Good morning!!!!

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one of the most helpful things I take along on rv trips is my small Makita blower.
I love the shore but the sand tracked inside is a problem.
so I keep the steps blown off and it helps.
staying at Cape Henlopen park, which
looks like a lot of sand here, will definitely go for walk over to the Fort
I'm on Row D, over to right with hopefully a view of something

will be there Monday afternoon
my foodie friends from Milton DE are coming on Tuesday and we will have fresh fish on the barbecue
My job is to keep their wine glasses full, they are much better cooks than I am.

after cancelling that last trip, testing the waters here on a two day, 3 hour drive.
should be fine.

made appt with ENT for end of the month. And cardiologist.
will worry about them when I get back. Time to have some fun.

cape henlopen campgroundA.jpg
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this young couple are farming and videoing like mad.
She is very articulate and just believable.
Having planted row crops and waited for them to come up,
when "that first hint of green" is seen, like I saw today driving through
Solebury looking at the fields. The first of the corn was popping up.
Other fields still beige or brown, likely from Roundup waiting for Roundup ready beans or ethanol corn.

these folks pretty much represent the best of American values
they are dealing with flooded fields and tornadoes and they saw the Northern Lights which apparently futzed up some gps units.
oh to be young and be able to afford to do this.
if you don't inherit land, it's pretty tough to do if you actually want to make a profit.
If you don't care, and many don't, they just like the farm life, the tax deduction, the seasonal quality of life in general.

I bet Don is still discovering new stuff in his new house.
And all that redecorating to do, his wife will be busy.

David, not sure you have any other alternative but you have been remarkably patient.
Did they pressure test the fuel line, could a glob of gasket guck be clogging a line?
had that happen on an Olds Bravada; pick up tube in transfer case clogged from the beginning build.

From a customer relations standpoint, If I were LS, I'd be giving you a loaner on them. 2 months is simply an unacceptable amount of time for
a new tractor to be down. They should be flying a tech in, whatever it takes.
Thank goodness your wife has a tractor.
It appears your local guy just doesn't have the diagnostic aptitude you need.
at some point you have to start replacing lines, parts, something...
I think your aux fuel tank makes sense. Will eliminate the tank. Then you have to trace the lines forward, blow them out.
good luck

cleaning and testing your fuel injector is another good one to cross off the list.
would be nice if someone here in the LS threads could help you. I'm just lamely guessing
Yes, she has many nice videos.
Many of the high tech operations had issues with GPS enabled systems.
Just think of the disaster it would have been if these so called autonomous trucks were on the highways or autonomous tractors with highend expensive equipment out running around when that happened.
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Good Evening/Morning!

A quick read through sounds like most everyone is getting into a happy spring-> summer mood. We are already having mosquitoes and that dampens the joy of summertime a little bit.

Everyone stay healthy and well-fed! Prayers for those needing them and for Our Nation!
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Good (Friday) morning. Overnight Low of 10.3C and it's presently 14.7C, overcast a fairly calm. Chance of a wee bit of rain this arvo.

Dentist appointment was pretty much an in'n'out occasion. No problems, heck, she didn't need to 'scrape' anything so I must be doing everything right with what teeth I have left. 😁 I'll return in 6 months time.

Today I have a monthly Church/Parish Council meeting @ 1630.

That's about it, take care all.
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Got garden half planted. This year spaced rows 4 ft apart, may regret that as the weed block is 3 ft. In the past i covered everything (except potato, beans, and corn rows) and made holes for tomatoes, peppers, cantalope,etc., but this year put a solid new piece down between the rows, not overlapping.
Garden is 48 ft long, rows are 24 ft in short direction. First 2 rows reserved for 2 cantalopes. Only 1 tomato arch this year, only planting 3. rest of row 3 is 3 green peppers, room for her red pepper still in a pot. Row 4 is other end of tomato arch, then a 16 ft panel with pole beans. Tomorrow will plant 3 or 4 rows of potatos starting in row 5. Not doing corn this year. going to leave the former corn space to plant pumpkins later, if we don't forget. Few years ago I made the garden 5 ft longer on the house end, to bring it out to the end of the barn. Next year I will probably put grass seed in first 4 or 5 feet and shorten the garden again. Marked out 11 rows, so will plant 7 or 8.
wife wiped out the gourd plants growing from last years, but left a few in the far end in the pumpkin area.

And after I got home yesterday with the 6 new packets of pole bean seeds that my wife couldn't find anywhere (Lowes had them), I discovered about 10 packets left over from last year. This is the first year I actually planted according to instructions, 2 seeds every 4 inches, usually i just drop them in the row. Only took 2 packets to do the 16 ft panel, so I have 4 more packets left over..... Guess I could return them..

In 2018 I switched from bush beans to pole beans, using hog panels. much easier to pick.
2019 I switched to the heavier woven plastic ground cover, used to use the light stuff from costco, until it got so thin the weeds just grew under it and pushed it up. This year all new plastic. I used the old plastic under my gravel areas I put down for camper and behind the barn.
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64F and clear @ 22:30, heading down to around 61F for the low overnight. Clouding up later with rain coming in overnight.

High here today hit 81.1F, was hot sitting in the sun. LWS reports 0.11" of precip since midnight.

Didn't get any deck work or oil change done yesterday. Only thing I managed was to get done was another section of shelving set up, and plants on the shelves watered/fed and spread out further.

Woman did make a rhubarb cobbler however, which was the highlight of my day ... :love::

IMG_3261 copy.jpg

Today went better, got 15 of the Sunny Boy yellow tomatoes planted in the ground. Just 4 more to plant to make a full row:

IMG_3263 copy.jpg

Also got the 4 largest of the Trip•L•Crop indeterminate tomatoes planted under the new section of remesh trellis I put up:

IMG_3264 copy.jpg

All well watered in with Schultz Tomato Food and sprayed with water/peppermint extract to keep the critters off of them (along with the blueberry bushes and the rhubarb for bugs)

Root structure on the Sunny Boys was very good, Trip•L•Crop was fair I'd say.

Other than a few larger Crimson Cushions, most of the rest of the tomatoes need about a week or so to grow/develop further before I'll plant them.

Peppers still have a long way to go.

Probably do the cabbage and broccoli next.

Supposed to rain tomorrow morning and afternoon so it will be a few days before any more planting.

Hopefully get up to the shop tomorrow to work on the lift cylinder.

Hope everyone had a decent Thursday ... (y)