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May 20, 2004
Big Island, HI
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Over the years I read with considerable interest (and some envy) the great tool box solutions posted as I've never been real happy with the minuscule offering on my Kioti CK30. While it's really nice to have tools for the tractor readily available, I find that I also need some for another project on the property, which ifI didn't plan before hand, means another trip back to the garage/tractor shed. As for tractor tools, I only need for minimal repair or emergency use. I'm finally working on a solution.

Solution came about primarily due to 2 unrelated events: 1 - I got a second tractor, 2 - the current holiday sale at Home Depot. So, here is my start on making up TWO toolkits that will remain with each tractor, behind the seat. These are softside Husky tool bags one set is orange for the Kioti, one set is red for the Case. One advantage to the bag concept is I can pick it up and place in the immediate work area versus trips back and forth.

Items in the bag so far:
6" Long nose pliers
6" Diagonal pliers
6" Linesman pliers
6" Groove joint pliers
6" Adjustable wrench
Folding knife
25piece sae/mm socket 3/8 &1/4 drive
19 piece 1/4 drive socket & driver set
7" Vise grip
10" Vise grip
8" groove joint vise grip
LED Flashlight
Rubber Mallet
Flat & phillips Screwdriver set
10" or 12" adjustable wrench
Small level
Electrical tape
Wire brushes

Known items to be added:
Duct tape
Flat bar
Tape measure.
Loctite thread locker
Various pins and shear bolts

Be happy to hear any suggestions. Some of the stuff above may never get used much and I may need other items.


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It looks like you will be ready for anything!!! :thumbsup: I like how you color-coded the two sets.
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I always carry a piece of chain, a tow strap, and work gloves with me on the tractor. Might want to consider them.
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Work gloves and bug spray, how did you get all that to fit. My tractor I carry only 4 things.

2 x 12" Crecent Wrench
1 x Deep Woods Off
1 x Work Gloves
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Be happy to hear any suggestions. Some of the stuff above may never get used much and I may need other items.

Very complete.

Perhaps you might need a combination open-end/box-end wrench of a size that fits in a tight location that the adjustable wrenches cant fit. Or a deep drive socket for any fasteners with long studs?
Otherwise, I think you've got it covered.

I've not used the tool bags. Are they tight enough to keep out rain? Is the material water repellant? I like the fact they are flexible and can fit behind the seat. I may have to look into those. I've been thinking about an ammo box but you've got me thinking another direction.

One other thing, perhaps a small cold chisel and a punch for removing broken pins.
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For snowblowing and road grading, which is the only time I'm not close to my garage and require tools on-board, I also use a soft bag to hold whatever tools I require. I received a free Bosch heavy circular saw bag from Home Depot with the purchase of a saw and from all accounts so far it is pretty close to water-proof. The bags handles loop over the 3-point top-link arm and the bag itself perches perfectly on the two lower arms. Works as expected, holds a lot of stuff, is easily assessable/removable, and doesn't make any noises. Won't win any prizes for ingenuity, fabrication, or install skill but does the job and the price was right.
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David, very cool. :cool2: Have you found yourself using one tractor more than the other?
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Thanks for the comments guys - they're great

Hopefully, the color coding will keep me honest. I'm really terrible like having 4 hammers ending up same place and none where I need one.:mad:

I have this one 10 ft rope with 2 snap links that has seen dozens and dozens of uses, mostly to to pull the wife's Craftsman mower when she sticks it. I usually wrap the rope around my ROPS. I think I need another. :thumbsup:

I do have a small length of chain on the DX wrapped around the FEL:, only used a couple times.

I leave the tow straps in the shed as I "used" to have to get my truck to pull out the tractor, guess I have another option now.:laughing:

You mean I shouldn't just throw my gloves on the seat:confused::confused::confused:

Not enough bugs to worry about bug spray :cool2: Maybe an extra hat though.

I initially thought 2 large crescents, but now am leaning toward either a pipe wrench or chain wrench to go with the each crescent. I also thought about the larger open end/box & sockets, but realized that is a higher level than I intend "in the field" I'll leave my bigger sets in the tractor shed.

My soft sided bags were 2 for $10 at the HD sale. As both tractors are kept under roof (but not totally enclosed) I'm less concerned about them getting rain soaked. Ammo box was always my 1st choice, but space not wide enough between seat and SMV sign, soft bag gives me the flexibility to "stuff it". But I also like the idea of moving the whole bag to the work area and digging for the tool there.

A chisel/punch would be a good idea.

Kinda wish I'd done this sooner :D

Brian - Mow mostly with the DX right now, but redid my drive for TDay with the CK and rake - love the HSL. See the Kioti forum as someone there wants one.
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Cell Phone. To call wife too bring out tools with golf cart. Not enough room on my tractor for that many tools.
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Cell Phone. To call wife too bring out tools with golf cart. Not enough room on my tractor for that many tools.

I use a set of Motorola walkie-talkies. Bought those for when I was in the crawlspace fixing plumbing, to yell at the wife to turn the water on or off. I keep one on the tractor especially when I'm out cutting trees, in case of emergency or if I need tools.

Nice tool setup, btw. I could use a few more things on board as I always seem to end up having to go back to the garage often. I find chains and tow straps to be my most used items, along with the trusty adjustable wrench.