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Nov 12, 2020
Pageland, SC
BX 1880 with FEL and canopy
To preface this, I will be using a 21hp White/Iseki 4wd diesel tractor with suitcase weights on the front. No FEL. It has been a great tractor, my dad has had it for probably 20 years now. He runs a concrete business, and now has a healthy Takeuchi skid steer, no longer uses the tractor much. He also has a zero turn mower and doesn't use the tractor and finish mower much any more. Soon I'll be building a shed and bringing the tractor over to my house. I have an acre of land. I have a lot of trees to keep up with, I am begining to become pretty particular about my sod, I will eventually have a little grading to do here and there, I have some irrigation to install and keep up with, and I move a lot of heavy items around by myself. I make creative use of trailer, dollies, hand trucks, truck bed, etc. I also have several projects where I will need to set fence posts. I would suspect for the next 5 years or so I'll be leveling and top dressing the lawn with a sand/OM blend.

That's just a back story on the types of things I'll be doing. No farm, cows to give hay, etc.

I'm just curious what 3 PH implements you all find the most useful. Even my particular needs aside.

I plan to get a box scraper, landscaping rake, subsoiler (to pull pipe with), forks, dirt scoop, and a boom pole eventually. Keeping my eye out for things used until I have a real NEED for a particular piece. At which point I would maybe buy new.

I will need to rent a sod cutter occasionally. I wonder if there is a 3ph sod cutter attachment? I haven't found any.

I also may rent a post hole digger. I have a 2 stroke gas one but tractor driven would be easy!

What have you guys found REALLY useful? Especially something you might not think about.
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Sounds like you have a good idea of where to start. :thumbsup:

Maybe a rear blade for grading? Possibly a small wood chipper for limbs?

Most of my implements I acquired over time based on needs. I would not have been able to foresee many of them. I would love a snowblower like I see some of the guys use here on TBN. But then I would need snow to use it. :laughing:
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Sounds like you have the bases covered. Not sure what tasks you're doing while "keeping up with trees"? On 1 acre? Can you burn (as in are you allowed to) brush piles where you are? If you're doing a bunch of tree limbing, maybe a chipper is a good idea (especially if zoning doesn't allow you to burn). I'm not sure you'll be able to rent a 3 pt post hole digger? At least I've never seen one for rent around me anyway.

With just a finish mower and a box blade, you could cover most of what you need to do.


If you really want a snow blower, buy a 6' woodmaxx with hyd chute and deflector controls, and I'll store it for you up here. Just have them drop ship it to me, and you can come up and use it anytime you want in winter.

Hey, I'm here to help.
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Some call them landscape rakes. But for the cost, those spring tooth grader-blade like rakes can't be beat for a variety of tasks. Make sure you get trailing wheels.
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Slim, if I walk outside in your weather I would shatter like a hot glass filled with cold water. :drink:
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I have many leland cypresses around the pool, and something like 10-12 other mature trees. Oaks, pecan trees, crape myrtles, and others.

The Lelands are countless in rows around the pool. A lot of trees to trim and keep up with. They are all 30+ years old. The Lelands will be nearing the end of their life soon. I'll eventually have to start dropping them and dragging them to the road for removal.

Some of the Lelands can be seen in the background of the second photo. The Google Maps photo is from before the house was in place. There are a few trees which don't show well on the Google Maps screenshot because that is from winter when they were bare.

I didn't think there is much tractor wise to buy to help maintain these, just though I'd mention it in case there's something I haven't thought of . I figure when it's time to start dropping them I simply drop, saw up, chain and drag.

I think Industrial Toys and I are talking about the same attachment when I say "Landscape rake". Spring tines. Simple attachment! The one I've used didn't have any gauge wheels, but after reading on this forum I think I want them on the rake, box scraper, and a grader blade if I ever get one!

I have a zero turn mower and think I can mow much better and more quickly with it than a mower behind the tractor. I cannot burn the brush/limbs/trees but I can pile it by the road and they haul it off. I drug a few with my truck when we poured the driveway.

I do a lot of woodworking, and always seem to find myself moving heavy furniture or other things by myself. I have a tilting 6x10 trailer, dollies, hand truck that I use but I hope to use the tractor to help with that.

I've seen a "Titan" scissor lift attachment for a 3ph that allows a higher lift that I've thought might be useful for me. Maybe even with a dirt scoop.

I swear I've seen a post hole digger attachment for rent, but maybe not. Idk if I'd use it enough to buy one.
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Here is the landscape rake I've borrowed and used some. I'd try to find something like it. Screenshot_20201116-135223.jpg
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If you're not planning on having a FEL in the foreseeable future then you might want to consider a dirt scoop. If your priorities needs one.
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A dirt scoop is definitely something I want to get. That, box scraper, and rake are probably top 3.

Also, it rarely snows here in SC. I can't remember the last time we even had more than a dusting. So a snow blower definitely won't be needed!
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