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Jun 2, 2011
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Someone commented on my saw scabbard, so I took some closeups. This one is a big improvement over the rustic wooden one I had on my old tractor. I used stainless bolts and locknuts, aluminum plate, the bar cover that came with the saw, and couple pieces of wood to box it in. I put in some 3/4 screws through the wood to keep the bar cover from sliding between the sides, because that's what it did at first. I welded a piece of plate to some 3/4" angle to support the motor end.

Also in the pictures are my winch battery (held down with an old Chevy seat belt), my toolbox, and my chain box.



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I like that battery box hold down. Gives me a few ideas!:thumbsup:
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I assume you have no plans to roll your tractor. It appears that the ROPS Is not able to be raised.

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I assume you have no plans to roll your tractor. It appears that the ROPS Is not able to be raised.


Of course that is the plan. I've posted before that my situation is one where I would be lowering and raising the ROPS repeatedly to do what I do around here. When extended, this ROPS stands a half a foot higher than the roof on my old tractor, which was battered and broken. I have bought the steel to build my own shorty roll bar to connect the two uprights and support a canopy of my own construction. I intend to have sweeps that connect the roll bar to the loader mount uprights to guide branches up and over the lid. Until then, I'll just have to get me one of them leather helmets.


Until the insurance industry, protecting their bottom lines, have their bought-and-paid-for legislators write the bills (with industry help, of course) that extend their legal influence to tractors and operators on private property (whether insured or not), I will be able to exercise my right to risk as I see fit. After that, this will go into the "good-old-days" file, along with more things than I can count that I've seen go that way in my lifetime. It's called, "progress," but it's not all that progressive.
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Okay, you still do nice work. I wish I could fab one up for my Kubota, as the top Half Rop bar has to be pulled to put in back in my shop? So yes, could use a shorter bar, but decrease head clearance, when inverted? I guess I will have wife photo me sitting on it and make a decision to check practical application.? Plus I would love sun canopy?
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The bars are up there so far to prevent rolling all the way over (and over again). So I know I will be giving up some of that. If I live long enough to do it, I'll make my shorty a bit taller than my head , like a roll bar, but not a ROPS. Part of the ROPS is the seat belt. That would be a big help in either case. I flipped a VW bug when I was 17 in 1964. I was belted in, but my passenger didn't believe in seat belts (before then, at least). We went over four times, landed on the wheels, and I popped the belt and got out. My buddy went out through the vinyl sunroof (which wasn't open). He had no broken bones but it didn't feel good for him.

I just came in for lunch from my disc golf course mowing. I have learned to take the saw off when I mow because it's almost been jerked out of the scabbard by branches. We've had enough dry days now that I got to mow some slopes that have been too slippery up to now. Over the 8 years I've been doing this job, I have gotten carefuler and carefuler. Lots of places and ways to get in trouble out there. I haven't had this new, taller, tractor up on two wheels yet. I must be getting better at being careful.


Durn it, jonyyuma, you got that theme song form The Rebel stuck in my brain.
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Just so long as you don't do this ...


I rolled a bug at 17 too! Did a 5/4 roll counterclockwise and then slid on the driver side for what seemed like forever. I remember the shoulder belt held my face about 6 inches from the asphalt that was streaking by the rolled down window - and all the sparks. Would have done a cheese grater on my head if I hadn't had it on.

Nice scabbard. I need to make one and that looks like a fine example to copy - I think I have a crumpled sheetmetal shelving thing that I can use for the sides. Still need to figure out how to hitch it to my machine, though. I use the ROPS about half the time, so on the top section won't work for me.
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I rolled my Bug when I was 16-rolled 4 times, landed on the wheels. Wasn't wearing my seatbelt, but managed to get up out of the ditch. I ended up with just scrapes and bruises, mainly to my ego. Doubt I'd be that lucky the next time.....Still remember how everything happened in slow motion, or so it seemed.

Ok, so I've learned my lesson the hard way, right? Not so fast, Bucky! A few years later I rolled my 64 Impala SS coming home from the dragstrp-once again, no seatbelt and more slow-motion. That time, ended up in the backseat upside-down. A few stitches in my head and wrist to remind me this time around.

That lesson seemed to take a little better. Apparently you do get smarter when you get older. I love my ROPS and seatbelt!

And then there were the other 9 lives I used up.....several other stories that didn't involve seat belts. I know I'm not alone, in more ways than one, but as I said, I've gotten a little smarter, or at least wiser.

Now it's time to look for the materials to build this scabbard. Very nice workmanship and design! I'm thinking of using knobs instead of
locknuts to be able to take it on/off quickly. Thanks for the inspiration, Short Game!

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The Kubota ROPS are particularly obnoxious, using 5/8 fine thread bolts to hold it in the raised position. Mine USED to have threads on the welded nuts that the bolts go through, but they seem to have disappeared somehow. Must be wear and tear I guess..;) the spring pins still hold the bolts in place, so it's safe enough anyway.

Takes me about 15 seconds to raise and lower the ROPS now, nice in the winter with cold wet hands.