Good morning!!!!

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To the best of my knowledge, Honda never made a generator capable of unattended remote starting.
I once converted a GX620 to propane and made auto start controls for it.
The biggest challenge was a signal to tell it the start was complete. Oil pressure came up too quick, was there before start was complete, same with flywheel alternator output. Ended up using the output of the generator that it was running. That also locked out the starter if it was running.

That’s the long way of saying that it probably didn’t auto start.

I do believe you are correct, Paul
I bought this EU7W2 2-Wire start right after I bought the EU7000. Worked great when connected. Signal from my inverter to a 12vdc relay.

What’s currently frustrating is according to my memory once I relocated the Honda in proximity to my control box I anticipated a simple 2 wire swap. Maybe need to trouble shoot this module. Guess my relay coulda gone bad too. Oh well, I’ll figure it out eventually.
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Good Afternoon Drew,
Back in 1999 we vacationed at Sunset Beach, that was southern North Carolina ! Beautiful beach, loved it there ! Enjoy !

I had the Y2K tee shirt for many years ! 😉
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Good Afternoon Drew,
Back in 1999 we vacationed at Sunset Beach, that was southern North Carolina ! Beautiful beach, loved it there ! Enjoy !

I had the Y2K tee shirt for many years ! 😉
that's about 18 miles south, right at the SC/NC state line.
same turf

working on my crab cake ingredients. Going to take about a quarter of the crab and mix it in that clam chowder for tomorrow lunch.


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41F and overcast @ 14:15, calling for a high of 44F for the day.

Got all bird and critter food un-bagged yesterday and stowed in their respective containers. Found two dead mice in the can with the whole corn, didn't have the lid on tight.

Spent most of yesterday taking inventory of black pipe for heater gas line and measurements of the run of the line to the garage, and working up a BOM of the pieces/parts that are needed for the install.

Flexible gas line I got from my friend is actually too small (3/8) ... so going with black pipe.

Came up with 24' 8" of 1/2 inch line (in various pieces) and around 93" of 3/4" (single piece) currently in stock. Some of it is still tied into the existing house gas line but is unused ... so I'll need to shut off the gas to disconnect it and pull the line.

Very fortunate in that a number of pieces were just the right length for the places they have to go. Still need another 20' (two 10' pieces) which I put on the Menards order.

Will probably work backwards from the heater location in running the piping, hopefully only have to cut and thread one piece of pipe to tie it all together.

Made up and placed order for the pipe, fittings, 1 valve, and all the parts for the flue/chimney. That order is ready now.

Did not include the heater itself on that order, as I have 2 Menards rebate checks that I want to use towards paying for that and they can only be used "in-store", not on orders placed online.

Will head down to Menards Massillon here in a few and pick up the existing order and pay for the heater and pick that up while I'm at it.

After I get home Woman wants to give me a haircut ... so I'll at least look halfway presentable for the festivities tomorrow ... ;)

Hope everyone is having a decent Thanksgiving Eve Day ... (y)
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Water Buffalo was already empty when I hooked up to drag it over to the barn.

So really not much "winterizing" needed ... ;)

Enjoy those crab cakes ! ... :love:
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More comments from people she is working with. Some people said at the adoption that we would never have a chance to raise her to be a productive citizen. But I think we proved them wrong:

It starts home with good up bringing. (y)
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Watched the sale of my late cousins house online. It made the appraised value. They got a disclosure exemption for being an estate sale. I looked at all the paperwork.
Drove by my grandfathers farm today. Surveyors are there and corners are marked. Where they have the signs to hold the auction is a muddy mess.
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that's good news Mark and a cause for thanks giving.

rain is gone, I decided to do something worthwhile.
ran several loads of wash, mostly towels. Put too much laundry detergent in front loader. Sudsed up like mad. I took a pic...
got a SUDS error on the machine
I have to tell you, I've had a lot of error codes in my life
but SUDS is a first....
what a mess I made of that place, bubbles everywhere.
headed back to put in dryer. Had to run the towels twice they had so much suds in them, I was wondering if I was going to get another SUDS error.

I bet on the second SUDS error it sends a message to the office to come get some fool out of the laundry room


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