How do you carry your chainsaw ?

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My home-made scabbards are mounted more-or-less vertically, but I can see how the clamping action on the Byte Tyte might be handy in horizontal or shallow-sloped installations.


I have a similar one mounted on the chute of my chipper.
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for what it's worth I adapted an Arctic Cat ATV chainsaw scabbard to my 2650. Works well. 20171206_163922.jpg
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Hi all...


This is really handy and I don't forget that it's in the bucket!

Take care,

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I built this box out of scrap angle iron I had laying around and some scrap wood. if I did it again I would have made it narrower by a foot or so. I have forks for the 3 pt as well as the loader. Having the ability to set it down near my work site and use the loader to stack logs etc works well for me. My tractor is an open station 5400 JD which is about the biggest tractor I would use in the woods. The box is 7 or so feet wide - the same width as my tires so I'm always bumping into trees but it works for now.
The other mod would be to move the saw holders more toward the middle of the box to keep them away from branches etc

I use the box for all kinds of general carry all type work around the farm, having the ability to drive into the shop and drop it with the saws etc on it and just grab it the next morning for more work is nice to.


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Another vote for SawHaul, vet happy with it.