Snowblowers In Action

By TBN December 30, 2015 00:59

Snowblowers In Action

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Kubota At Work

Tractor owners love removing snow. But humans aren’t the only ones who have an interest in clearing the driveway. When we put this gallery together we noticed that in addition to snowblowers, tractors, and tractor owners, we also found some happy pups watching over their owners. Enjoy!

Member Pine Strip is busy at work with this nice Kubota setup!

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Kubota At Work

By TBN December 30, 2015 00:59
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  1. BX24Ricker December 30, 03:22

    Great pics!!! Just ordered a snow blade attachment for my BX24. Can’t wait to try it out!!

  2. Dr Dirt December 31, 02:33

    I could have used that monster last year! Hopefully this season will be a little kinder! Happy New Year!

  3. martin December 31, 02:51

    Frosty the snowman was getting excited….. for he had heard a snow blower was on it’s way !

  4. OLdGrayOwl December 31, 03:29

    What IS that white stuff?? All I see here in southern PA is RAIN!!

  5. Ed December 31, 08:44

    I have a new holland 1725 with a back blade and i have a Gravely 4 wheel with a snow blower to control the snow here in northern michigan,No contest i win!!

  6. jonnmero December 31, 09:58

    OK when you’re young to twist your neck like that, but at my age it would be killing me. Hence a snow blower that goes the ‘right way’.

  7. mjl December 31, 11:35


  8. Deerlope December 31, 14:07

    A tractor without a cab is like pants without a pockets

  9. Deerlope December 31, 14:13

    Looks like another accident waiting to happen. He has the means to be safe but does not want to with that roll over protection folded down. TBN should never post pic’s people whom are operating with unsafe equipment. It gives the wrong meaning to any users.

  10. putts December 31, 14:24

    Good job plowing snow always nice to see snow what a change in weather.

  11. Bob December 31, 15:52

    In need of a snow plow or snow blower for my Farmall C Tractor with hydraulics.

  12. Johng December 31, 16:32

    Love the concept. I had neck fusion years ago and have limited neck mobility so installing on three point hitch is not an option. I have a JD 110 TLB would this be an option?

  13. angler83 December 31, 17:00

    I can relate to this very well, as i just received my new Buhler 5010 for my boomer 25.Had to use it same day had 10 inches of fresh snow. Those photos are great! good job!!!

  14. danny December 31, 18:12

    very nice but are there any old allis chalmers,olivers,etc, snow blowing also. lets see some pictures!!!!

  15. Coffeeman December 31, 18:30

    I’m from Pennsylvania Christmas Eve day was close to 70 degree.

  16. hobblecreek December 31, 23:09

    This gallery is great! Thanks for posting it. The only problem is that it really has me smacking my head that there is a half mile of snow 30″ deep between my tractor and my snowblower! 🙁

  17. MaintConsul January 1, 07:48

    As an Australian, I was very surprised to see them all using a blower, while they all have perfect dozer blades on their tractors. Probably the snow would be too heavy to push??

  18. Skip January 2, 03:32

    Is there any info on how Rob Staples accomplished his front end loader snow blower??

  19. HAR January 3, 16:27

    As a person who deals with snow every year, I believe having a snow thrower is an essential, while a bucket or blade is a nice add on. While a blade or bucket will push snow, it makes large banks or piles whereas a snow thrower will cast the snow a long distance and over a large area. Snow banks and piles are hard to work around and often times create larger problems as they become a place for snow to swirl and settle around during a heavy windy snow storm. Also as you push snow with a blade or bucket, it compacts it making it heavier to move. I only occasionally use my bucket. My go to tool is the snow thrower!

  20. devildog1 January 9, 21:12

    Wow, the BX23 TLB was my first Kubota, forgot about that picture. Have since bought two different Kubota’s., thankfully the two supervisors are still with me.

  21. Michael January 29, 14:23

    My 19 year old dependable 36HP Diesel Cub Cadet 7360SS is a god send with the 60″ wide Canadian made rear snow thrower attachment, yea its a pain in the neck with it on the rear but in tandem with the loader its as efficient of a way as any to deal with all of the major snow storms we have to deal with here in the Adirondacks especially maintaining a 1/2 mile long shared dirt roadway. I forgot to mention that it has an aftermarket enclosed heated cab, the only thing better is spending the winter in Florida.

  22. Daddio7 January 29, 15:10

    I guess no one wants to hear any gloating from Florida where it is 60F.

  23. tytymhorau January 29, 15:21

    Looking for advice. Have a 1/2-mile gravel driveway to snowblow, 100+ yards of which is a steep hill (17% grade). Will need a front-mount blower. Would I be better off getting a blower for my JD 4320 (with its “backhoe” tires), or rigging up a JD X-series or 1000-series with more standard lawn tires and chains?

  24. shooterdon January 29, 15:39

    About half are rear mount.

    Wish my neck would allow me to use that type of blower.

    Nice work guys

  25. Torch1 January 29, 18:04

    Just a heads up for perspective blower owners, #1 is get a cab on your tractor. Dam expensive, but I am sure dam warm( I did not get one)
    #2 be sure and get the front end model, if you have a long drive or road you will not regret it.
    #3: be very careful if you have an electronic chute actuater, the price to replace will blow you away.

  26. Doug January 31, 15:06

    Hello, I have a 3720 John Deere with factory cab…I have a FEL which I used to use for snow removal….too many piles of snow…for me and customers….I bought a used 72 inch blower for the rear of machine, worked great, hard on my back not my neck….go figure had to hurt something in this 60 year old body… I bought a front blower….59 inch….cant get bigger on this machine….works fantastic…I do 50 driveways most are 100 feet one is 1500 feet..two passes it is good, I put chains on all four tires….yes 4×4…no chains I slip and slide like any machine would without chains…also I put rim guard in rear tires…helped with a bit softer ride…and less chance tip over…this works so good…I warm, get lots done….great machine….

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