2210/2305 Rear PTO broke.

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Apr 11, 2004
2005 Bobcat Toolcat 5600
Heads up for 2210/2305 owners. If you run a brush hog or any other attachment that may shock load the PTO make sure the slip clutch is functioning or shear bolt is the correct softnness. I have a LX4 that found a rock hidden in the grass. it broke the bearing bore in the main housing of the transmission. I wound up having to replace the main transmission housing, rear cover and several gears. All said and done the bill was almost $2000 for parts and I did all the work.
John Deere recommends loosening the clutch on the LX4 and allowing it to slip several times after an extended storage period. I didn't do that this spring and I think that allowed it to freeze up since the rock completely stalled the engine as well as breaking the housing. Needless to say I will do it religiously from now on as well as running it looser.

The broken piece is here

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How many extra parts did you have left over?
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This is an amazing post. And just about the ultimate nightmare most of us could imagine. Thanks for the post and heads up! :)
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:eek: WOW if the motor stalled, then the clutch definately didn't slip much if at all!
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Wow.. that's frightening! What grade bolt were you using? Where did it come from?
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I think he mentioned slip clutch. Im the first to say I get confused on how they get adjusted. I will pay more attention to my tiller going forward....

No way it could have been warranty covered? yikes
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Yes I have the slip clutch on both my LX4 and the tiller. From now on when I use either one after they have been sitting for more then a few days I will be loosening the clutch and slipping several revolutions first to be sure it is not froze. I have also been told to watch out for the length of the driveshaft on the LX4. I guess if you are not using the iMatch the driveshaft can be to long causing it to bottom out if brought all the way up
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ducati996 said:
I think he mentioned slip clutch. Im the first to say I get confused on how they get adjusted. I will pay more attention to my tiller going forward....

Now I'm confused.... shouldn't there be a shear bolt on the shaft where it connects to the PTO (whether you have a shear bolt or slip clutch on the deck)? This is where the bolt is for my buhler rear mount blower.

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No shearbolts anywhere else in the system if you have a slip clutch. That's what the clutch is for, as it keeps you from constantly sheering bolts in tough conditions (and having to stop and replace them).
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Holy Cow, that is just unbelievable!!! There is no possible way I could repair that!. I have read in the manual for my MX6 about the procedure for keeping the slip clutch from sticking. I will DEFINATELY learn how to do it.