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Good Morning,
Txdon posted a while ago that he called Bird. He had a hard time explaining to Bird who he was.
Ron, that is very sad to hear indeed ! I had many pleasant conversations with Bird through the years ! One that I remember in particular was about Quantico ! He took some law enforcement courses there and he answered some of my questions when my oldest son was accepted by the FBI to serve as an agent ! He ultimately didn’t go that route but Bird was very helpful with his answers! Our prayers for Bird !! 🙏
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An "earthquake level" court decision recently came down that upended the real estate industry. This will affect every property owner who wants to buy or sell.

The agent you described seemed to have ethics violations all over. Glad you refused. But the old ways of walking into a RE office, informally hiring a buyer's agent to look at property or to write up an offer, are pretty much over. Expect to sign a contract now before doing anything. It's part of the negotiated court settlement.

The intent was to lower fees and commissions. That may happen. But a lot of buyers are going to get hurt by the more rigid formalities of hiring a buyer's agent for representation. Sellers are affected but not as much. Right now it is pretty much a mess.

Looks like all they did was transfer who pays the fees from the seller to the buyer. I'm not playing that game. I expect the for sale by owner to increase.
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Looks like all they did was transfer who pays the fees from the seller to the buyer.
One of the arguments in the case was buyers were forced to engage in transactions where the seller solely agreed to pay a certain commission, typically half of it to compensate the buyer's agent. Sellers are now prohibited from advertising any compensation to a buyer's agent-- none. That closed the door to how buyer's agents get paid. They can't work or provide service for free, so buyer's agents are now presenting contracts and representation agreements to clients before doing anything. Because of the new rules, this is what is required for them to be paid for services provided.

I expect many buyers to balk at signing a contract before taking the first steps. It is a big change. Some buyers, or many, will decide to go it alone. A bit of "wild west" in real estate. Probably a lucrative time to be a real estate attorney-- working on all the upcoming blown transactions.
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67°F and .28 inches rain.

Some piddling about yesterday.
My tractor tech says he is awaiting parts and will update after he has in hand. Progress.

Happy Hour just a small group of 7, but a good time.

Got an afternoon phone call that changed trajectory of today. My end of month dental will be 9m today. Major excavation to replace 40 year old fillings. Could affect rest of my day.

Small dinner at neighbors tonight.

Prayers for all
Be safe
Have a great day
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Pouring rain, here. 1.5" in gauge so far, but others around here have 4"+. Saw this guy in my back yard, with a hen just off frame to the left. Look at the field in the background. He just planted corn here over the weekend.
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Good Afternoon Ken,
Pool looks great Scotty.
Thanks Ken, the water looks pretty good but I’m confused by the filter pressure reading ! It usually starts around 20 lbs not 10 lbs ! Anyway we will let it run and see what happens ! 😉

I did put in the drain along the side of the pool so just in case we get another torrential rain storm we should be Ok !