1. M

    Woods groundbreaker 7500

    Hello, I am looking for a used swingframe for a Woods backhoe groundbreaker 7500. Thanks, Mike
  2. L

    Woods BH650 Backhoe Correct Hose Routing

    Hi, I need to replace several hydraulic hoses on what I believe is a Woods BH650 backhoe. Whoever originally setup the hoses for the two stabilizer arms seems to have done it correctly and it looks like I might be missing some hardware to hold the hoses to the cylinders. Does anyone have a...
  3. N

    Woods RD990X Finishing Mower Spindle Shaft Removal

    I have a Woods RD990X finishing mower that needs new blades. Problem is, the present blades haven't been changed for years and after removing the bolt that holds the blade's pin lock and removing the lock, the pins the blades pivot on won't come out! I suspect they're likely rusted in-place...
  4. pqjp

    Fixing up an old Woods M5-3 "Dixie Cut" brush hog

    Found an old Woods Dixie Cut brush hog on craigslist. Little to no rust but a leaky seal, very worn blades and cracked lift arm (which was welded on.) Figured out it's a Woods M5-3 - was able to get the product manual from woods which was nice. Got a new seal from german bliss - changing...
  5. C

    Dk4510 Turn buckles

    Just bout a slightly used kioti. I got my hands on a nice Woods PRD8400. I’ve got it all hooked up and even when my stabilizers are shortened all the way I still have tons of slop. Probably 6-8 inches each way. I’m beating my head against the wall trying to figure this out. Help!