Good morning!!!!

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LWS reports 85F and sunny @ 13:30, calling for a high today of 87F. That one reported yesterday's high as being 92.1F ... :oops:

Possible I guess ... it was warm ... but not sure if it was quite that warm.

Got plants on shelves watered first thing.

Members of The Bug Patrol were on duty and keeping a vigilant lookout for any intruders:

IMG_3272 copy.jpg

After that I started the mowing down here around the house and got all that done.

Got the 2 suet feeders refilled.

Red rhododendrons are now in bloom:

IMG_3269 copy.jpg

Woman got back from eye doctor appointment/shopping as I was finishing up the mowing.

Her appointment went well ... other than the fact that She got a referral to have cataract surgery on both Her eyes. I guess that's good or bad, depending on how you look at it.

I then started working on making up some more cages for plants. The count was up to 22 or 23 completed by the end of the day.

During that we had an escape:

IMG_3273 copy.jpg

... which was very short-lived.

Thankfully, Squeak is skittish enough about being outdoors (with all the large kitty-eating monsters) it doesn't take to much to send her running for the door and shoo her back inside ... :LOL:

Got all the newly potted tomatoes and peppers moved around back to the shelves.

More insect netting and landscape staples ordered from Amazon, due in tomorrow.

Finished up the day by grilling some burgers The Woman made up along with Bush's Baked Beans. I had 2 and She had 1, very tasty.

Not sure what all we'll get into the rest of today ... WU reports temp is now up to 87F.

May fill up the Water Buffalo and do some watering.

If it clouds up enough may get some more vegetable plants in the ground.

Otherwise see what else comes up.

Hope everyone is having a decent Tuesday ... (y)
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One of my customers in British Columbia said their dump worked for decades without restriction. Small town. Then a new regulation required it be monitored by a live employee but fenced off and locked when not. People arriving at a locked gate with a load of trash would dump it in the woods instead of taking it back home. The small town had to buy a special truck and hire more people to go clean it all up.
and even the recycling bins are monitored by security, as you drop off items, containers etc. Recycling in free, garbage you pay by weight or bag
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I am giving some serious consideration to this Wallenstein chipper / shredder.

I think that it would work for my purposes, especially in cleaning up the wild-fire fuel (that Hydro recently left for me after a clearing of the lines). I'm in touch with the seller, and intend to check it out this week. Perhaps give a deposit and payments before picking it up. --- I have some bookkeeping invoices still in Accounts Receivables. We'll see.

suitable for 3" under, has gravity feed, honda motor, tow behind

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in my little corner we have a part-time "transfer station" open 10 -4 from Friday - Tuesday (closed on Stats) ... I need to coordinate my trips. there is also a metal recycling with free drop off 20 min away, open 24/7 (that is convenient ... drop stuff off on my way into town)
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One of the arguments in the case was buyers were forced to engage in transactions where the seller solely agreed to pay a certain commission, typically half of it to compensate the buyer's agent. Sellers are now prohibited from advertising any compensation to a buyer's agent-- none. That closed the door to how buyer's agents get paid. They can't work or provide service for free, so buyer's agents are now presenting contracts and representation agreements to clients before doing anything. Because of the new rules, this is what is required for them to be paid for services provided.

I expect many buyers to balk at signing a contract before taking the first steps. It is a big change. Some buyers, or many, will decide to go it alone. A bit of "wild west" in real estate. Probably a lucrative time to be a real estate attorney-- working on all the upcoming blown transactions.
I always saw that as the buyer pays the price they agree to pay for the sale, and then the seller pays the fee's that they agreed to out of the money they made. Once they settle, it's now the sellers money, and if they agreed to give 3% to the buyers agent, then it was their decision. It's just an accounting practice. What came first, the chicken or the egg.

this isn't just a real estate thing. everything.

A seller takes out an ad and sells something, ultimately the buyer paid for that ad, because they provided the funds.
You rent a house, you account for property taxes, etc associated with the house. The Renter ultimately pays.
Don't get me started on the number of times we pay taxes on the same thing over and over...