Good morning!!!!

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52 going to 71. Got several showers yesterday...foggy this morning.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms of the TBN family.

L4N, sorry to hear about your health episode. I hope you went to the hospital and will be okay. Prayers said.

Prayers for Thomas and Buppies.

Nice rainbow, Bupps.

Yesterday was more puppy training and play, but did manage to get an hour of mowing accomplished and a few small chores.
Stroke affected right side. Am typing this with my right hand now. I couldnt do this on Saturday. bp back down to normal.
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Caught up with postings. Had hoped to see one from Bill. Extra prayers he is OK.
It is a slow go right now. I already called work and told them about it. I am not waiting for the quack to pull my ticket. It is only fair the manager has as much time as possible to find a replacement. Not many drivers want to go 1000 miles away from home for 4 months. Babies.
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morning all, 54 going to 76 rain later.
Got the new plants planted.
Spent a few hours mowing. Forgot one area :unsure:
Will see if I can do that and get some trimming done before the rain starts.

Peach tree still shows no sign of life.....

L4N best news for a while-glad you went in and still with us. Prayers for a quick and complete recovery.

Have to call my brother and Uncle to solidify plans for visit to Dad/Uncle. I have little doubt my father is pretty lost. Can't be out there until August though, wish it could be sooner.

Be Well,

Looks like I have a better chance of finding life on mars vs. this tree.
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60 outside this AM, heading to upper 60's. Rain, again. And expected for the next 5 days....sigh...

Had a window of nice weather yesterday so we took it. Went running errands for the wife, then came home and yep...cut grass.

ZTR was a pleasure running full throttle. Only a few bruises as I was trying to beat the sunset. Managed to get about 99 percent of the grasses and fence lines done. ZTR died again as I was cutting by its parking place. I must have some contamination in the fuel system, again. Guess I need to inspect the gas tanks and drain the ZTR, again. I disconnected the fuel filter, which was half full, hint maybe?, and blew out the line back into the tank. That seemed to help. Started right up, normal choke and whatnot. Guess I need to do the fuel system thingy again. It's just so many parts and time consuming. I need to find out where the contamination originates though. The gas cans are obviously step one.

Today I think I'll work on the Milk House shower pan. Got the drain in and a nice seal of redguard (tm) over it. Yesterday moved some more cabinets, hung the heavy mirrors and got the lights back on in there.

Need to get more busy on that project.

Wifes letter that had been lost in transit in PA, certified mail, 25 days in transit, showed back up here. No explanation. Was going to MD. No explanation for that route or return either. It required a signature, did not happen either. We will hand deliver it ourselves sometime next week.


Hope all have a good day. Be safe.
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Good Morning
It’s 53° and sunny, supposed to cloud up with a good chance of thunderstorms by the time it gets to 70 this afternoon.

Yesterday took a long time to dry out, but I did get the mowing done, except for inside the pastures.
Here’s looking down the RC runway.


Grandson helped me load bags of grain into the barn, he dealt with the bags after I emptied them. He likes the doing anything that involves a motor and wheels. In this case it’s was the CarryAll. It has a governor on the transmission that limits ground speed which I have re adjusted to where the ground speed is now limited by the rev limiter on the engine.

His parents have a Toro Workman that is much slower, and he likes to go fast. I think that I’ll have to readjust the governor on the CarryAll before he starts driving it.

Today will start with breakfast with the professor, I think my daughter is coming as well. After that a friend is bringing his jeep over for me to evacuate and charge the AC after he replaced the compressor and condenser. Not sure what’s up after that.

Sorry to hear that Bill is in the hospital, but glad to hear that he got there and is recovering.