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Here is an idea to hydraulically raise and lower your thatcher.


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Here is an idea to hydraulically raise and lower your thatcher.

That's on my to-do list. I have the aerator. Just trying to find time to build the cylinder part.
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Thanks for the info on the thatcher lift. I found something similar in another search. Originally I was going to modify it to attach to the front quick hitch. But what you linked above will be a lot easier and I'm sure will work better. I'm debating on using cables to lift instead of a slotted bracket. Just to ensure there will never be any down-pressure.

Thanks again
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Hi Chris,

I have a 2013 X758 with 2013 54HC deck and also have used the BM23977 mulch kit from day one.

This mulch kit BM23977 (no discharge possible) is not very good for me as I frequently have to change over to discharge. I do not want to discharge on my front lawns but I do want to discharge on the larger rougher and longer grass areas.

It takes too much time and is too much trouble as each time I have to remove the deck, flip it over, clean out debris and remove the deflectors. It is a real pain.

The new BM26300 is perfect as you can switch from no discharge to discharge in one minute. There must be many users existing pre 2015 54HC decks who want to have the long awaited BM26300 kit. But JDeere states that it can only be installed in 54HC decks from 2015. But that is probably only true if one is unable to make small adaptions.

So how did you get on?

If we can get a blueprint/template of the current 54HC deck showing the exact position of the holes now added for the BM26300 we I can compare it carefully with our deck and decide if we can easily drill any additional holes required for the BM26300. From the BM26300 installation instructions which I downloaded I think that 3-4 extra holes are needed but I also need to know the exact positions.

Keen to hear if you solved it with your dealer or by yourself. Kind regards from far New Zealand where the BM26300 has only been introduced just now.

Anyway do not buy the BM23977 if you want to change over often form non-discharge to discharge.

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Very sorry for the slow reply!! I was not aware of the 2015 and up limitation on that mulch control. But you are correct, that is what is stated now regarding it. It bolted up to my deck with no issues. All the holes were already in the deck stamping. Took about 30 minutes to install. Works great. Very simple to switch between mulch and discharge. I ordered it online, found a discount code and it was shipped to my door for free (or in the included price :)) .

My guess is, if you really want it, you might could purchase it and use the actual parts to mark on the deck where the holes are required and then just drill them. However, perhaps, the shape of the deck has changed slightly and it will only fit a 15 and up model. I can ask my dealer when I stop by soon and will let you know what their opinion is.

You have a most beautiful country. Certainly on my dream list to visit.

Take care!
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Hi Chris, better late than never. Thank you for your comments and good to hear that the BM26300 mulch control works well.

I really would appreciate if you could ask your dealer if I can fit the BM26300 in my 2013 deck by just drilling the required extra holes.
My deck has part number AM142196. The 2015 and up decks have part number AM145834. If the shapes are equal and if the difference is only the few extra holes for the BM26300 it should be possible to make the adaption.
Perhaps the dealer can push JD to release instructions/information how to fit the BM26300 on the AM142196 decks, that would boost the sales of this mulch control device and make many JD customers very happy.

I cannot do much here for the time being as the dealers do not yet have all information of this new mulch control. We are always the latest here at the bottom of the planet!!!

Look forward to hear the result,

And yes, do try to visit NZ in your winter when it is summer here (best time November - April).

Kind regards, Edward
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I like it but there is much virtue to the 1 series tractors vs the X700 series in price, size and capability .
A Pto generator would work on there nicely for power outages . Should be able to carry at least 12Kw and maybe 15Kw depending on flywheel HP vs Pto HP.
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Thank you Edward.

I will pass this along to a local dealer and see what they think. Should be able to get by there within a week or so, and will let you know what they say. I hope we can determine it will work for you because I love mine.

Yes, the 1 series are certainly more bang for the buck. No doubt. I just need a lawn mower for about an acre and wanted liquid cooled/shaft drive/HFWD. When I went this far, why not get the diesel. Did I need it? Heck no! But I wanted it and it makes me happy.

Yes, I'm sure the X series or the 1 series would pull a genset nicely. I think both are rated about the same HP, so I assume the PTO HP would be similar. Just adding the PTO/hitch to the X series makes it harder to justify. Might want to just get an auto start/transfer standby genset if you have propane or natural gas. In years past, I ran a 10KW with a 425. The electric clutch made it difficult to start the genset but once started, it pull it pretty good for a 2 cylinder gas engine. Had some pulsating cycles that I suspect was from the uneven firing of the 2 cylinder engine that the diesel would not have.

Have a great day.