Good morning!!!!

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Still in hospital. I expect a week at least
Thanks for the update and glad you are getting care.

Nature can throw some curveballs so you just have to deal with what is thrown. In a related observation, I saw mom/dad geese yesterday. They are down to one gosling from the six that hatched. Sad to see that, although the one has at least doubled in size, maybe tripled.

We might hit a sunny 85F here today. Had an afternoon thunderstorm boomer yesterday.

Everyone have a great day !!!
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Rip, looking good, when can I move into the Milkhouse?

decided a good day to sharpen blades on mower, grease it, etc
seemed like it was noisier last time but might have been a plastic cover from the
leaf bagger vibrating. I really need to wear headphones while mowing.
otherwise quite the racket in my brain.

looks like I might need to push the little mower.
haven't been able to do that in a while.
will take it slowly but I need the steps and activity.

first I have to rake up the chunks of the stumps in front hurled all over
the place by the woodpecker
that bird is on a mission
now stumps are so ugly I really have to get rid of them.
before at least they made good holders for big flower pots.

Bill glad you have a smart phone and glad you have all your smarts to use it.
get better soon. You're tough, you'll get through this.

right about now the radiologist is writing up the report on my CT scan from yesterday,
determining my future to a small degree
just not in a rush to find out

radishes to pick and very hungry birds to feed. They empty three tube feeders in a day, lot of sunflower seeds.
no squirrels on them either plus one is truly squirrel proof. Just lots of birds which is nice.
time for me to go get them the good stuff, some treats for awhile.
I have to keep up with the Jones and their fancier feeders.....................
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Good Morning!!!! 51F @ 7:15AM. Cloudy skies early, then partly cloudy this afternoon. High 63F. Winds WNW at 10 to 15 mph.

Hope your move goes smoothly, Don. You already downsized when you sold your ranch, right?

Glad you're showing signs of recovery, Bill. Had an acquaintance that had a stroke while traveling in Thailand. Hit him while he was in bed. Got medical help right away and made a complete recovery. Have they given you any idea of when you'll start PT?

An older fella came by yesterday morning to pick up the cement mixer, but needed more drop to his trailer hitch to tow it. I scrounged around and found one with a couple inch drop, which just barely worked. I don't think the axle I welded to the frame was designed for over the road use, but he said he didn't have far to go. He was back later in the afternoon with my hitch, and to pick up the one he left "as collateral".

Not long after that I got another email from someone that wanted the paint sprayer, then another email from someone with the same last name but different first. I'd already told the first person I'd take $300, but didn't get a response, so when the second email came in I went back to the original $325 price. Half an hour later the second person showed up with $325. It would be nice if all the rest of the junk I've got for sale would go that easy.

In between I got the trailer unloaded and the front lawn cut. My fingers and arms are sore and stiff this morning from carrying all that metal to the back yard. Today I need to find space to stack or hang it in the shed, then unpack and put away the half dozen boxes I brought down this trip. Hoping to have time to swap the diode board on the zebra bike to see if that cures the charging problem.
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Good Morning,
Ct, 52 to start going to 78 or more ! Very sunny now with clouds coming in later today !

Bill, glad your back with us again ! Continuing improvement on your health !

Mike beautiful job using that reclaimed lumber ! Milk house looking great !

Phil nice work as usual!

RNG, congrats on the sale of cement mixer !
Got the drain by the pool finally installed, and so I will be calling to get the tanker loads to finish filling the pool !

Need some items at HD, so that and some weed wacking later today ! Just too much stuff to do this time of year !

Hope all have a good day ! 🙏