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Don't know if it would work or not, however, when we had car hubs that wouldn't come off, we'd loosen the lug nuts a bit, then drive the car around the block. It would almost always pop the hub free. Just don't loosen them too much or you can damage the lug bolts. Anyhow, something to think about.
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I noticed a picture of someones 422 hubs.. they look like they are little thicker. I am a little worried about putting to much pressure on mine with the wheel puller. Don't want to bend or warp them and create more problems. Great suggestion Moss, I will have to keep that one in mind as a last resort.
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Personally, if you have put PBlaster and heat on it and are still can't get it loose, I'd go with with MossRoad's excellent shade tree suggestion before wailing on it with a wheel puller. You'll get impacts and stress to help break it free. Just don't have the lug nuts more than merely loose.

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Since heat makes things expand, have you tried CO2 to chill down the shaft and hub?

We used to put bearings in the freezer, and they slid right on the axle shaft, so there must have been some shrinkage there.

Bags of ice or whatever.
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I'll try that trick too if it continues to give me trouble.. Thanks... J.J.

Hopefully installing my new garage door opener doesn't take up too much of my time this weekend. I hope the new tracks and motor fit right and I don't have to take it back and exchange it for another brand.. I wanted to spend my time working on old Red....
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Thanks cqaigy2 ... I have already tried that but I will be trying that again along with some other suggestions .. I agree with Peter this machine has low hours but it is a 97... It's old and the hubs have never been off so it's going to take more of an effort to break them free..
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OK installed my new garage door opener torsion springs etc .. So I finally had about an hour tonight to work on the PT.. Tried almost everything, heated until it smoked along with the wheel puller and banging on it with a large hammer, PB blaster.. I now have bad nicks in the outer edges of the disk from using a very thick steel rod and hammer.

This hub is really on there.. Starting to get a little annoyed.. Guess it's time to try Moss's suggestion and hook up the wheel, leave the castle nut slightly loose maybe an 1/8 of an inch and drive it around the property carefully.

Makes sense that it might pop off.. I just hope I don't do any other type of damage in the process. Think I will wait for Sat..
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Must have missed that one... ??