New 3D Series John Deere Compact Tractors

John Deere 3025D

Deere & Company recently introduced three new John Deere Compact Tractors: the the 3025D, 3035D and 3043D. Deere calls these “wagon hauling” tractors on their website but obviously they’re designed to do more than just tow wagons.

The 24.7-42.2 horsepower “D”compact tractors feature standard gear drive 8F/8R transmissions, 4WD, and open station platforms.

Low Priced John Deere Compact Tractors

With a starting list price of $16,690 for the 3025D, this machine comes in about $1,100 less than its hydrostatic drive counterpart, the 24.7-horsepower 3025E. For most homeowners, the ease of use of the hydrostatic transmission will make the 3025E a justifiable upgrade. But for those looking for gear drive machines (wagon hauling comes to mind) the 3025D is there at a very attractive price and offers a few advantages other than price.

Aside from the gear drive transmissions, the 3D series weigh about 25% more than the similar-horsepower E series, and that translates into extra lift capacity at the 3-point hitch (1670lbs on the 3025D vs 1356lbs on the 3025E). Another advantage the D series has over the E series is a fuel tank almost 30% larger, which would come in handy for long jobs. Aside from the weight, dimensions are very similar all around.

Both the D series and E series are powered by Tier 4 final Yanmar 3-cylinder, diesel engines. The 3025D model and 3025E model share what appear to be essentially the same engine (though the model number is different), but after that the D and E series have staggered power output:

3025D – 24.7 HP – $16,690
3025E – 24.7 HP – $17,791
3032E – 31.2 HP – $20,314
3035D – 34.7 HP – $20,597
3038E – 37.2 HP – $22,656
3043D – 42.2 HP – (price not available at this time)

This product lineup gives buyers the option of selecting a heavier, gear drive tractor with more horsepower, for about the same price as a slightly lighter, less horsepower hydrostatic drive model. It’s typical to pay a premium for a hydrostatic transmission so these new D models fit right in line in terms of pricing.

Attachments For These John Deere Compact Tractors

The 3025D, 3035D, and 3043D compact tractors accept all of the typical attachments one would expect from a compact tractor, including the same model front-end loaders as the similar-sized hydrostatic E-series tractors.

More information about the 3025D, 3035D, and 3043D

Here are a few useful links about these John Deere compact tractors:

John Deere Compact Tractors


  • I have a 3038e and to me John Deere should be looking at increasing the lifting weight for the loader vs the 3 point hitch.

  • Again John Deere increased the lifting power on the 3 point hitch but not the front end loader. I would like to know why and when I called John Deere they couldn’t give me an answer

  • I bought a 3043D and it’s a tough powerful little machine! I’m not big on Hydrostat machines so I was happy that JD came out with this small geared tractor. I only have 12 hours on it but so far it has not disappointed! It’s a small tractor stump pulling machine!

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