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Yeah, its something about heating up a part and melting bees wax on the seam, the wax is supposed to find its way into the parts and loosen them. It might be more for threaded parts.
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I plan to give this bad boy my best shot a few more times this weekend, if I still can't free the hub..

I may just cut the shaft off and order a brand new motor.. Hopefully it won't come to that.. but time and rust has really frozen this part in place.

Thanks for all the advise from everyone...
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It will come off. Don't destroy the motor over this. It will come off. Heat and wax a good combo, but you got to get the whole shaft hot enough for the wax to wick all the way. Bigger gear puller would be my solution.
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I plan to stay with it.. I'll try the wax suggestion too. I have all day tomorrow to work on it. Thanks for the encouragement..

Called Terry this AM waiting on a price for a rebuild and for a new motor.. Would like to buy a new one and save the old one for a spare .. Depends on how much he wants. I know I could go to a hydraulic shop and see if I can get one cheaper but for the first one think I will stay with Power Trac and go from there..
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I'll shoot a few in the morning ...
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OK guys

Thanks for all of your help.. I hope the remaining three motors don't have to come off anytime soon That was a Bich .... I used a wheel puller and I had to other pullers for backup . That hub was really on there, heated it up and used the suggested wax candle trick then torqued it down on the wheel puller as far as it would go without snapping something..

The final step was the killer.. I used these to large chisels pictured that I bought yesterday to put on the extra pressure.. I wedged them down in-between the welded mount and the hub on the inside. You can see the mark on the wheel mount..

She wasn't coming off until I gave them both some hard taps with the hammer.. Finally it popped off.. Now to assess any damage to the hub and brake sprocket. I know I had to bend it somewhere with that kind of pressure..

Anyway now it's off and I can go to work taking off the hoses and the motor. While heating the shaft on the inside ( wax trick ) I hope didn't boil the oil or damage the hose's in any way.. It got pretty hot.. Everything looks OK on the surface..

Thanks for all of the advise on here .. :thumbsup:


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Thanks for the pictures.

I didn't realize you were so close to me (I live west of Leesburg). I'd have loaned you my hydraulic wheel puller. It's supposed to exert 20 ton of pressure. We'll soon see as I have to pull all four wheels on my 425 to install the new wheel motors.

Glad you got it off.
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I'm about 30 min's from there and drive into Leesburg every day for my business.. That's good to know, a fellow PT owner so close by.. May come in handy sometime for both of us .. ;) I live in Shannondale about 5 miles inside of Charlestown.... A hydraulic wheel puller, you should be good to go.. I think this one was rated at 10 ton's if I'm not mistaken..
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Anyone recognize this motor ? Looks like Serial # 069-141-fp-c-tt-15-94 ..

Also I have the hose's tied upward but the oil is still draining out of the hose's. Put plastic bag over the ends with rubber bands still leaking. Am I going to have to bleed the system again when I reinstall the motor ? A few shots also my beat up hub. Nothing appears bent.


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