1. D

    Loose hose on Kubota B7500

    Hello - I have a Kubota B7500 HST and there is a loose hose coming out of the injector closest to the gas tank. Please see picture. I can't find where it needs to be reattached. I assumed either back to the injector pump or possibly the gas tank. This is a small rubber hose, not the metal hoses...
  2. E

    Kubota M9960 Muffler Sensor

    The Kubota technician read the ECM and said I need to replace the Exhaust Gas Temp Sensor 0 (zero), Black. The Kubota parts site says it is Sensor (Thermo,0) Black; 1J500-18500. I think I can order one online and do it myself. Can I expect the check engine light to then go off, tractor be able...
  3. N

    Kubota rtvx1130

    Hi folks Excited to be signed up for our first UTV. Money down on a shiny new Kubota RTVX 1130. We are pioneering rocky escarpment country here in North Australia. Been here 14 years -still building the homestead 🤣 I have been running a Mahindra 5035 tractor these last years and it’s proven...
  4. R

    Leaking hydraulic oil from front axle

    I have a Kubota 2380 leaking all the hydraulic oil from a spot near the front axle, circled in red on my picture. I'm trying to find what this part is called and how I can repair it. I'm looking in the manual and on forums/youtube and cant find anything yet.
  5. H

    Kubota L285

    Kubota L285 Starter solenoid clicks, is this an easy fix? BTW I have or 15 different attachments for this tractor.
  6. W

    Kubota TLB L4701 HST

    I am selling my 2015 Kubota L4701 with 270 hours of use. The tractor has a FEL and sub frame backhoe. Everything is in excellent condition, but I am moving South and will need a 75 to 125 HP tractor. The tractor has served me well and will continue to work for decades. The tractor includes two...
  7. J

    Rotary cutter to quick hitch bushing question

    I have a Kubota L3560 and a Land Pride RFC2072 rotary cutter. Last year I had it mounted directly to my three-point hitch but this year I'm attempting to use the quick hitch that came with my Big Tool Rack. The default pins on the cutter are (I believe) Category 1. I've added some shims /...
  8. radams45

    Kubota b6100

    Tracter started up fine for months. I have been using jumpbox because to cheap to buy battery but in 2 seconds it turns right over strong starter. Today hookedup jump box and it beeps as if it's connected wrong which I know its not. Bad ground maybe?
  9. L

    Kubota L305D

    I just bought this thing and after about 5 min of brush hogging I have a red idiot light on. I am not sure what it is. It is on the left side of the rpm gauge. Oil light maybe? Low oil pressure, temp or level? Oil level was fine. Any help would be appreciated. I cant find an online shop pdf...
  10. Tractoraddict1

    Kubota transmission failure

    I wanna introduce myself, I have a small acreage on Vancouver Island. My 1970ish Kubota L225 has finally quit on me. To be precise the transmission has quit. I have owned for about 15 yrs and have only ever had two forward gears,(4 if you use hi/lo) and reverse. Now it’s finally quit. Does...
  11. Bansil

    The lets build a cage for our kubota B2601...

    So next project is going to be some protection from falling limbs, branches and to help protect me when I flop her. (Not if.... I have rolled and flopped too many vehicles to not do it eventually) 🤪 This may be slow, but this thread will keep me motivated to get it done in a few weeks...
  12. W

    Kubota Stalling

    My tractor after 2-3 hours of cutting idols down as if someone turned the throttle down. It will run this way a while. and then return to full throttle. It repeats this action over and over. What would be the first and second thing check.
  13. roncut

    Kubota f3990

    Pumping oil out front left axel bering seal
  14. radams45

    Kubota f2400 startting issues

    New here guys. I own a kubota f2400. When I try and start it the starter just clicks once in awhile it'll turn over for a quarter of a second. Any way I can maybe bypass it? I get the idea behind it I just don't know exactly how to do it what points I touch to bypass.
  15. G

    Kubota RCR-72 Blades

    Hi all I notice the blades from my old finishing mower have been discontinued - 70050-93168. Our dealer actually have some on the shelf but want over $800 for the set, I know their valuable but not that much. On one Kubota dealer site it lists a 70050-93169 as a blade as well but I can't find...
  16. MutantGenepool

    Kubota D1105 Head.

    G'Day, Got a problem with a air leak into the coolant. No coolant is getting into the oil. The water pump and thermostat chambers slowly fills up with air and then over heats because the pump push water. I've installed a new head gasket. The reason for the pic is just to show the gasket mark on...
  17. S

    Kubota 3450 Owners, Clutch

    Hi. Does anyone see a way that some lube could be applied/sprayed onto the throwout bearing without splitting the tractor? The clutch is working fine but the bearing is dry. I can hear it coasting down when I take the tractor out of gear, release the clutch, and turn the engine off quickly. It...
  18. Mullered99

    Kubota Plough

    Hi, I have recently bought a Ransomes TS59 3 furrow plough after being told that my Kubota L2421 would comfortably handle it. My tractor has a Cat 1 hitch and I think the plough is probably a Cat 2. If I modify/make an adaptor frame will the tractor plough with it or should I start again? Thanks
  19. B

    Which Kubota

    I want a 60-70 hp 4wd Utility tractor. Something built a little heavier than the usual compact. Think I want a wet clutch too. What Kubota models should I look at? 15 years old max.
  20. D

    New Kubota Corrosion

    Hello All, I have been reading a learning a ton on this site. Thank you to all who contribute. I have a 1 year old Kubota 4760, 2022 model delivered in May of 2023. I am appauled by the corrosion on all the silver plated hardware. The tractor has 55 hours on it, and is kept either in my garage...
  21. D

    Top link/side link wrench for Kubota etc 3 point hitch adjustment

    This wrench is for adjusting the top link or side link on a Kubota 3 point hitch. It's made from 1045 tool steel and has been hardened and tempered. I needed to make this wrench for my own Kubota L3901, and since the tool worked so well, I wanted to see if others would find it useful. $19.95...