New Kubota Corrosion

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I havent read all the responses so maybe its been motioned already but it may be possible that your machine was exposed to road salt during transportation to the dealer and never properly rinsed off. Ive seen that happen with vehicles and trailers that were transported on open trailers.
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I haven't read every post, but it does look like salt damage. Do you happen to have a water softener and when you wash the tractor, does the water you use got thru the softener? If so, there might be a problem there. You could have been washing the tractor when the softener went thru a re-gen and you got salt water that way. Just a thought.
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I don't think this is galvanic corrosion, or at least not yet.

Why not? You’ve washed off whatever may have been on it multiple times and you don’t have the same problem with any other equipment in the same conditions. I’d take apart, clean and reconnect all grounds. And think about installing a battery disconnect because finding the short can be hard. And even if all your connections are good, you could be picking up stray current through the ground, so maybe rest the loader on a wood block instead of directly on the ground if you have any buried lines nearby.
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Try parking indoors in a heated garage

Look at the condensation on your painted steel...this is an owner issue, not a K issue
Seriously, a heated garage for a tractor? Not many of those around.
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Your dealer should file a case with Kubota under the tractor's corrosion warranty. They should be familiar with it.