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Sep 15, 2013
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I recently entertained the idea of buying a newer F150. I just wanted a newer version of the truck I have but with the Coyote V8.

My current truck is a 2003 extended cab with a 6-1/2' bed, 4.6 V8 engine, 3:55 posi rear, and factory tow package. It tows everything I have a need to tow with ease. It's coming up on 190,000 miles and the plastic pieces inside are getting brittle. I replaced the cup holder with a like new looking used one this year and it lasted 3 months and broke. The compartments on the upper console have broken a couple of times. I replaced it with a good used unit but the other day the glasses compartment lid broke the hinge. It still drives good and is comfortable but I don't like being afraid to open and use a cup holder or glasses compartment.

I found a truck nearby with all my boxes ticked with fairly low miles. 2019 with 25K on it for $37,995. Curious about value I plugged all the options into the "Build Your Own" calculator on the Ford web site and it came back at $38,600 for a brand damn new one. Then I plugged the used truck into NADA and it comes back saying the used truck is worth $38K.

Then I visit a couple of dealer sites and they don't have a single truck listed for less than $50K. What am I missing? Are the dealers all playing the 10-12 grand markup over MSRP these days?

At the end of the day I plan to fix the few items I have been putting off and drive my old truck till it won't go and then fix it again. I don't have many places I have to go since I'm retired. We have 4 vehicles between 2 drivers so I won't be without transportation.
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Used prices are crazy right now. I'm in Canada, so my prices vary from you, but I know all kinds of people right now that traded heir new truck after one year and keep ordering new ones for the next model year and they are MAKING 6 to 12 thousand on every trade up!! LOL I think covid got into people brains, LOL

I tend to wait until the employee pricing ten grand off before I buy new ones. But my salesman said you won't see that offered again for a while due to all the truck shortages.

I bought my 2020 F150 4x4 last Sept. XLT with 5.0 Coyote, 10 speed, supercab with 8 foot box, locking diff, trailer tow package with brake controller....all the options I wanted except heated seats and mirrors. Sticker was $53,000 and I got it for just under $39,000 with all the incentives and employee pricing at the time.


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Used prices have been insane for a good while (cash for clunkers didn't help) and worse over the last year to the point that buying new is the better option, usually. My 2019 GMC 2500 Denali Dmax is worth at least what I paid for it new these days for example. I find this to be nuts. Aggrevating the situation is that there are few/no new vehicles to be had around me anyway. The new car lots are fairly empty and the dealers aren't moving much price wise...Supply/demand. If the truck you have his salvagable for a while, I'd keep it until things stabilize.
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It is called "supply and demand". When there is more buyers than product, the price goes up.
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All the auto and tractor manufacturers are suffering from not only raw material shortages but also computer chip shortages. The chip manufactures are ramping up on high-end chips and processors but the low-end also has a low markup and being delayed or outsourced. The low-end is what auto and tractor manufactures use for the CAN buss systems. I'm betting that's the reason for some of the recent problems with autos and tractors--Unsolvable errors. Some may also be using reclaimed computers/chips that the new software doesn't like.

I would not be buying a new car, truck or tractor now for no amount of discount. At least not until the supply chain is up to date. That may not be until the middle of 2022 or for the 2023 models. Word on the street says maybe longer. Good luck on your new purchases.