, ICV II, ICV III. It is always a Sic 34 error with the...
  110. A

    JD 750 Doesn't Move on High Speed

    Hello. I have a JD750 20HP compact tractor that just got back from getting the engine overhauled. Engine runs great and blow by is gone. Loader and 3point work fine. I was using it this morning to move some dirt to cover some holes in my drive. Went back and forth from dirt pile to driveway a...
  111. P

    John Deere BM20960 Spout Control Kit - Free!

    Brand new never installed spout control kit for x-series lawn tractor snowblower attachments. Allows repositioning of the spout angle from the operator's seat. Deletes manual knob for locking the spout angle in place. The attached photo shows the parts included in the kit. Should work for...
  112. J

    John Deere Operator's Manual Hole Spacing 4-Ring Binder

    Hello, I have 1970s JD 7300 Industrial Tractor with all the original manuals. The Repair manual is held together with two weird flathead screws and I'm looking to get a binder to put it in. However, the hole spacing is not uniform (the middle space is bigger than the top and bottom spaces...
  113. saxon11

    TYM T474 vs John Deere 4044M

    I'm buying a new tractor and it's between the TYM T474 ($35k new) and John Deere 4044 ($52k new). They are similar in specs, but about $17k price difference. Obviously JD has better brand, more dealers, and sounds like when I talk to folks, a better tractor. I'm trying to warrant spending...
  114. W

    Summit Hydraulic Kit on a 1025R with Top-Link Install

    Top Link with Rear remote install. Full post of installation of the Summit kit. Should work for most any tractor that has a power beyond port, such as for a backhoe.
  115. 2345joes

    Re Wiring main switch John Deere 820 (1973)

    Hey everyone, First off the battery box and dash need some dusting. I'm trying my hand at electrical. The original switch was jumped to a toggle instead of ignition by the previous owner. I have a wiring diagram and a new A&I main ignition switch. The back of the replacement has numbering that...
  116. C

    John Deere 755 with Tiller, Grooming mower and Broadcaster

    Complete package, $10,000 obo. 1997 John Deere 755 (4WD) has 810 hours on the diesel engine. JD 261 Grooming Mower (60" mowing width), LandPride 10-50 Tiller (60" width as well), Herd Sure-Feed Broadcaster All PTO shafts, trailer hitch bar and a bar that fits between the two lower 3-point...
  117. T

    John Deere small tractors - best engine oil?

    Without buying oil at 2x the price at a dealer, what do most of you use for your small JD diesel tractors? I have a 2305 and an x745 mower. Yanmar 24HP engines (as I recall). We live in Missouri, summer mowing can be in the 90's, and the tractors get little use after November, so I don't worry...
  118. J

    John Deere 5200 419 Loader - SCV Joystick Piston Repair

    I recently broke one of the crappy original plastic pistons in my loader joystick and figured I could buy the parts and fix it myself. It didn't seem too complicated but there is one thing that seems to not add up. The replacement piston part (R230282) is structurally different than the...
  119. S

    Leaky rear diff jd 790

    Leaking from rear diff jd 790 see pic arrow points to hole been leaking for nearly a year when i load in trailer i notice most. Dump trailer steep incline. The stick reads half full its came down from the top of full over about 8 months since last fluid change. I assume its overflow leakage but...
  120. M

    Reverser parts John Deere 410B Reverser

    I am looking for where to buy aftermarket parts to rebuild the reverser in my John Deere 410B. There is a company in Louisiana that rebuilds them for $4300, ouch!! Naturally they dont offer a kit nor will they say where they get there parts from. I have read on some forums that these...
  121. L

    John Deere E110 on Fire

    Our John Deere E110 mower caught fire last Saturday. Still don’t know the reason why. It started in the front near the exhaust. But it didn’t have any electrical issues or gas leaks. It was the first time we mowed my daughters backyard. It wasn’t that big a yard 60x45 feet. The grass wasn’t that...
  122. P

    JD 2210 HST cranks but won’t start.

    I got this Tractor as a barn find only 85 hours. It hasn’t been turned on in years. When I go to turn it on all it does is crank. I emptied all the fuel out of it and replaced it with new. Still does the same thing. All the fluids are full. I pulled off the injector lines and they had fuel but...
  123. G

    30kw Katolight Generator (JD 4024TF) is surging without load on cold start

    Hello all you fellow rural and JD geniuses! I have an interesting problem, but I do not know where to start exactly. This just started happening yesterday - We have a Katolight generator that surges terribly on a cold-start, for up to a good minute or so until it warms up or load is applied. It...
  124. R

    Pto not working right

    I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong with my pto it’s a John Deere 4105 and pto will engage and disengage as is supposed to but doesn’t have enough power to turn a brush hog and if I hook it up to a auger it spins it but as soon as I put pressure down it will stop moving
  125. U

    2021 Kubota MX6000 HSTC $51,000

    Looking to sell my Kubota. I would like to down size. Kubota MX6000 Cab Tractor 2021 4x4 60 HP Turbocharged Kubota Engine 51.7 PTO Horsepower 3 Range Hydrostatic Transmission Kubota LA1065 Quick Connect Front Loader with Skid Steer Coupler Heavy Duty Bucket with Bolt on Cutting Edge Dual Front...
  126. A

    John Deere 1600 overheating

    Hi All first post! I have a JD 1600 (non turbo) wide area mower and after about 30 minutes of use it overheats and looses all the coolant. Fan seems to run fine, any tips on what to look for? I’m going to try a rad flush and blowing the rad through with compressed air but it looks clean. I...
  127. misterzee

    How much slope ?

    I have a JD Compact 990 MFWD with a box blade and loader. I wanted to use it on a steep dirt "driveway". A fwd pickup can navigate, but not sure about the tractor. My tires are not in the best shape. So a question to you more experienced operators... will the tractor go up this appx 30% slope OK ?
  128. SugarG33

    John Deere 850 PTO question

    Hi I bought a older JD 850 2 wheel drive and I have a question regarding the PTO. Is it normal while tilling or bush hogging to hear a click noise when you engage the clutch while using the attachment? is it some sort of slip clutch built into the tractor. it is a fast click not a grind or a...