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Aug 3, 2017
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I am thinking of buying a space heater to heat add some heat after the wood stove cools down. (before I awake)
It will only be a 1500 watt heater. Anyone have any ideas. The room where my wood stove is in is pretty large.
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I have such a heater. Mine is called Aloha Breeze, is two temperature (1300 & 1500W) with a variable thermostat and built in fan. It runs on 110V. I recently had it plugged in for an entire month in my unheated basement to keep some pipes from freezing and saw my next electric bill go up by $100. As soon as I saw the bill I realized I had forgot the heater was on and went down to unplug it.

Generally my basement stays in the mid 40 deg. F but the PVC piping to the house runs along an outside wall in one area and has frozen during real cold spells.

The good thing for you is with a themostat controlled electric heater it won't come on until the wood stove goes out and the room temp drops to the point the heater kicks on. The bad part is I don't think a 1500W heater is going to do much in a large room you mention.

I actually have two electric heaters (the 1500 and an 1800W) and usually only use them to load test small generators.


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Whatever you get - don't leave it on when you leave the house. Guy down the road lost his entire house to a stupid overheated space heater. Fortunately - nobody was hurt.
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We have a 3500w inverter reverse cycle aircon and wood heater, it is quite efficient and we use it when we need a warm room and are not going to be home for long or when we get up.
About 5 minutes gets the room comfortable and is enough to keep it warm while the wood heater gets going.
It is a lot cheaper to run than a small heater as the air circulation is much more efficient and gets the job done in a very short space of time whereas a space heater will take a lot longer and run up the power bill.
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I like oil filled heaters. They take awhile to get up to heat, but they put out steady heat after that. Not much worry about setting something on fire. Granted, no instant gratification.... but fine by me. I have three in a closet for backup heat if my furnace goes out. Along with a gas kitchen stove and a ventless wall heater. Use one of the oil filled early in the fall and late spring when the furnace is shut down for the season.
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The money you spend keeping the room warm after the fire goes out might be better spent with insulation or other methods to extend the time that the wood stove stays warm, since this is going to be a continuing issue. Is there a way to shrink the size of the room, increase the burn time on the stove, or go to a larger stove, or better efficiency stove? Just my thoughts, as I hate to see you use a space heater that isn't really large enough, or if it is, won't be cheap.
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Drink a couple of cups of tea just before bedding down. Then throw a couple of fresh logs in the fire when you get up to go to the can, three times.

Thinking outside the box here. I know when i get up in the early morning, the stove is still throwing some heat, and the house is well insulated, so that the temp doesn't get below 65 till that evening.
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Why not do what I do, get up in the middle of the night, add some wood to the stove, take a pee and go back to bed. I wake up and roll over about every 2 or 3 hours anyway. I fall asleep faster on an empty bladder so another plus. If it is a nice night take a whiz outside even better.

I despise paying utility bills. Our power comes from hydro dams paid off eons ago but we still pay much more than we should. So I pinch on the electrical usage for spite.
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Oil filled works well. I have used a DeLonghi for about 20 years to add supplemental heat and it still works. If you get one make sure it really has a thermostat if you need it. Most just have adjustable power level.