1. R

    Trailer: dually to heavy singles, on 10k/12k axles...stability etc?

    I'm keeping my eyes out for another ~16k to ~20k trailer, pintle or gn to be pulled by 550/med duty without air brakes, used/budget/older, occasional use/not for commercial hauling. A more commonly seen, up-rated 14k (after considering tongue weight)- wouldn't be enough this case. "dually"/...
  2. S

    Trailer Type Selection Help. - Towing 4WD Tractor with FEL and Flail Mower (4700 pound total weight)

    Looking for help in selecting a trailer type to purchase with the following inputs - Current Tractor Kioti CK27HST with FEL (tires not loaded estimated tractor and FEL weight 3800 pounds) and 65 inch 3 point mount Flail Mower (900 pounds) = total weight 4700 pounds for tractor/FEL/Flail mower...
  3. F

    Trailer brakes and bearings replaced question

    I just replaced my trailer (10K) brakes and while I was at it I did the bearings as well since they had some age on them. First let me say I have done bearings on NEW axles before but not replacement on long time USED axles. I followed all the specs as per usual on the bearings but I always...
  4. JeepHead

    Picked up a trailer this weekend

    So I needed a trailer to haul my 2502 around on. I purchased a used PJ 20' dovetail with 5200# axles. Just curious, what all ways have you fellers found that you can make money off a trailer?
  5. Rock Crawler

    Trailer wood deck treatment: Brush on used oil, linseed oil, sealer stain, unicorn tears...?

    I have 3 trailers with wood planks for the deck and I have been annually brushing on Olympic transparent sealer stain, but each year it flakes off and needs re-applied. I've seen/read where old timers use used motor oil mixed with diesel or kerosene and brush it on the wood on a hot summer...
  6. VentracPlusKioti

    6.5’ wide trailer?

    Can my 4520 with duals and finish mower (rear discharge) fit in a 6.5’ wide trailer? Figured I ask before I made a smoking deal on this trailer
  7. S

    Pulled over for a one-ton truck pulling a water pump in CT.

    Greetings, We have a 3500 GMC one-ton single rear axle with a metal dump box at work. The truck GVWR is 11,100lbs. This is mainly a shop run around truck but do on a rare occasion pull a trailer or travel out of the state of CT pulling a trailer to pick up or drop off equipment or supplies that...
  8. EddieWalker

    Bulk Feed Trailer

    The more chickens my wife hatches, the more feed I have to buy. I also buy feed for goats and horses. I'm spending a stupid amount of money feeding all these animals, and I'm trying to figure out a way to save a buck so she can have more animals. Joking. I enjoy the animals too, but I would...
  9. N

    Lithium battery for tilt trailer?

    Anyone using a lithium battery on their tilt or dump trailer? How do they perform? I’m considering one for my recently purchased tilt trailer.
  10. I

    Need trailer wood deck recommendation

    I have an old trailer and the wooden deck is rotting out and needs to be replaced. I thought there was thread about this but I can't find it. So, what do folks recommend for a new deck to carry my 7K lb tractor?
  11. B

    No Trailer Tie Down Points On My Kubota?

    I love our new Kubota tractor and I thank many of you in this forum for all the info that helped us to purchase a L6060 grand. We have been wrapping a strap around the front axle to trailer it and it felt sketchy. Mostly because we thought 1" ratchet straps from Harbor Frieght might be a bit...
  12. ArlyA

    utv-atv dump trailer ID?

    This trailer is FS on Facebook. Owner says its factory build but can't find a name. Anyone know the manufacturer or brand? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dump trailer in excellent, working condition! - 8 feet long (98 inches)- 4...
  13. B

    7 way Trailer plug

    I have a 2024 2638 hst. There’s a plug on the back next to a bracket where the 7 way would go. Anyone ever found one to fit?
  14. D

    Demco EZ-Latch Trailer Coupler

    How well do Demco EZ-Latch trailer coupler work? We rented a Uhaul trailer for a day use and it had one and it seemed nice.
  15. N

    CAM Superline Equipment Trailer -- NH

    Albany New Hampshire. Excellent condition. $5000 2006 Model Year 12K lb 22 ft deck 26 ft overall length Pintle hook Break away kit Brand new white oak decking Chains and binders included New tires and spare
  16. D

    Replacement Trailer Type & Sizing

    All, I currently have a 18' trailer (16' flat & 2' dovetail) that has a 7K GVW (2x 3,500k axles). I need a higher weight capacity trailer at least 10k with 5,200 LB or higher axles and a longer trailer. The attached pictures is my current trailer and the typical load of my tractor and flail...
  17. D

    Deck Over vs Equipment Trailer w/ Fenders

    If both trailer styles deck over vs equipment trailer with fenders are the same specifications (length, axles & ramps ect) which will weigh more? Deck over style Equipment style trailers...
  18. R

    Can a Mahindra 1626 pull an RV?

