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Jun 6, 2002
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B2150DT / Oliver OC-3
New to me B2150. Going thru everything as a few things were neglected by previous owner. Oil pressure light doesn’t come on with key. Pulled dash hoping it was bulb, but bulb confirmed good. Sending unit or something else? Are they a generic item or Kubota only part? Appreciate any thoughts!
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Have you checked the wire to the sending unit? Could have been pulled by sticks or something.

I believe it's located just above the starter.
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Check to see if you have fire on one side of the bulb with key on if so the sensor is bad . It is a normally closed sensor meaning with engine off it's a ground and the light will illuminate and when the engine is running it opens the ground and the bulb goes out.
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I have 3 B2150s. Two are stick and one is HST. Have never had the oil pressure light issue on any of the 3. Is there mention of the 'normal' operation of the light in your operator manual?
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I already had a 2150 gear machine, the new one is a hydro. My oil light comes on with key on before starting on the other machine. I’ll check wiring and then see if it is hot at the bulb, appreciate the ideas and approximate location! There was some other wiring ripped out in that general area, I ended up replacing the whole rear harness because of that.
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PTSG nailed it! Wire was pulled off the oil switch. Good to go now, thanks for the help!
Easy fix! Thanks for the update.