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Nov 23, 2006
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Looking at the following options.

Brand new - Huskee 35 ton with Kohler command pro 9.5 hp engine. $1950 after tax
Brand new - Huskee 22 ton with Kohler (not command pro) engine $1100 after tax


Used - 2007 year Huskee 35 ton with Briggs 12.5 hp engine. $1200 no tax.

The used unit is a one owner, older couple, who used it for personal use. Looks to be in great shape and starts easily. I'm leaning toward the used unit. Anyone have any experience with these units? My main concern is the engine life and build quality. Any other brands I should be looking at?

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I've been using my BIL's 35ton Huskee, probably about 2007 vintage with the Briggs. It works great AFTER I cleaned out the mouse nests inside the engine shroud, replaced all the fuel lines (rotting from the inside out due to ethanol gas), and rebuilt the carb. It's also WAY heavier duty than we really need. If you need to rebuild the Nikki carb, be very careful to not lose the little main jet that is held in by nothing but friction when you remove the plastic metering body.

- Jay
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Speaking of ethanol, are the newer engines built to handle the ethanol requirements any better than years past?
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I have Ponderosa pine - big stuff, up to 34" on the butt. When I used to split wood I had a 25 ton Didier splitter and many times a knot or major limb fork would completely stop the splitter. The ton rating you finally purchase should be chosen with this in mind.

You will soon forget the $$ saved if the splitter can't do the job.
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I have pretty much that same splitter........ 2007, 35 ton B&S 12.5 hp engine..........Sounds like the one you are looking at, old folks who used it for themselves, sounds kinda
seldom used...........I have split maybe 150 true cords, 4' x 8' x 4' , of hickory and oak of all sizes with it........8" diameter to up to 36" with forks, knots, and gnarly grain......

It starts on the 2nd or 3rd pull no matter how cold outside, usually the 2nd. Have spent zero money on it for maintenance besides a plug, oil, and air filters.....The hydro parts have been flawless with zero anything to comment about......Who knows how many hours on the engine and unit.....5 or 6 hundred...........

One thing about that unit, Speeco, is that there are accessories for it that make it more useable. An ouput table and 4-way splitter head, totally make it productive.

This is with ME operating and maintaining the unit...I take care of my machinery....I would ask $1000 if I was to sell it, as I try to be honest and real with what I do and it has LOTS of hours on it, though nothing is wrong, it uses zero oil, doesn't smoke, and runs like a champ........it's just well used. So......Offer what you do......Hard choice to make but for me, even though used, if it was taken care of, there isn't much to go wrong.....God bless...........Dennis
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I would approach them with ten new 100 dollar bills and tell them it will have a good home. Let them decide it is your offer and their choice. I have had grumpy old farmers tell me that is not what I was asking. Well you will learn that there is not a shortage of grumpy old farmers with stuff to sell. At a 1000 you both should be happy.
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My youngest daughter bought me a new log splitter for Fathers Day, bless her little heart! :laughing:

She bought me the 27 ton Troy-Bilt over to Lowe's. It was in a crate and although all the important stuff was pre-assembeled, I had to put all the major parts together in order to use it......

It's split everything I've thrown at it so far up to 30" in diameter.....:thumbsup:

27 ton ram force
25" maximum log capacity
Heavy duty, 2-stage pump
3 gallon hydraulic reservoir
Easily changes from vertical to horizontal operation
Hitch and jack stand included
190cc* Vertical OHV/OHC Honda® engine
2-year limited warranty
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IDK, I had a Huskee and finally gave up on it, I was tired of constantly fixing problems. Unlike some of you, I didn't use it for months at a time and it sat unused and that's bad on them, especially with the ethanol crap that's forced down our carbs.

I went to a 3pt splitter. It works well and there are no ethanol issues with the diesel tractor! ;-) BUT I hate connecting/unhooking the splitter for a few hours of work so I don't use it like that.

It has crossed my mind to go back to a gas powered splitter but I think I would go with a Honda engine, they seem to have better reputations than B&S. YMMV. Lowes carries splitters with Honda engines.
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Speaking of ethanol, are the newer engines built to handle the ethanol requirements any better than years past?

I do NOT really think that anyone has made any changes to better handle ethanol. The problem with it in smaller engines is the SIT time where they are unused, and the ethanol absorbs moisture from the air inside the tank. The ethanol/water mix is the problem. Best just to leave things either totally empty or totally full when they will not be used for more than a few weeks.

- Jay