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There really is little leverage against a larger corporation. If you have a good dealer that will work with you that is the main difference.
And that's all you need. If they value you, they make it right.
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Wow-another of those the threads that bring so many of those seldom posters to the mix!
About the electrical issue-anybody remember the Plymouth/Dodge Omni/Horizon wheel bearing failures stemming from poor grounds?
Good Luck All!
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I'm thinking this is a quality problem. I'm not trying to brag up a different brand, but here is a photo I took two minutes ago of the bucket fittings of my tractor. It's a 2016 tractor that was used only for salt spreading and snow removal before I bought it two years ago. Severe duty! You can see the rust on the green painted parts, but please note two things: 1) The black painted steel hoses to the bottom left... They were dealer replaced just before I bought it as they were severely rusted, and 2) The lack of corrosion on the original, stock, plated hydraulic hose fittings.


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Yes, the condensation on the painted steel is indicative of salt residue that collects moisture depending on the dew point. Even in a heated garage condensation can form on surfaces if the dew point is not in your favor. We like to blame failures on imports, are those same products suffering failures in their home countries? As potential owners we are tasked to obtain the provenance of goods purchased. Are we buying from reputable individuals?
Try parking indoors in a heated garage

Look at the condensation on your painted steel...this is an owner issue, not a K issues the condensation on the painted steel
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Wow, a lot of posts, thanks for input!

I do not use anything on the tractor other than filtered house water and car wash soap... I shouldn't have too, it's brand new and doesn't see livestock, road salt or anything corrosive. No caustic degreasers or special solvents. I've litterlly washed it maybe three or four times. In the original photos I took, that was and oddly warm humid morning in the beginning of May, everything had condesation on it. The barn I stored it in over the winter gets quite good airflow as one side on bottom level and one on the second story is open.

To reiterate, I have a bunch of other equipment in the same space that does not exhibit this corrosion.

The corrosion is the worst on the hydraulic parts. Most of the zinc plated parts on the bucket and backhoe only show slight white oxidation marks. Under the cab and by the FEL connections are the worst. Under the cab, I don't think the dealer installed a painted 3rd function valve, there isn't a spot of paint on it. I'll be asking them to fix that along with the FEL connections.

I don't think this is galvanic corrosion, or at least not yet. It really looks like the tractor was exposed to something that didn't wash off, in combination with poor plating. I will update the post when I hear back from the dealer. Thanks again.


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I read many of the comments at least through page 5 and if this has been said after page 5 forgive me.

I have three Kubotas and live about 20 miles from the Atlantic Ocean in South Carolian, really just west of Myrtle Beach. We lost a weather sensor to the salt in the air is what the company said. My oldest Kubota was purchased in Oct of 99. Nothing like yours on it nor the other two tractors. I agree with many who say it looks like salt damage. At my distance from the Atlantic Ocean salt damage is not talked about. I don't believe it is an issue at 6 miles inland either. Never heard it mentioned and I have worked with many in the HVAC business over the years.

The recommendation to open your air conditioner for your house to see about corrosion on is a good idea but save the time and talk with the people in the HVAC business. I believe if this is normal in your area A/Cs would not last real long.

I would seriously look into Kubota insurance. Think it covers a loss for any reason.

I have a Volvo excavator that is on at least it's fourth failed computer. It is about 20-25 years old. It is open station with roof and think two mechanics have basically said it is not sealed as it should be. We are in process of replacing the computer with regular switches and parts. slow but will be worth it. Also, will not buy another Volvo as much as I like the machine due to how often have had to replace it. Rather costly, I think.
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I think the dealer washed your tractor and has caused this. I would go there and ask some of there customers if they have this same problem.
They could have sprayed some de-greaser or cleaner that has caused this problem. I'm sure new inventory is cleaned up prior to delivery. Maybe someone made a mistake by spraying your tractor with a cleaner that isn't designed for that type metal. I'm sure the guy detailing new equipment is the new guy.
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This is interesting. I am also in So NH. We have a BX 23 bought in 2005. Ours is garaged. I also have a front mounted snow blower which is 10 years old. Ours has NO corrosion compared you your 4760. I am 2 miles from MB Tractor dealer in Plaistow, NH. I really like this BX unit and have 2100 hours on it. Perhaps trying an automotive washing liquid might help. Also we spray some fluid film on some areas. I just looked at our connections and have zero corrosion that you are experiencing. As mentioned perhaps your water supply might be a culprit. We have well water here and have no issues.
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Wow, I've had my L6060 since April 2021. Just took a look at it and not a spot of rust/corrosion anywhere. Lots of dirt, but no rust on fittings or elsewhere, same with my BH92. I'm in central New Jersey probably same distance or less to the shore than you, depending on where you live in NH.
Same here with my 2018 L6060 & BH 92 hoe. No corrosion at all. I keep my equipment in a steel pole barn and do see some condensation but it causes no problems.

Do you wash the tractor with water from a home water softener? The salt used in the appliance can sometimes cause corrosion, especially if it isn't adjusted properly.
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I'm still waiting on the dealer to get back to me. For those that ask about my water, it's just well water that is filtered, no water softeners. None of my other equipment (JD zero turn, fail mower, vehicles, dirt bikes etc) show any signs of corrosion like this, they have been stored and washed in a similar manner, and are years older. It is/was something specifically on this Kubota.