    I'm going to start off with yep I did a dumb thing and now I may need my tractor to get me out of a jam. So I was moving my RV around with my truck (2015 GMC Sierra) in my yard to get it to its new resting home and out of the low spot. It had rained several days earlier but I believed the ground...
  19. Z

    Tire Options Bobcat CT4045/Kioti DK4510

    Hi all, Long time lurker, first time poster. I have a Bobcat CT4045 (from my understanding, rebranded Kioti DK4510) that I have a very specific need for. I am needing to pull a somewhat heavy trailer (somewhere around 8-10k lbs, not heavy by real world standards but heavy for the conditions)...
  20. J

    2021 Kubota L3901

    Kubota L3901DT 4x4 , Kubota front loader, 3rd function kit, jbar pallet forks , Everything attachments bucket, Everything attachments 66” 30-70 wicked box blade, RCR1860 rotary cutter, RTA 1858 rotary tiller, dirt dog Potato plow,10k trailer . Tractor has less than 50 hrs works as should ...
  21. B

    Yard trailer and quick dump

    A couple weeks ago I built rear 3 point control and got good feedback. This week I want to show you another if you want to look: It's a "trailer" that I can use to take with me on trips with the regular trailer. I also can use it to unload the truck in seconds. It also works to keep logs out...
  22. M

    Towing 6 ton dump trailer with 6065

    I thinking of towing my dump trailer with the 6065 to where I'm working (installing a new road). There are some pretty step hills. Would I need a brake controller like I have in my truck? --Bruce
  23. D

    ***SOLD***PRICE REDUCED: Package Deal was $25,000:New Price only $23,000! Kubota L3800DT with LA524 FEL, Shredder, Rake, and Trailer. Only 104 hours.

    ***SOLD*** Package Deal: 2012 Kubota L3800DT with LA524 Front End Loader, 5’ Land Pride RCR1860 shredder, 6’ Armstrong LR6 rake, and 18’ double-axle trailer. $25,000 $23,000 takes all! Tractor is 4WD with gear shift (8 fwd., 4 reverse) and is in excellent condition, with only 104 hours on the...
  24. S

    Would a 12' trailer haul a Bobcat CT2035/Kioti CK3510 with loader?

    I have a line on a 12' tandem trailer with brakes. It is a fair ways away, and before I drive to see it, I am wondering if it would handle my tractor with FEL (Bobcat CT2035). I have used a 14' before, and I think 12 would be tight, but I only haul the tractor a couple times a year, so doesn't...
  25. S

    Adding brakes to tandem axle trailer, no brake flanges

    I have a nice solid tandem trailer, but they built it using axles without flanges. I am handy with welder, wondering if I could weld on a set of flanges. The trailer shop I took it too said the weld on flanges they had would not work, not sure why. I assume they just were not comfortable doing...
  26. C

    Project Trailer Cost

    2002 TEXAS BRAGG 10k 14' x 81 1/2'' Trailer HD , NEEDS FINISHED , frame has ben taken down to metal, treated , primed and painted top and bottom , New fenders and backs installed , New shackles , bolts and bushings, New equalizers , New center bolts in springs . 2 5/16'' ball , 6 lug rims , HD...
  27. O

    nOOb to chaining down - is this sufficient?

    The kioti finally arrived! This is my first time using chains, and securing something besides a car (wheel straps) regardless. I've searched and watched the YouTube's to no avail Are my rear chains OK here on the axle? Until a big pin shows up in the mail I can't attach to the draw bar. My...
  28. ededic

    Dual Axle 14' Equipment Trailer

    Dual Axle 14’ Equipment Trailer with D Rated Trailer Tires and Aluminum Rims 3,500 lb drop axles with Brakes on Rear Axle Custom Lockable Toolbox, 2” Ball Hitch, 16” Pocket sides Steel and Wood Heavy Duty Ramps, Spare Tire Located in Western Lower MI $2,750