JD ProGator’s Greater Hauling Capabilities

New Highly Durable ProGator by John Deere

CARY, North Carolina (February 09, 2011) – Today, John Deere announced the launch of its newly updated 2020A and 2030A ProGator™ Heavy Duty Utility Vehicles, featuring increased payload capacities and innovative Ezy-Lift™ system. These updates enhance the performance of the popular ProGator with additional hauling capability and improved ease-of-use, while building upon its proven history of providing reliable and efficient material transportation and application solutions for golf course crews.

The 2011 ProGator now handles up to 3,457 lbs. with standard factory suspension and tires, and up to 4,200 lbs. with optional heavy-duty front and rear suspension, Four-Post ROPS, and wide rear tire kit, allowing crews to move more material at a time and increasing overall productivity.

And, to assist with the extra payload, John Deere now offers the Ezy-Lift system, which safely helps load and unload items into and from the cargo box quickly and easily. This John Deere-exclusive new attachment is designed to handle items weighing up to 850 lbs.

“At John Deere, we are continually striving to meet the needs of superintendents, in order to make their jobs easier and to increase their crews’ overall productivity,” said Mike Koppen, group product manager, John Deere Golf. “By adding features, such as increased capacity and the Ezy-Lift system, we are improving the versatility of the ProGator and providing customers with equipment they can rely on to get the job done.”

The ProGator, with these new updates, is available immediately at John Deere distributors worldwide. Please consult the chart below for additional details on the payload capacity.

ProGator Payload Capacity without cargo box*

Standard Suspension
Gas 2wd     3,457 lbs.
Gas 4wd     3,330 lbs.
Diesel 2wd     3,414 lbs.
Diesel 4wd     3,287 lbs.
Heavy-Duty Suspension**
Gas 2wd     4,200 lbs.
Gas 4wd     4,073 lbs.
Diesel 2wd     4,157 lbs.
Diesel 4wd     4,030 lbs.

* Payload capacity includes 200 lb. operator, 200 lb. passenger and loaded attachment.

** Heavy-duty suspension setup for ProGator includes heavy-duty front and rear leaf springs, 4-post ROPS, and wide rear tire kit.

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