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Mick gone a year ago he was 15. The little Yorke just two weeks ago he was almost 17. Truck seems empty now.
Hate to see losing two friends. Such sweethearts. Good dogs should live longer. Probably should outlive most people. They are such good friends and innocent and dedicated. nice picture.
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My puppies are always around. Sleeping on the couch, helping me sell implements... always around.
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Sleeping on the couch....
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My father-in-law once asked me, why do you like that dog so much. I said - it treats me so well. Then he said, well doesn't my daughter treat you ok. I said Sure. But if you want to know who really likes you, put your wife and your dog in the trunk of the car. Come back in an hour and see which one is glad to see you!
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I grew up with dogs,.... but none on the bed.
Was married for 34 years, dogs on the bed!
Have lived with a lady now for 21 years, is on the bed.
We have a queen bed, currently have a 75 lb. Lab, we really do need a king bed!
Lady Sadie (now 2) is a long girl, and really likes to stretch out!
And that, my friend, is part of the cycle of life. At it's best. Oh, by the way, we have a king bed. And the dog sleeps in the bed with us. But I am not sure it helps. Just gives the dog more room to claim before I get there. Ha
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Here is the reality with an ecollar.

See the dog licking his chops in the pic below? (brown coat).

Dog was going to be destroyed by the pound. For whatever reason, he's "odd" when it comes to bigger dogs than himself (other than those in our home). He was my neighbors dog, and I'll give the dog the benefit of the doubt and assume he was actually smarter than my neighbor (who has since moved, which I'm grateful for due to numerous reasons). Side note, dog was kept outside off lead 24/7. Within a couple of weeks he's never had an accident in the house, and he's crated at night.

I have another neighbor on the other side of me that lets his dog roam free. Those two dogs do not get along. Without an ecollar, I would not be able to control the situation on my end (with the brown coat dog).

Technically, I could shoot my neighbor's dog because that dog can spend more time on my property than my neighbors at times, but he's (neighbors dog) is really a good dog, it's just that these two do not get along because our neighbors dog doesn't "live" with us, and only visits coming onto our property which the "brown dog" is trying to defend as he now sees our land as "his turf"

With some dogs, no matter how much training, for whatever reason due to their past, they have odd issues that could become big issues down the road. This is where a ecollar shines.

I don't have the money or great "story" to have ceasar millan (sp?) to fly to us and come and make a TV show, nor with both my wife and I working 80 plus hours a week to try and spend time to understand exactly what is going on with this dogs brain to spend every hour trying to train him.

2 notes

1 - When we sell the house will spend big bucks to redo the kitchen LOL

2 - The cat's balls of steel keep getting bigger when he'd down in the kitchen and the dogs are eating.

That brown dog will be wearing a ecollar the rest of his life with us.

If you ever have a dog that you're giving hope on, I'd ALWAYS suggest to try an ecollar for behavior modification.

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any bets on the cat is thinking???