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Sep 23, 2001
Southwest Va
Deere X758

I'm excited. I've been "tractor-less" since we moved to Town 2 years ago. I went from 10 acres and a 3720 cab to about 1 acre and hiring someone to do everything. This was nice for a few years but recently, I've gotten the itch to take on some of this work myself. It is the last year the kids will be home and then Mom and I will just sit around and argue, so thought it might be a good time to make a move with all of the incentives this fall and have something to work with since we'll have all of this time on our hands...

X758 with 54" deck
7bu bagger
front blade
25 gal electric boom sprayer
125lb electric spreader
48" plug aerator

Should be ready by the week of Sept 27th.

Later I may add the 3pt and PTO to take care of some small land work for my parents (maybe rough cutting and garden work for them). And I plan to build a small 3pt carry-all for moving mulch bags and such around.

I have a few questions for the experts:

1) I've been told more than once to not use the wash port on the deck. Makes sense to me.. Hot bearings and cold water and such. However, will be keeping the machine in the basement for now and don't want to stink up the place. So from your practical experience, should I use the wash port or not?

2) I'm on the fence about the front DE-thatcher (I know, Deere calls it a thatcher but I think that is what my mower creates, and I need to DE-thatch it). If I have the plug aerator, do you feel I still need the dethatcher? How many of you have both and can make a recommendation?

3) Is the front quick hitch and mid-mount mower attachment compatible? Meaning, can I have both on at the same time? If so, since I have the front hitch, I might try to fab up something to attach the dethatcher to that instead of buying that manual-lift frame. What are your thoughts on that? Doable or not?

4) Finally, does anyone have the mulch control kit? I like the idea of it, if it works in practical experience. The dealer told me they've been available on the commercial zero turns for a few years. They work ok, but some operators don't like them in the early spring because the wet grass will plug up the door mechanism and it won't work very well. I plan to bag some, when the grass is tall, in the fall with the leaves, or if we are expecting guests and want the yard really clean. However, most of the time I just want to cut and go. Seems like this is an ideal way to handle this. But I'm concerned the mulching blades won't pick up and move the grass to the blower as well as the traditional blades. What are your thoughts on this?

Thanks for any advice!

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Sounds like a great collection of "big boy toys" I don't see mention of the auto connect feature above - not very expensive and one of the features I really like, even if not often used. Personally I'd go with the 60" deck, but will assume your choice is based on your own needs / preferences. I don't tend to use the wash port. Unable to answer any of you other questions.

Good luck / have fun.
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I prefer to blow my deck and tractor off with air pressure. Keeps it dry and easy if done after EVERY mowing.

Wish you well. You will spend more hours switching around attachments than you will spend behind the wheel of the X758 on just one acre. ;) But it will be fun and something to do.
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Congratulations! 4WD and diesel...I believe. Great purchase. I am looking and "need" maybe an X590...but trying to "rationalize" why I need an X758. :)

My real problem is I also need/want a heavier 30hp+ CUT to work on my 120 acres of woods and trails, etc.

Enjoy your new Deere! Pictures and report need to follow...TMR
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Thanks guys
Yes went with 54" due to small size of lawn. I had read some mixed reviews of the autoconnect on the 700 series. Maybe it works ok but I did skip it because I won't be removing the deck very often.

Have a compressor and may drop a line right by the door to do that very thing.

Oh yes, should have mentioned in my first post, this is WAY overkill. I know that. I had a 455 in a prior life and liked the diesel/shaft drive/dual valves/etc. Honestly, I could get by with a push mower and a few more hours. Better exercise for me and the price would be less than the blade on the 700. But what is the fun in that?? Plus it will give my neighbors something to laugh at when they see me out there...

I went through the same thing on the x500 series. They would fit my needs MUCH better. I convinced myself the added resale value, the 0% for 60, the "upgraded" features that I just prefer was enough to send me over the edge. But again, who am I kidding but myself...

Thanks again.
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Good, sound reasoning.. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I found a cheap air blow gun with a 2' extension tube (item #68257) very handy for blowing off dust and grass debris.
I bought a second one because I didn't think the first one would hold up long, but after 15-20 years... still going and the spare rests in a drawer.
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Thanks guys
I went through the same thing on the x500 series. They would fit my needs MUCH better. I convinced myself the added resale value, the 0% for 60, the "upgraded" features that I just prefer was enough to send me over the edge. But again, who am I kidding but myself...

Thanks again.

I like your thought process. Basically did the same thing with my X739. Gave them a few $$$ down and $200 / month for 60. It was like getting a free mower, because I don't even miss the $200.
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Don't use the wash port, water plus steel equals rust. I blow off the top of the deck (and the whole tractor) with the air hose after every mowing and usually remove the deck every couple weeks to scrape off any build up underneath. That's the nice thing about the auto connect, it makes it relatively painless to remove and maintain it. A Deck Dolly is also nice to have for tipping the deck up for maintenance or storage.
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I bought a set of these: RhinoGear EZ Lift Rider Ramps - 500-Lb. Capacity, Model 11935: Automotive

The link is to Amazon but you can get them at Lowes/Mills/Home Depot and other places. I just pull the front of the tractor up onto them and then blow everything off with compressed air. They work pretty well and let you get to the underside of the deck fairly easily. Maybe twice a year I pull the deck off and flip it over to clean it really well but with the ramps I can get under the deck and keep it clean after every mowing just using my air compressor.
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Thanks everyone for the thoughts, advice and replies. Number 1 is certain taken care of with some good ideas. I'm anxious to get any thoughts on the dethatcher and the mulch control for the deck. The mulch control is fairly new on the market for this application. If no one has any experience with it, I may get it just to see how it works and then report back. Will certainly be next year before I can give any kind of useful report, but that is my thought right now.

On the dethatcher, I'd like to make a move on that pretty quickly just so it can be delivered with the machine. The dealer I bought from is over 2 hours away but beat my local dealers pricing by a good bit and his delivery fee is minimal. However, to get a good discount on the dethatcher I need to purchase it with the machine if at all possible.

Thanks again!
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